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Restaurant Reviews for , Canada

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# Date Reviewed Reviewer Province City Restaurant Score
1    Fri Mar 23 14:47:00 2018 Anonymous Orangeville Jimmy's Restaurant 3.60
Portions were so small. We are starving and finished lunch. Go elsewhere if you are hungry
2    Sat Jan 13 11:02:26 2018 bostonsrus Lumby Ana's Just Pizza 10.00
I have eaten pizza , calzones and their lasagna All I can say is excellent food. The dough is made fresh daily, their own pizza sauce and fresh toppings. If you want to try excellent food I highly recommend Ana's Pizza a family owned business with high standards
3    Tue Dec 5 12:26:07 2017 Anonymous Hamilton Come By Chance 10.00
We had 6 of us that went to eat and listen to the band later. It is a very friendly atmosphere. Great service and the food was fantastic. We really enjoyed ourselves. We went with the intentions of just having something to eat but stayed until 1 in the morning. Great place.
4    Fri Nov 17 14:08:28 2017 jam1978 Swift Current Boston Pizza 9.80
Try the new lasagna on the winter menu, it is delicious, highly recommended
5    Tue Jul 18 23:17:34 2017 ethics Fort Mcmurray Taste Of The Orient 1.80
Today , on 18th of July I was there at 8 pm, there was a Chinese person serving me (I did not ask his name) very rude and arrogant . He demonstrated me his disrespect when gave me my order. And was talking to me making a mean face. He also reacted when I opened a newspaper and in hostile manner told me to put it back. I am writing that because it might help to make him change such attitude or the owner could find a better employee.
6    Tue Feb 7 19:03:34 2017 SteveandW Renfrew Hennessy's 10.00
Oh I pine for the days when we could go to Hennessy's. There is nothing that comes within 100 miles of this restaurant. Wendy, Janice, Tony, and the staff were beyond great. We had so many nights, and noon hours at this special place. The Hennessy Salad the Chicken Michel the veal the steaks the lobster and oh yes the bread. Wendy and Janice were too good to be true. I met the owners mother and she was a real classy lady. I was told that the place was named after her. Classy lady and classy restaurant. A friend I golf with tells me the lady is still around and is 102 years old. Nice to hear. Could her son please come back and open another restaurant😍 Please. We have to drive to Ottawa and we still don't get the same service or quality.
7    Wed Sep 28 15:11:54 2016 May677 Espanola Dynamyc Family Restaurant 10.00
My husband and I loved this restaurant! We are new to Espanola and a friend recommended this place. The staff were amazing and made us feel like family. The food has been fabulous. One time we had buffet and another we ordered lasagna and steak dinners. There was so much food we couldn't fini(bleep) which was unexpected for the great price. We will certainly be going back and recommend it to all!
8    Sat Sep 3 23:07:50 2016 Hiker13 Oliver Oliver Garden Restaurant 1.80
Gave us wrong take home order. Wanted order back to give to other customer , not!!! Cool After we brought it home and opened it ... Then gave me more food to make up for what we were missing but it was wrong dishes too and made me pay another 20 bucks , terrible service. I understand your running a business in a small town , all the more reason to take care of potential new customers and not try n save a buck when you made a mistake.
9    Wed Jul 27 19:56:18 2016 Anonymous Burlington Chaps Restaurant 10.00
Was there for lunch, still best wings in town! Great Service,Great Food,Will definitely go back!!
10    Wed Jun 8 12:25:37 2016 Anonymous Pincher Creek Pincher Creek Golf Club Restaurant And Lounge 1.00
The manager, chrystal, gave the worst service. She glared at our group when we ordered drinks, did not have any of the "ingredients" for a screw driver, but did have vodka, and did have orange juice. She refused to come outside to our table, and made us wait over 1o minutes to clear up our tab. The food was undercooked and cold.
11    Wed Jan 13 14:13:54 2016 Nicholas Cowan Kolisnyk's General Store 1.00
The previous review must have been written by the owner himself. The food is total slop, with no care taken in the preparation.Unless you like boogers in your food. They are very weird and remind you of being in a movie about crazy backwood hill billies.The restaurant had a table of town locals who stared at us the whole time. It made us feel even creepier. I would not recommend this place to anyone unless you want to be creeped out. Their prices were absurdly high.
12    Tue Dec 29 09:06:34 2015 Frisbee Peterborough Stop-A-While Lunch 8.80
Good home cooked flavour.The modest decor does reflect the quality of the food in this diner. The soup stock flavour reminds me of how my mother used to make it. Simply delicious. Perhaps simple cuisine but exceptionally well made and properly served. The breakfasts are famous. Convenient parking at the rear of the building and back entrance. Owner operated. Recomended.
13    Sun Nov 15 19:48:43 2015 coufeyrac Lennoxville Jerry Pizzeria 2.20
Terrible service and to be avoided. The pizzas aren't bad, though I find the crust too thick and soggy, but that's a personal aspect. What is really horrendous is that they are incredibly overpriced and are probably the most rude and impolite people in the northern hemisphere. Customer service for them consists of screaming at you on the phone. When they got my order wrong they didn't call me to try to fix it. They waited 90 minutes to send a driver to tell me we had to pay more since the girl I spoke to on the phone incorrectly entered the amount - not the card number - into the machine. They didn't bother prepping the pizzas and sending them with the driver, they did nothing at all. When I called back to ask why they didn't do anything the girl on the phone started yelling at me, telling me it was my fault when she was the one who admitted to incorrectly entering the purchase amount in the credit card machine. I would write more, but no more room.
14    Wed Apr 22 13:19:30 2015 ILoveFood29 Keswick Jade Garden Chinese Food Take 1.40
I have lived in Keswick for 12 years. I have tried Jade Garden about 5 years ago and had a bad experience. I figured I would give them another try last week, and once again, another horrible experience. The service was disgusting, very dirty and old inside. I sent an email through their website to advise them about this situation, no one has responded. If your looking for Chinese food in Keswick I would stay far away from Jade Garden, For a cleaner and more hospitable option, try Rice & Noodle (takeout only) price is much better as well.
15    Sat Mar 28 18:18:09 2015 JessieD21 Clifford Redwood Restaurant 2.60
The food here was by far the worst food I have ever eaten, and I would never come here agian, nor would I recommend this restaurant to anyone. There are only two vegetarian options on the menu, a vegetable lasagna or a veggie sandwich, I ordered the vegetable lasagna and was told that they usually do not have any, so the server went to check and there was none. I then ordered the veggie sandwich and it was disgusting. It was a soggy undercooked omlet with vegetables in it, squished between two pieces of bread, and loaded with a side of soggy unsalted fries. It was not just my meal that was unsatisfying, I was at the restaurant with two friends (not vegetarians) and we each ordered something different from the menu, and all of our meals were disapointing and gross. I think the only reason why people eat here is because there is nothing else around! But I would recommend not wasting your money and driving further to go anywhere else.
16    Sat Mar 14 19:26:12 2015 Disgruntled Surrey Rickshaw Chinese Food Whalley 1.60
The waitress recognized us when we walked into the restaurant because we didn't give her a tip in our last visit (4 or 5 months ago). She asked twice. Today, March 14, 2015, the teapot had tealeaves on the outside when it was served and an old dribbled tea stain on the outside of the pot. There was a hair in the firstdish (beef tendon) we ordered and although it was replaced, it was almost inedible. The waitress deliberately splashed sauce on the table when she placed/threw the dish and the attitude of the waitress was arrogant and condescending. She asked the other waitress to give us the bill. We placed exact change in the tray. The other waitress came and said "The bill doesn't include the tip!" I said "yes, I know, no tips". On our way out, the first waitress was loudly complaining about us in Cantonese. Some customers embarassed us by glaring at us because of her loud complains. The quality of food and service have gone downhill in the last year. We will never go again.
17    Mon Feb 16 21:28:30 2015 Anonymous Fredericton Brewbakers Cafe Bistro Bar 8.20
menu was dirty service was excellent table location not the greatest food/wine was excellent
18    Sun Dec 28 08:09:42 2014 Paigechad Killarney Wu's Restaurant 9.20
I LOVE going to the Chinese restaurant ! We support the family who runs it in our town and I think everyone always will because they use quality food and the place is always clean and has a very friendly, casual atmosphere.:) the best is honestly the buffet! I'm thinking about it right now ! The rice and noodles are awesome ! They always have chicken balls and battered shrimp, egg rolls and very yummy spring rolls. Then there's usually chop suey and some kind of pork and the nice thing is they usually make DIFFERENT things in there too just to mix it up from time to time! Which is nice in our small town and probably what keeps some people going! For me though---I would still go even if it was always the same stuff cuz the food is so very good !!! Try it out ! :) -----paige Moffat
19    Mon Oct 13 17:40:48 2014 Ned Port Hardy Airport Inn Restaurant 7.20
Korean and Japanese foods, it is located close to the airport about 10 kilometre's from town centre
20    Mon Oct 13 17:36:48 2014 Ned Port Hardy The Sporty Bar & Grill 7.40
This restraint is a bar restraint in the town centre good parking.
21    Mon Oct 13 17:33:36 2014 Ned Port Hardy Green Apple Restaurant 1.00
This place no longer in operation.
22    Mon Oct 13 17:31:53 2014 Ned Port Hardy Seven Hills Golf & Country Clb 7.00
The restraint is only open in the summer but the golf coarse is open 12 months a year. Parking for several Rv's and golf cart rentals.
23    Mon Oct 13 17:20:32 2014 Ned Port Hardy Captain Hardy's 4.60
Change in staff very often, kitchen could use more cleanup.
24    Mon Oct 13 17:18:27 2014 Ned Port Hardy Sam's Place 8.80
Good food and easy parking and friendly staff.
25    Fri Sep 26 21:27:54 2014 me2fluffy Cold Lake Clarks General Store And Eatery 9.60
Consistently the best steak in town. And the waitresses are the best! The atmosphere and the view are terrific. One of my favorite places in Cold Lake.
26    Mon Sep 1 02:32:30 2014 Ramblin' Ronee Cobden Country Kitchen Restaurant 1.60
We were told there was no breakfast menu but could order it (eggs) with bacon, ham or bacon- we laughed. (waitress amazing, deserves better) 2-Coffee,ok 3-Breakfast, 2 over easy mine fine, my friend did not feel hers were cooked enough. 4-Toast - good (mine Rye hers white and burnt upon request) 5- Tomato - ok it was garnish so the fact that it was half green could pass if I ignored the season 6- Potatoes- where to start, I pierced one with a fork and grease/ oil literally oozed out, unfortunately I had put one in my mouth without looking and was almost sick. These were obviously deep fried and more than once, nauseating. 7-the bacon? little pieces of pure seriously, just fat... bacon. the strips were cut in half, ok but between two plates there were only 3 half pieces that were edible. 2-3 more that had a slight pink piece visible and the rest completely white fat!!! 8-the Bill...$7.99 per plate of nasty and then extra for the coffee. $18.60 for 2. 9- both ill
27    Tue Aug 26 19:26:44 2014 Frankietci London Maxwell Mccoys Eatery 2.60
Disappointed , under New Ownership and it shows. Extremely slow ... I was a repeat customer but will not be going back. I was not aware of an ownership change - no signs or advertisement. The food is just average but it seems the prices have gone up. We tried to use a coupon book coupon we purchased but were told that they would NOT honor any coupons even though they did not expire until Dec 31, 2014. Disappointed with the customer service we received...
28    Tue Jul 29 18:55:51 2014 Mark the foodie Rocky Harbour Java Jack's Restaurant & Gallery 9.40
I love this place. I'm from the area originally but I crave quality food after a few days of saturated fat-laden home grub. The partridge berry muffins are laced with cocaine I'm convinced and the dark roast coffee is smooth. I even got hooked on listening to Matthew Hornell's "Have it All" album; truly, I did. This guy is going places! The waitress was a dream- very friendly with a shy sense of humour.
29    Thu Jul 3 12:13:26 2014 Carla Cannington Brock Bistro 10.00
excellent food - everything is made from scratch - sometimes takes little while if busy. Best pizza, home made burgers, hand cut fries, steak excellent
30    Thu Apr 17 13:14:01 2014 MaryBaker Richmond Hill Cyan Cafe & Lounge 10.00
I've been here for many times and I can say that they are the Best hookah lounge, not just in Richmond Hill or Toronto but in all Ontario!!! I went there with my friends and we really enjoyed our time here, it's also a perfect place if you are on a date, nice interior design, their food is amazing. They have hookah, alcohol, food, hot and cold drinks almost everything that your looking for is here.
31    Tue Apr 1 19:49:49 2014 Anonymous Toronto Omonia Shish Kebob Place 4.00
This place looks fantastic and was years ago but I'm disgusted w this establishment and have no idea how they stay open! Food is good but after watching staff eat from my plate in the kitchen counter I'm turned off, not to mention the (oops)roaches that quickly scramble under the glass trays at the bar...oh God! I may actually even be turned off furthermore by the Father's constant smoking in the kitchen or maybe I've just had enough of going there hoping to experience what I once did years ago; it's not worth it. The staff walk around yelling at each other, slapping each others rear ends and the Father yells and freaks out all the time. Keep your children away if you don't wanna shock them with the staff's disgusting and inappropriate behaviour. What a disappointment, I wouldn't be surprised to walk by one day and see they have been officially shut down by the health board and you'd never know behind all their fancy walls and two way fireplaces; yuk!!!
32    Sat Mar 15 10:38:13 2014 Anonymous Pefferlaw Belvedere Cookhouse & Saloon 5.00
This is a hit and miss, I find it pricey for the food you get, some soups I have eaten would be better from a campbells soup can. Expect it to be better than what I have seen.
33    Sat Mar 15 10:33:12 2014 Anonymous Pefferlaw Peninsula Restaurant & Riverside Patio 3.60
Meal was cold, thinking I was getting a homemade charbroiled burger, burger was a frozen patty, after seeing that the restaurant was on restaurant makeover, they have done nothing to the menu- would I eat there again-never
34    Wed Mar 12 12:54:18 2014 MeMeMe1900 Pakenham Centennial Restaurant 2.00
First it smells like dirty work boot socks, the windows are super dirty, need a good washing. Coffee is $2.00, not worth it at all, tasted burnt n stale...I would rather go to Timmy's spend a $1.80 for good quality coffee. (you can fit 5 $2.00 coffee's in a Large Timmy's coffee). I ordered a muffin and my friend a cinnamon bun for $2.25, we asked the waitress if it was baked in house, she informed us that they come from Costco and kept in the freezer, individually wrapped, and they microwave it for 30 seconds. NASTY....Very low budget restaurant. I recommend to no-one!!
35    Thu Mar 6 19:28:01 2014 Big Bear Vancouver Knight & Day Restaurant 2.60
I went in with 3 other people for Sunday Buffet- there was no sign indicating how much it was, but decided we wanted it. The pancakes were solid as a rock, hard and dry, the ham was over cooked and dry-could not eat it. the deviled eggs were crusting over.The chicken was over done. The fruit was old as well. we were there just an hour after the buffet started so the food should have been only an hour old but looked older.We were all very disappointed. Then I went to pay only to learn that this terrible dry and overcooked buffet was $19.00 plus taxes...could not believe we paid that much for a lousy buffet.I will never go there again or reccommend it to my Vancouver friends.
36    Thu Feb 27 21:40:54 2014 MEAFORDKID Meaford Reeds Restauranr Bar 5.00
Reeds was at the same place that the Backstreet was. Burnt to the ground.
37    Thu Feb 27 21:37:32 2014 MEAFORDKID Meaford Pier 74 Restaurant & Cafe 5.00
The Pier is NO MORE! It's been demolished. It is just an empty lot.
38    Thu Feb 27 21:34:07 2014 MEAFORDKID Meaford Meaford Castle Restaurant 5.00
The Castle is NO MORE, it's been turned into a Subway, pet supply shop and a pizza spot.
39    Thu Feb 27 21:30:38 2014 MEAFORDKID Meaford Fisherman's Wharf 5.00
Thw Wharf has changed name. Not too sure whether it will be open 2014.
40    Thu Feb 27 21:28:09 2014 MEAFORDKID Meaford Peter's Restaurant 5.00
Peter's Restaurant has been closed for almost a year.
41    Thu Feb 27 21:19:24 2014 MEAFORDKID Meaford Backstreet Tap & Grill 1.00
Informatio on the Backstreet is wrong! The building burned down several years ago!
42    Tue Feb 4 15:30:17 2014 yukky Wendover Macks Restaurant 5.00
Don't know where it is,and I live in Wendover,if there is such a place...not much in this town,seems there are too many sleepy uninterested people who would care
43    Tue Feb 4 15:27:24 2014 yukky Wendover Texas Diner 5.00
Never heard of this place and I live 3 blocks away from supposed location
44    Fri Jan 17 22:47:48 2014 nickanderson Hamilton Twice The Deal Pizza 9.40
I found the prices of pizza deals was a lot better than most of the franchisee pizza stores so I wanted to try it. When me and my friends ate the pizza it was delicious, it was best value for my money I ever got on pizzas, wings very good too.
45    Fri Jan 17 22:28:58 2014 Jessicacorrea Hamilton Twice The Deal Pizza 9.20
My boyfriend and I ordered party combo for delivery. Food was hot and delicious at very reasonable price, got delivery in 35 minutes. Definately I would recommend this pizza restaurant for everyone.
46    Sun Dec 29 14:01:39 2013 jenro Lucknow Mary's Family Restaurant 1.80
Both my husband and I got food poisoning there, which was confirmed by the hospital. thank god our 2 yr old didnt eat anything!!
47    Wed Dec 18 10:42:52 2013 dubdoc Antigonish Mother Webb's Steak House 3.20
I am writing this as a longtime customer who is now not very happy. I stopped in on Saturday afternoon at about 2:00 after driving from near Halifax, salivating in anticipation of my usual fest. The wife and I ordered the Rustler steaks, medium well, with baked potato and fried onions. To start, my wife wanted tea, and got a bag in a small cup of hot water.....later rectified by another waitress who brought a pot of water with a new teabag. On the first delivery, we got fries and fried mushrooms. Back to the kitchen for a rerun, and got what we thought was our order the second time. At first cut we realized we had medium rare, not medium well. Could it get any worse???? Yes it could, the potato was underdone and hard in the middle. We ate, paid and left. We won't be back. It's sad that such a great restaurant could go downhill so much.
48    Fri Oct 25 17:55:10 2013 Poppy Richmond Cannes Restaurant 2.60
the service so rude and it's like talking to a wall.....never go there again.
49    Tue Jul 30 18:45:08 2013 Anonymous Moose Jaw Prairie Oasis Restaurant 4.20
our waitress Robin is useless, we sat 20 minutes before she came to our table, she. waited on people who came in after us,when she did come over, she was not friendly at all, they need to get rid of her.
50    Sat Jul 20 20:13:38 2013 knitnut Woodstock Dino's Dining Lounge 10.00
Visiting Woodstock (first time for me), we looked for a restaurant for a late breakfast. At first, thinking it was Italian by the name, we soon discovered after walking downtown, that it was in fact a greek restaurant offering all day breakfast. The service was excellent, the food excellent, they were very quick to correct a mistake made in my husband's order. I would definitely eat there again and recommend it to anyone! The prices were also very reasonable.
51    Sat Jul 20 20:08:10 2013 knitnut Simcoe The Barrel Pizza and Spaghetti House 10.00
My favourite restaurant in Simcoe. While I am not a big vegetable eater, I simply love their grilled vegetables and usually look for a meal that includes them! I also love sitting on their patio during the summer weather!
52    Fri May 24 20:09:09 2013 Anonymous Paris The Grand Bayou Cajun Kitchen 9.60
What a good lunch! The misses and I met up for her birthday lunch and we truely enjoyed the bayou. She had a berry pecan slad and I tried the jambalaya. We acctually shared. Service was great, the owner waite on us and he was fun and kept us well entertained. My wife wants to take her folks in for dinner this weekend, so we will be back for sure
53    Thu Apr 25 14:49:07 2013 Christiane W Oakville The Firehall Cool Bar Hot Grill 1.00
WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! After arriving late due to traffic accident on the highway to meet some friends for a nice dinner I was never even asked if I wanted to have a drink or look at the menu. My friends were merely given their bill (even though they clearly wanted to order more drinks and food). We were then told that there is a two hour time limit and we had to vacate the premises so that other people can use the table. There were two empty tables behind us. Needless to say, we left astonished at such ghastly and brute treatment towards regular paying customers as we had been attending on an almost weekly basis until this night (Tuesday April 23, 2013). I can truly say that this was the worst experience I have ever had at any restaurant. I didn't get to eat or drink anything before being thrown out. I can get better service at a McDonald's drive through! I left The Firehall not only feeling upset but also HUNGRY! Good going!
54    Sat Apr 13 16:21:58 2013 Anonymous Regina Vicky's Cafe 1.20
I ordered a hot turkey sandwich. It came with deli turkey, dry bread - NOTHING on it and the gravy was awful. When we let the 'new owner' know, she just said she would let the cook know - no offer to not charge us or do anything different. My husband had the crispy chicken sandwich which was not great either - the chicken was over done.
55    Sat Apr 6 20:56:42 2013 Anonymous Laval Marathon Souvlaki 1.20
I came in with my mother and my brother. There were a lot of people so we had to wait. The cashier, a brown haired girl, told us with a rude tone we would be seated in 20 minutes. After 40 minutes, my mother was getting upset because the cashier let people who came in after us go seat and eat. We were three and groups of twelve were getting seated. After a while, my mother asked what was the problem and the cashier and the manager were very rude with us and they yelled at us that if we weren't happy, we could go away. They nearly pushed us out of the restaurant. I would never go in again, and I hope that you wouldn't too. They are jerks that don't care about customers. If you want to have a nice time, don't go there.
56    Mon Feb 25 09:37:51 2013 Anonymous New Minas Subway Sandwiches & Salads 10.00
Great Catering product - can't wait to order again!!
57    Sun Feb 24 12:33:33 2013 dragrace Clinton Dinner Bell Restaurant 10.00
If you have never experienced the satisfaction of eating Sunday Brunch at the Dinner Bell, you are really missing out! If you love friendly, prompt service, if you love the fact your food is prepared from fresh ingredients, if you love the feeling of being totally satisfied with a meal, it is a must you try their buffet, it is to die for folks! Great value at $11.99 for all you can eat, try a freshly made omellette, it is just the best you will find anywhere, I would bet on that! You will not find a cleaner eating establishment with lovely oak tables and chairs, just a very warm and inviting atmosphere,oh, did I mention the beautiful fireplaces! Try it, you'll be glad you can thank me later!
58    Fri Feb 15 12:53:32 2013 RFFR North York Boston Pizza 1.00
Don't go here
59    Fri Feb 15 01:24:15 2013 Colby Selkirk Frank's Pizza 5.00
Maybe many of you are familiar with Jason Boyd, supervisor or owner at Frank's Pizza. Are you familiar with his behavior at a club minor hockey game a couple days ago?? Well, the internet knows about it now, as a clear-as-a-bell video was posted to Youtube, which in turn was picked up by Deadspin, today. Deadspin: the website that gets millions of page hits daily, specifically 2.8 million yesterday. So, pretty sure a lot of people got some insight into Jason Boyd. Basically, he yelled out at another kid and called him a midget. Ok, not pretty. But then the father of that kid approached him and asked him not to do that. Boyd threatens the Dad by saying that "I'll cave in your F*ing glasses" and continues, all the while holding an infant baby girl and standing next to his bewildered wife. Awful. Have a look, decide if you want to support this person.
60    Thu Jan 31 16:46:57 2013 millie_wold Aurora The Great Canadian Bagel and Second Cup 7.20
I recommend you evaluate out and try Orchid Thai located at 15474 Yonge St, Aurora their website cope with is this is the best Thai meals I have ever been to, the taste is awesome, I go there at least once per a few several weeks time with all my friends from work
61    Thu Jan 31 16:41:35 2013 lilyb Aurora Purple Pig 8.40
I suggest you analyze out and try Orchid Thai situated at 15474 Yonge St, Aurora their web page deal with is this is the best Thai foods I have ever been to, the flavor is amazing, I go there at least once per a few several weeks time with all my buddies from work
62    Thu Jan 31 16:38:50 2013 lilyb Aurora The Great Canadian Bagel and Second Cup 8.00
I suggest you analyze out and try Orchid Thai situated at 15474 Yonge St, Aurora their web page deal with is this is the best Thai foods I have ever been to, the flavor is amazing, I go there at least once per a few several weeks time with all my buddies from work
63    Thu Jan 31 16:33:21 2013 lilyb Aurora Cinderella Bistro 7.60
I recommend you examine out and try Orchid Thai located at 15474 Yonge St, Aurora their website cope with is this is the best Thai meals I have ever been to, the taste is awesome, I go there at least once per several weeks time with all my friends from work
64    Thu Jan 31 16:28:14 2013 lilyb Aurora Crabby Joe's Tap & Grill 7.20
I suggest you check out and try Orchid Thai situated at 15474 Yonge St, Aurora their web page deal with is this is the best Thai food I have ever been to, the flavor is amazing, I go there at least once per weeks time with all my buddies from work
65    Thu Jan 31 16:23:44 2013 friedab Aurora D J's Restaurant 6.00
I highly recommend you visit and try Orchid Thai located at 15474 Yonge St, Aurora their website address is this is the best Thai restaurant I have ever been to, the taste is incredible, I go there at least once a week with all my friends from work
66    Wed Jan 16 17:28:48 2013 Costin Buckingham B J Restaurant Et Bar 9.00
Great place for dinner and caters for all types of tastes. Loved the choice on the menu.
67    Wed Jan 16 12:19:59 2013 cfaislander76 Charlottetown Razzy's Roadhouse 4.40
For me, service in a restaurant is of utmost importance. Customers return when there is good service. Today, I had a TERRIBLE experience at this restaurant for lunch. We had a specific amount of time for lunch and decided to try Razzy's. Our waitress took our order - 2 Fries with the Works. Easy. No onions on one. Easy. 30 minutes later! I had to ask the waitress when the order was coming. She said, 'they are just putting the gravy on now'... a few minutes later, it comes out..... and there was onions on one. Wow. Back goes the order and then I just said, 'you'll need to pack it up, we need to get back to work'. So, off she goes. We wait another 5 minutes, at the very least for them to do another Fries with the Works HOLD THE ONIONS. AND we still need to pay for them!!! Wow. If this is your mistake, you need to cut the costs. Unreal. There are way tooo many restaurants in the city for a restaurant like this to act like this. No thanks. I'll go to the other ones. This chick won't be returning.
68    Thu Jan 10 14:29:08 2013 Gluten Free Girl Tiverton Carmells Restaurant 8.60
I had the best ever thin crust Greek Pizza today at Carmells and it was even Gluten Free. Fresh made crust 12" square with fresh toppings. It was outstanding. We are going to make Carmells gluten Free Pizza a family standing order on Thursdays from now on.Oh did I say awesome!!!!
69    Fri Jan 4 11:07:53 2013 Anonymous Brampton Stacy Lee's Family Restaurant 7.40
Nice quaint diner
70    Mon Dec 31 15:40:15 2012 Anonymous Sudbury Alexandria's Restaurant and Lounge 1.00
I can't review the food or decor because I never got to the point of going to the restaurant, but I can review one particular staff member...I had called the number found of their website to inquire about a group event (potentially spending upwards of a thousand dollars at the restaurant!!) and a misunderstanding regarding the phone ended up in a shocking experience. My communication with the gentleman who answered the phone ended in two voicemails left on my phone by this very gentleman...The first voicemail simply told me to “F off”, that's it. The second voicemail involved more foul language and repeated name calling. I have never experienced such service and am still stocked that it happened. I will NEVER visit Alexandria's and I discourage everyone from doing so as well. What an appalling experience!
71    Sat Dec 29 14:12:18 2012 Anonymous Dorchester Town & Country Pizza 1.40
Town and country pizza use to be a great place to get pizza, but not anymore. I ordered 2 pizzas and bread sticks, and was not impressed, as the toppings were piled on way to thick and uneven. There was so much on the pizza the crust was not cooked all the way threw and the toppings were raw as well. I will never eat there again as it had gave me food poisoning. Stay away, far away.
72    Thu Dec 27 17:44:57 2012 Crayola Yorkton Manos Restaurant & Lounge 9.80
The food was very good! They tried to "up-sell" which i thought was great! This was a very positive experience with smiles from all the staff working! The prices were high but that was very understandable due to inflation and competing businesses. Everything was tidy and maintenance looked great! :)
73    Wed Sep 26 23:58:21 2007 Anonymous Mississauga Chang & Huang Thai Restaurant 9.80
Food is very good, especially their Manchurian chicken, Pad Thai, Thai spicy noodles they are excellent also their service is really good. I would strongly recommend people to go and try their food. I found this place online thru their website
74    Wed Sep 26 22:37:20 2007 Anonymous Windsor Basil Court Restaurant 8.60
75    Wed Sep 26 22:21:45 2007 Anonymous Tilbury Osso Buco 4.40
76    Wed Sep 26 22:08:22 2007 Anonymous Burlington Chaps Restaurant 2.20
Worst service I have ever had at ANY restaurant. Took 20 minutes from when we sat down to when we were seen the first time by the waitress. And only after another waitress noticed and offered us a drink. Our waitress promptly scolded her for attending to us. 3 large appetizers arrived WITH the main coarse, forcing us to choose which dish would get cold first. We choose to eat the main course and leave the apps. The steak was over done, and the rest of the food was marginally good. The waitress never came back during the meal to top up our drinks. Another thing is we saw the same waitress serving another table, hold a "doggie bag" tray open under her arm, while see put the customers left overs into another tray. She then returned the unused "under arm tray" to the pile of other tray. I pitty the unsuspecting customer who will receive the sweaty armpit left over tray. All in all.. Horrible. No tip was left at all.
77    Wed Sep 26 20:14:30 2007 Anonymous Calgary Boston Pizza 5.60
I worked at boston pizza as a server for over and year and just moved to calgary i have been attending the boston pizza in crowfoot but the service has just been terrible. 3 times now I have been spoken to like im not welcome. I have been always pressured through customer service exspecially at boston pizza when i worked there. Tell them to either get new waitress and hostesses for take out or to improve because its just a joke.
78    Wed Sep 26 18:20:56 2007 Anonymous Vancouver Planet Hollywood 5.00
79    Wed Sep 26 17:05:20 2007 Anonymous Bolton Caruso Gourmet Pizza 10.00
Fabulous Pizza slice selection. You have to try the many varieties - you have never seen anything like it. It is a expensive with the slices are large and heaped with tons of ingredients.
80    Wed Sep 26 16:46:38 2007 Anonymous Bolton Allegro Fine Foods 1.40
disappointing!!!We were very disappointed with the whole experience. Staff were cool and not very knowledable and the food was way below quality expected for the price. Too many other great restaurants in Bolton to waste time on this one.
81    Wed Sep 26 16:25:47 2007 Anonymous Surrey Delrios Restaurant 9.40
Great place for really good food, huge portions and great prices. Try the take out pizza, it is so good.
82    Wed Sep 26 15:11:15 2007 Anonymous Entrelacs Casse-Croute L'entre Deux 5.00
83    Wed Sep 26 13:35:46 2007 Anonymous London Bertoldis 9.60
Great place to celebrate an italian dinner. Excellent service and good food.
84    Wed Sep 26 10:30:41 2007 Anonymous Moose Creek Cannelloni Bros. Pasta & Pizza 10.00
85    Wed Sep 26 09:39:37 2007 Anonymous Mississauga Il Pescatore Ristorante 9.60
86    Wed Sep 26 09:34:29 2007 Anonymous Peterborough Office Restaurant & Bar 5.00
I have ate their and enjoyed. I am sending you a local lady I think you should get in singing. Very talented go to google Melissa Payne my space. She is from Ennismore.
87    Wed Sep 26 03:37:46 2007 Anonymous Coquitlam Nagasaki-Ya Japanese Restaurant 9.20
88    Wed Sep 26 01:10:01 2007 Anonymous Calgary Karouzos Pizza Spaghetti & Stk 7.80
We didn't go there for two years, the place had changed not finished yet, the quality of the food, pretty good, quality of the service, perfect, we tried their poutine, not that great please use curd cheese gone be better, the mozarella is for the pizza! Their fries were really good, the sauce for the poutine too salted, it's the cheese that is doing the job! The curd cheese, one place to find it is at the farmer's market on richard road S.W.
89    Wed Sep 26 00:50:54 2007 Anonymous Yorkton Manos Restaurant & Lounge 9.60
We love Mano’s you have very good food and good service, as well the place is always clean. I am sure Mano’s is the best restaurant in Yorkton. Keep up the good work.
90    Wed Sep 26 00:40:34 2007 Anonymous St. John's Big R 10.00
way better than the other guys....Thanks Denise
91    Tue Sep 25 22:38:03 2007 Anonymous Kingston Cafe India 10.00
92    Tue Sep 25 22:19:01 2007 Anonymous Red Deer Las Palmeras Family Restaurant 9.00
We like it so much we drive up from Calgary for what we consider to be the best Mexican food in Alberta.
93    Tue Sep 25 22:07:33 2007 Anonymous Mississauga Bairrada Chirrasqueira 1.00
94    Tue Sep 25 22:02:01 2007 Anonymous Mississauga Mega Broast & Tandori Restaurant 10.00
Good Food less oil and greasy
95    Tue Sep 25 19:58:55 2007 Anonymous Steinbach Frantz Motor Inn 8.00
The ribs are the best I've ever had... the bones simply slide right out and the Bourbon Sauce is fantastic! Frosted beer mugs are a nice touch and make the Kokanee Gold that much tastier. Decor is dated but simple and clean and the staff are more than eager to ensure that you have an enjoyable dining experience. Overall... a great place to dine while in Steinbach.
96    Tue Sep 25 18:13:55 2007 Anonymous London Green Tea Japanese Cuisine 8.60
Pretty good place for sushi. Nice staff, cleanliness, etc... Good stuff.
97    Tue Sep 25 16:58:07 2007 Anonymous Waterloo Boston Pizza 5.00
98    Tue Sep 25 16:22:07 2007 Anonymous Maple Ridge Black Sheep Pub 8.80
Andrew the manager could use some people skills! Very adversarial when his authority is questioned.
99    Tue Sep 25 15:04:20 2007 Anonymous Mcmasterville Restaurant Le Piment Szechuan 10.00
100    Tue Sep 25 15:04:10 2007 Anonymous Weyburn Club Cafe 10.00
Excellent. Not fancy but excellent value . They feed you. They dont fool you.
101    Tue Sep 25 14:46:02 2007 Anonymous Edmonton Pagolac Restaurant 8.00
Great beef satay soup.
102    Tue Sep 25 14:29:25 2007 Anonymous Deloraine Bee Jay's Family Restaurant 1.20
Dont go here cuz BJ's stands Barf Joints
103    Tue Sep 25 14:01:33 2007 Anonymous London Chopstick House 1.40
This place undoubtedly served the world's worst chinese food I have ever tasted. I ordered a dinner meal, which included sweet and sour ribs (should be sweet and sour breaded cartlidge) Chicken chop suey (tasted like chemicals, no chicken, no vegetables, and was basically a bunch of gooey sprouts) one empty and barren deep fried till it was chocolate brown, egg roll and a mushroom and vegetable fried rice without mushrooms or vegetables in it and tasting very much like I would imagine floor cleaner tastes like. Total crap.
104    Tue Sep 25 13:44:28 2007 Anonymous Cambridge Ernie's Roadhouse 10.00
so good
105    Tue Sep 25 13:38:51 2007 Anonymous Wainfleet 2x4 Diner 10.00
106    Tue Sep 25 12:57:57 2007 Anonymous Jasper Something Else Restaurant 10.00
The food was fantastic. By far the best Greek food from a Greek Restaurant. The service was fast and friendly. Atmospere was great from the Greek music to the interior design. Highly recommend to everyone that visits Jasper. Bravo Something else Restaurant *****
107    Tue Sep 25 12:44:20 2007 Anonymous Eagle Creek Minac Lodge 5.00
You should remove this restaurant from your listings. It was torn down in 2000.
108    Tue Sep 25 12:18:38 2007 Anonymous Alton Cataract Inn 9.40
New Ownership and what a Difference, this place is back to the high end place it was before. Friendly staff, Gourmet food and an overall devine experience
109    Tue Sep 25 11:59:22 2007 Anonymous Lorette Solid Ground Arts & Coffee Room 10.00
Cozy place to go for coffee. Their coffees are great! The food is also tasty! The entertainment is awesome (when they have it - not every night). This is Lorette's little treasure!!
110    Tue Sep 25 10:17:01 2007 Anonymous Bolton Chef Talk Bistro & Catering Inc. 10.00
Fabulous Chef Fab has done it again! My husband and friends attended the "Equestrian" event at Chef Talk in honour of the Caledon Hills annual "Tournament of Champions"! As always, Fab's creativity and oustanding staff made it a marvel of an evening. Thanks again! Impeccable service and knowledge from your staff and having the Wine Experts there explaining each wine with each dish was phenomenal. Sandra
111    Mon Sep 24 20:36:19 2007 Anonymous Calgary Matador Pizza & Steak House 10.00
My favorite resturant in Calgary.
112    Mon Sep 24 20:04:15 2007 Anonymous Abbotsford Red Robin Restaurant 9.00
113    Mon Sep 24 19:15:19 2007 Anonymous Dartmouth Burnside Pizzaria 10.00
114    Mon Sep 24 19:09:37 2007 Anonymous Baddeck Lynwood Inn 9.60
We enjoyed our meal tremendously. Server was friendly, helpful and efficient. Great location on the deck.
115    Mon Sep 24 18:51:15 2007 Anonymous Halifax Sicilian Pizza Donairs Subs 5.00
116    Mon Sep 24 17:55:40 2007 Anonymous Courtenay Atlas Cafe 9.40
This charming town needs more restaurants that are run like the Atlas. The servers are well-groomed, friendly, efficient and helpful. The beverage list is extensive as is their menu. Each dish is prepared perfectly and the presentation is excellent. The portions, we found, were very generous and we were unable to finish our entrees (don't tell our Mothers). We had to leave room for dessert and weren't disappointed. Their chocolate cheese-cake is better than we had tasted anywhere else (and that includes New York). The cappuccino to finish was perfectly prepared and presented. When the bill arrived it was so reasonable we had to check it to make sure that they had not forgotten to add an item.
117    Mon Sep 24 17:37:43 2007 Anonymous Gatineau Nickels Deli Grillade 10.00
118    Mon Sep 24 17:33:07 2007 Anonymous Shaunavon Shaunavon Pizza & Chicken 9.20
we got lots of food and the price was fair. it was also good service
119    Mon Sep 24 17:28:01 2007 Anonymous Harrison Hot Springs Kitami Japanese Restaurant 9.40
The owners and staff are actually japanese, not like many of the places in downtown Vancouver. The Sashimi (and everything) is cut perfectly.
120    Mon Sep 24 16:38:06 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Minerva Family Restaurant 1.00
A very nice website !! Very well Done !!! notem6715
121    Mon Sep 24 16:38:04 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Sorrento 1.00
Hey man...sorry I missed the party. notem6715
122    Mon Sep 24 14:34:50 2007 Anonymous Lachine Il Fornetto Restaurant 6.40
I would have to say that the ambiance and food is exellent at this restaurant. For someone who retuns to this restaurant many times, I would highly recommend it. Unfortunately, the last time I visited I had the most discouraging experience of having Michel as a waiter. Not only was he not friendly, he was extremely rude. He was upset at us that he got the bills wrong, he never cracked a smile and always had something to day under his breath. At the end of the night when tip came around, he got what he deserved. Not only did he read his tips in front of us, he would curse and swear in front of us about what we had given him. Please I recommend going but if you see that you are going to have Michel as a waiter, ask to be changed to another table with a different waiter as everyone else I have experienced there were very pleasant.
123    Mon Sep 24 13:50:53 2007 Anonymous Toronto Spiaggia Trattoria 8.60
It has become my favourite dining out spot. Very personal service (if you don't see it on the menu, ask for it!) Our hostess, Mary Lee, makes the place really special. My favourite order is goat cheese salad(but calamari are superb), Veal Parmigiana. Only negative is with the open kitchen and loud ambiance, can't hear the mood italian music. Southampton Bob
124    Mon Sep 24 13:12:39 2007 Anonymous Concord Ciao Bella 5.00
125    Mon Sep 24 12:29:50 2007 Anonymous Dieppe Chan's House Restaurant 5.00
Dined there for the first time a couple of weeks ago and any time that we are down from Fredericton we will certainly be back for their Chinese Buffet..Awesome food (large selection) for a real great price
126    Mon Sep 24 11:55:51 2007 Anonymous Labrador City Bread Basket 6.80
127    Mon Sep 24 10:54:08 2007 Anonymous Whitehorse G & P Steak House & Pizza 10.00
love the owners very nice ppl
128    Mon Sep 24 10:45:28 2007 Anonymous Hamilton Trattoria Italiana 10.00
Best restaurant ever. Sadly missed!
129    Mon Sep 24 10:09:40 2007 Anonymous Regina K Family Kitchen 1.00
The worst food I have ever been served in a restaurant.
130    Mon Sep 24 09:40:55 2007 Anonymous Ponteix Ponteix Cafe 9.40
131    Mon Sep 24 05:42:42 2007 Anonymous Brantford Joey's Only Seafood Restaurant 2.00
Warning people off this one. Most Joey's are good but a recent meal there was so disappointing I may never go to a Joey's again. If you travel a lot as I do, go to Red Lobster instead. They say Red Snapper but it's Rock Fish, the salads were limp and gritty, coffee horrible and cold, the experience was so bad I forget what I attempted to have as dessert! And the whole thing was over priced! Also, when I attempted to speak with the manager/owner about the problems, I was ignored. They wouldn't speak with me.
132    Sun Sep 23 23:50:58 2007 Anonymous Abbotsford Ekos Restaurant 7.80
Service good as always, food great but noticed changes in salad (less ingredients)all tasted terrific and atmosphere friendly as expected.
133    Sun Sep 23 23:48:05 2007 Anonymous Abbotsford Boston Pizza 6.80
one dish was ice cold they changed how thye made pizza - mostly crust now and very browned, almost overcooked - told they had new ovens that caused this from last visit noticed major change in staff and quality of food - overall dissatisfaction
134    Sun Sep 23 22:56:44 2007 Anonymous Batchawana Bay Hilltop Motel 1.40
135    Sun Sep 23 21:52:18 2007 Anonymous Port Coquitlam Empire Pizza & Steak House 9.20
Try the french onion soup oh so yummy . We go once a week to eat there, they have great tasty food AA well worth your money.
136    Sun Sep 23 19:55:15 2007 Anonymous Bluevale Bluevale Kountry Kitchen 9.40
Great hometown food with a smile.
137    Sun Sep 23 19:38:57 2007 Anonymous Trenton Britannia Restaurant 2.80
This review concerns an incident during a visit on Sept 22 2007 (approx 6.30 pm) My husband & I entered the restaurant & saw that it was very busy at the time. We stood outside the diningroom area for minutes, then thought that we would go inside to let someone know that we were there to eat. (there were no signs posted to "wait for seating" As we entered the area, a server told us that we would have to wait out in the lobby until we could be seated...very rudely. After a few mins the server told us that we could come in & be seated. My husband took a seat at the small table by the kitchen door, after sitting a few mins the server (same person who seated us) came out from the kitchen & rudely told my husband that u cant sit in the way of the kitchen door traffic & to pls move....We have lived in the area for 7yrs plus & have been to the restaurant on several visits & have never experienced such rude behavior...we're potential customers who took our business elsewhere! There is no excuse for treating a potential customer in such a manner! We will be very hestitant to return, there are a lot of other choices available to us! VERY DISSATISFIED FORMER CUSTOMERS!
138    Sun Sep 23 19:28:49 2007 Anonymous Torquay Torquay Cafe 6.60
The meals served in this classic Cafe style restaurant are exquisite. Combinations A-E are always a good choice and come hungry. Choose from a dwindling selection of pop out of the self serve style fridge. Looking for someting other than Chinese food, look no further, Burger Cheese Bacon is just delightful and with a side of chicky fry rie you'd think you were in downtown Hong Kong. Vegetables are seasonal whatever the store has they'll serve it. Try the Ginger Chicken, it's remarkably similar to what you buy in the freezer section at CO-OP. The best time of year to dine at a la Torquay Cafe is in the middle to late spring as the air conditioner is never on in the summer nor is the heat on in the winter. If the lights are off don't be deterred Torquay Cafe is environmentally friendly and conserves electricity.
139    Sun Sep 23 19:26:49 2007 Anonymous Sylvan Lake Waves Family Dining & Lounge 5.00
Waves has been closed for more than 7 years now, as have a handful of the resteraunts listed. you might want to update
140    Sun Sep 23 18:45:12 2007 Anonymous High River South Fork 10.00
Greatand very friendly Staff, Great Home cooked Meals,great prices
141    Sun Sep 23 18:15:22 2007 Anonymous Alliston E-Dragon 7.60
I eat a e-dragon about once a week. I find it to be very tasty, the service could be a little quicker and it a bit on the pricey side but they have termendous selection and the food Great!!
142    Sun Sep 23 13:54:02 2007 Anonymous Moosomin Wiebe's Restaurant 9.20
good food, nice
143    Sun Sep 23 13:50:12 2007 Anonymous Moosomin Broadway Gourmet 1.00
note this is closed: out of service summer 2007
144    Sun Sep 23 12:32:31 2007 Anonymous Mississauga Pho Dau Bo Restaurant 10.00
145    Sun Sep 23 12:29:35 2007 Anonymous Windsor Windsor's Wharf 3.80
its hours are not consistant and the service if fairly slow an example of inconsistent hours is one week they were not open on a Friday afternoon for lunch or supper what kind of restaurant does not open for a Friday.
146    Sun Sep 23 12:25:26 2007 Anonymous oakville The Twisted Fork 2.20
Vastly over rated. Very poor menu selection; the spicy chicken was just pork and beans, with hold the pork and substitute chicken that was over cooked. We will never go back. Reservation made 2 weeks prior, and when we got to the restaurant, the reservation was not on the list; what a start; never has happened anywhere before. A big thumbs down.
147    Sun Sep 23 11:10:21 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Rae & Jerry's Steak House 4.00
On a recent trip to Winnipeg, we thought we would try a local place for prime rib. The food iteself was very good... however nothing else about our experience was positive. We found the ambience to be lacking. I understand the attempt to retain the originality of the place, but we felt it was too shabby for the price of the meals. The service really wasn't what you would expect for a high-priced meal. We felt that we were not welcome. Overall... I would not recommend R&J... you would be better off at the Keg where you would at least get good service.
148    Sun Sep 23 09:29:25 2007 Anonymous Farnham Restaurant Le Fumet 4.00
c'esttrop cher pour ce que nous avons mangé,il existe des endroits pour le meme prix nous avons droit a du fromage,un petit granité et un petit porto.le service était lent,la serveuse passait son temps a jasé avec l'autre serveur et nous on fallait demander pour avoir du pain ce qui est bien normal qu'il y en ait sur la table et nous faire payer pour l'eau,c'est assez ne vous dit pas a la prochaine.
149    Sun Sep 23 08:52:24 2007 Anonymous Point Edward Open Grill Steak House 2.40
The toughest piece of Prime Rib I ever had in my life. My wife only had 2 bites and refused to eat any more. All 3 orders where incorrect and had to sent back. charge us $1.00 for the lousiest gravy ever for the mashed potatoes. Server was slow and never around. I'll not be going back to that restaurant any time soon.
150    Sun Sep 23 04:45:20 2007 Anonymous Cambridge Elixir 9.80
great food good service and nice atmosferilove the basmati rice with shrimp
151    Sun Sep 23 03:07:15 2007 Anonymous Lanigan Sarah's Cottage 9.00
152    Sun Sep 23 01:33:16 2007 Anonymous Picton Currah's Cafe & Restaurant 10.00
The staff work very well together, service was fabulous, and the Lounge is a great idea for a pre-drink before dinner, and a relaxing specialty coffee after dinner. Great combination-- The food was excellent, never have we had food that great. Congrats!!
153    Sun Sep 23 00:41:00 2007 Anonymous Winkler New World Chinese Restaurant 9.80
So good-the flavor of everything was awsome. The best lo mein I have ever tasted!!!
154    Sat Sep 22 23:56:28 2007 Anonymous Guelph Sun Sun Restaurant 1.20
155    Sat Sep 22 22:45:31 2007 Anonymous Yellowknife Bullock's Bistro 9.60
If you go just be sure to be nice to Frankie the cook, she is an incredible cook and she has is great with customers that are nice to her... also sit at the bar, it is quite entertaining
156    Sat Sep 22 22:25:22 2007 Anonymous Burnaby Deer Lake Wonton House 8.60
we have only had take out. not sure of the actual restaurant ... but service is quick, polite and the food is good.
157    Sat Sep 22 20:44:04 2007 Anonymous Furdale Willows Golf & Country Club 9.60
Great food
158    Sat Sep 22 20:21:33 2007 Anonymous Waterdown Village Fish & Chips 9.00
Amazing fish & chips from a bit of a hole-in-the-wall.
159    Sat Sep 22 19:27:11 2007 Anonymous Strathmore Strathmore Station Restaurant And Pub 7.80
Great Place, great food. How does one contact the owners????
160    Sat Sep 22 18:54:23 2007 Anonymous New Minas Dairy Queen 4.00
purchased a butterscotch sundae and in all of my 62 years it was by far the worst one that i have ever tried to eat. ice cream was grainy and butterscotch sauce was the consistency of water.
161    Sat Sep 22 17:33:39 2007 Anonymous Sackville Patterson' Family Restaurant 3.60
Had gotten chicken fingers and they wern't cooled all the way. And my salad was really tiny and olny had lettuce and radishes in it. Wasn't very good for the price I paid.
162    Sat Sep 22 15:10:29 2007 Anonymous Chilliwack Capital Restaurant 8.40
Great restraunt, great value
163    Sat Sep 22 14:20:16 2007 Anonymous Montreal Pizza 2 Pour 1 6.40
164    Sat Sep 22 14:17:49 2007 Anonymous Maple Ridge Silver House Restaurant 8.60
Nice Staff, big portions
165    Sat Sep 22 14:14:28 2007 Anonymous Fort Saskatchewan House Of Hong Restaurant 8.60
166    Sat Sep 22 14:11:38 2007 Anonymous Erieau Molly & O J's gt & Tavern 6.60
quaint, real canadian lake erie food, very good, dont be rushed(Erieau time) we have spent many great family nights here, O.J. knows whats good at the O
167    Sat Sep 22 13:06:41 2007 Anonymous Enderby Hungry Jack's 10.00
Great place, great food, great prices. A must if you're in Enderby. No wonder they have all the awards they have!
168    Sat Sep 22 11:08:01 2007 Anonymous Port Stanley Mackie's 9.00
169    Sat Sep 22 10:59:32 2007 Anonymous Burford Rick's Place 10.00
With a fresh new update and a new menu it was a great dinning treat. Would suggest this restaurant to anybody who is travaling through Burford.
170    Sat Sep 22 10:22:13 2007 Anonymous Unionville Il Postino 5.00
Beautiful spot on a nice day, and very good staff, but a plate of pasta for lunch at $ 25.95 shouldn’t have pasta or the chicken that tastes like it was kept worm under heat lamps, and should not be floating in wine cream sauce looking like soup.
171    Sat Sep 22 10:04:01 2007 Anonymous Corunna Golden Palace Restaurant 1.00
We were at the Golden Palce last week. The food sucked. I slipped in washroom and twisted ankle. The bald asian owner told us to get lost when we complained. We have no accidents here go away. Someone should inform health and safety. We wonder what he does to the employees there. We heard yelling in the kitchen. My husband took me to the hospital and I am on crutches. I'm 2 months pregnant. Does anyone know where I get help in a small town?
172    Sat Sep 22 01:44:05 2007 Anonymous Campbell River Driftwood Restaurant 3.00
173    Sat Sep 22 00:00:09 2007 Anonymous Moose Jaw Deja Vu Cafe 9.20
This restaurant is sooo good! My family eats here at least once a week and haven't had a bad experience yet. There are 50 flavors...such a variety and the coolest desserts ever! Where else can you get a deep fried chocolate bar? They are addicting! You get so much food for what you pay for, we always end up taking a bunch home. We usually have the same waitress on sunday nights at supper, she is really nice. If you go right at supper time, the place will probably be packed, but it's worth waiting for. This place is just awesome, the only thing is they need a bigger restaurant because its always full.
174    Fri Sep 21 23:14:27 2007 Anonymous Ponoka Riverside Motor Inn 5.00
we did not eat there but the hotel was rundown, smelly, there was loud nightclub music from this business until 3 am. there was no toilet paper in the room. ,only one towel. the fire door in the hallway was permanently open. the shower was nonfunctional. the toilet and sink had rust stains. there were two squashed bugs on the bathroom floor.the bedsheets were merely lain on the mattresses. any complaints were met with an indignant smile.
175    Fri Sep 21 23:09:22 2007 Anonymous Moosomin Red Barn 9.40
brand new sept 20/07 full service lounge, good prices,good food & service. brand new nice
176    Fri Sep 21 22:52:46 2007 Anonymous Surrey Anastasia Seafood & Steak House 2.60
177    Fri Sep 21 19:47:46 2007 Anonymous Selkirk Alfredo's 7.40
Very fancy and quiet dining. Low light. Service can be a bit slow, takes a while to cook food. Very nice place. Food is excellent as well.
178    Fri Sep 21 19:46:27 2007 Anonymous Selkirk Frank's Pizza 2.20
Very greasy. Crust and topping stuck and baked together. Not appealing. Stingy on toppings.
179    Fri Sep 21 19:41:33 2007 Anonymous Selkirk Barney Gargles 1.00
oh its a terrible place and you should never go its gross and dirty and i once found a big clump of hair in my apple pie.
180    Fri Sep 21 19:35:09 2007 Anonymous Lockport Half Moon Drive Inn 6.20
Its a good ice cream shop and has great hot dogs and ice capps. But they could clean a little bit more and have nicer people who work there.
181    Fri Sep 21 18:02:38 2007 Anonymous Bridgewater Deluxe Delight Restaurant 1.00
Non existed closed forever ago
182    Fri Sep 21 16:30:50 2007 Anonymous Ancaster East Side Mario's 5.00
This restaurant has been closed for at least 5 years. It is now Sfoozi's Restaurant
183    Fri Sep 21 16:27:56 2007 Anonymous Burlington The Martini House 8.40
A wonderful restaurant. We had the always fantastic Asian Nacho's, Cajun Calamari, Dean Martini, Raw Oysters and the feature main. Most relaxed and down to earth dining in Burlington.
184    Fri Sep 21 16:08:53 2007 Anonymous Woodbridge Basilico Ristorante 10.00
Fantastic service, and especially food.
185    Fri Sep 21 15:27:25 2007 Anonymous Cornwall Blue Anchor Restaurant 9.00
Great wings and poutine
186    Fri Sep 21 14:55:37 2007 Anonymous Toronto Little Bavaria Restaurant 9.80
Excellent food and great staff! A bargain that is not to be missed!
187    Fri Sep 21 14:50:38 2007 Anonymous Peterborough Swiss Chalet 1.00
you guys suck!
188    Fri Sep 21 14:43:31 2007 Anonymous Cobourg Burger King 5.00
189    Fri Sep 21 14:10:28 2007 Anonymous Woodstock G K's Family Restaurant 9.20
Cornwall's medical recruitment team discovered GK's completely by chance as we were travelling the backroads on our way from London to Toronto for a government sponsored event designed to assist communities attract doctors. We are very glad we did. To begin, GK's has an 'Olympic Class' hostess who was an absolute delight(I'm sorry I don't know her name). Her customer service skills are superb and she adds a wonderfully bubbly personality in making her a terrific 'package'. Without so much as making a note, she took our orders and when the food arrived, she knew precisely where each plate went. As someone who has been in the service business for years, I was impressed. The food, as was the service, was excellent and I thought you'd like to know that you have three new fans ... all from the Cornwall area. Because this tour is an annual event, we have got you on our list of preferred spots to stop and eat. The only unfortunate thing is that it will likely occur but once a year. Please extend our thanks to 'our-gal' who is making your establishment look VERY good. As I noted to her as I was leaving, I would hire her in a heartbeat if a job presented itself. Please give her my best regards. Mike Metcalfe ( or, a team member at
190    Fri Sep 21 14:07:18 2007 Anonymous Aylesford Fu-Wah Restaurant 9.00
i really enjoyed myself in this dinning establishment. thankyou
191    Fri Sep 21 11:41:07 2007 Anonymous Cambridge Samura Japanese Restaurant 9.40
192    Fri Sep 21 11:37:06 2007 Anonymous Nanaimo Calico Cat Tea House 4.20
The Calico Cat tea house will not honour gift certificates that are more than 6 months old. Gift certificates are money. The Calico Cat refused my 50.00 gift certificate. Out of principle,I will not patronize the establishment again.
193    Fri Sep 21 11:00:10 2007 Anonymous Brampton Churrasqueira Nova Esperanca 7.80
194    Fri Sep 21 10:53:31 2007 Anonymous Sooke Pizzability Sooke 9.20
Best pizza crust I've ever had!
195    Fri Sep 21 09:52:23 2007 Anonymous Sarnia Riverport Tavern 5.00
this place is a strip joint.
196    Fri Sep 21 09:51:36 2007 Anonymous Sarnia Robbie B's Restaurant 5.00
this restaurant has been closed for at least five years.
197    Fri Sep 21 08:23:00 2007 Anonymous Gimli Whitecaps Restaurant & Lounge 9.20
Our family visits Gimli at least once each year and we always make sure to have an evening out at Whitecaps. Great food and great value. Service has always been friendly and prompt.
198    Fri Sep 21 01:13:41 2007 Anonymous Madoc Sisters Country Cafe 1.00
The restuarant has been closed for approx.6 years.
199    Thu Sep 20 23:55:18 2007 Anonymous Broadview L C Corral Restaurant 10.00
PS Get the fried chicken!!!
200    Thu Sep 20 23:53:51 2007 Anonymous Broadview Lim's Cafe 10.00
Best Burgers in Canada by far!!! Order the "Lim Burger" with fries and gravy!!!
201    Thu Sep 20 22:06:02 2007 Anonymous St Albert Taco Bell 2.20
I purchased a 10 piece chicken w.fries and gravy. It cost me $23.00 and it was not worth the money I spent. It was horrible, the chicken was cooked in burnt grease,the taste was awful.I consider 1 piece of white meat in a 10 piece meal a rip off. I am sorry I won't be bringing my business back to your establishment. Laurie Anne Woo
202    Thu Sep 20 21:44:04 2007 Anonymous Charny L'express Du Sud 10.00
The Best!!!!! The Blues Experiment 29 sept
203    Thu Sep 20 21:27:32 2007 Anonymous Carnarvon Mill Pond Restaurant 10.00
204    Thu Sep 20 20:04:55 2007 Lupin Morden Kopper Kettle 9.00
OK. my parents just bought the KK from the existing owners - Aug. 07 - and found a review online. Some "anonymous" COWARD left a mean review. Totally uncalled for. If you are gonna leave unconstructive criticism then at least don't be a coward and not leave your name. SO uncalled for. It's people like you who had a bad life and need to take it out on others who work hard. Hope you die. CHRIS CABILDO. come find me...
205    Thu Sep 20 17:45:50 2007 Anonymous Bedford Martha's Pizza Market 9.00
206    Thu Sep 20 17:37:20 2007 Anonymous Burns Lake China Moon Restaurant 9.40
China Moon is practically infamous in Burns Lake. Consistently good food. Make sure you check it out!!
207    Thu Sep 20 17:00:56 2007 Anonymous Burlington Checkers Pizza 9.60
Great tasting pizza at a good price. I ordered the extra large pizza the first time and I could barely get the box through the door.
208    Thu Sep 20 16:45:03 2007 Anonymous Pemberton Centennial Cafe 8.40
209    Thu Sep 20 13:29:00 2007 Anonymous Halifax Subway Sandwiches & Salads 9.00
Always avoided Subway until a friend took me there a few days ago. I had a tuna pita wrap and I can honestly say it was absolutely wonderful! It was a fairly large pita, very filling for less than $5. Premises very clean, service very good.
210    Thu Sep 20 12:14:56 2007 Anonymous Dartmouth Alexandra's Pizza 4.80
I ordered a veggie pizza from their takeout menu. It was missing the broccoli, zucchini, and the cheddar cheese. These 3 toppings are supposed to come with the veggie pizza. The dough was not cooked except for the outer edge and a thin layer on the bottom. I was on lunch and didn't have time to drive back so I ate the toppings and the outer crust. I was very disappointed. I won't be returning
211    Thu Sep 20 11:58:53 2007 Anonymous Aulac Aulac Irving Big Stop 9.00
212    Thu Sep 20 11:53:03 2007 Anonymous Wymark Catering Co 1.00
where are you guys located in wymark?
213    Thu Sep 20 11:45:41 2007 Anonymous Lac-Saint-Charles Restaurant Perry Quan 8.40
Food with a very good taste and the quantities for the prices was excelent. There I have eat the best of poutine! And the buffet is directly serve to the table when there is less of customer. It is very interesting since food is then always fresh for the same price as the buffet and in you have the service!
214    Thu Sep 20 10:57:42 2007 Anonymous Windsor Mr Shishkebab Restaurant 9.60
215    Thu Sep 20 10:14:49 2007 Anonymous Waterloo Pizza Hut 9.00
216    Thu Sep 20 09:34:37 2007 Anonymous Hamilton Kelsey's Restaurant 10.00
We ate here most evenings during our stay. Good wholesome food with great service, and a great atmosphere. I will eat here when I stay here next. I will miss the pepper burgers especially.
217    Thu Sep 20 09:27:48 2007 Anonymous Hamilton Thai Memory 7.00
Had the buffet take-out $6.95. Food, price and atmosphere is excellent!1 Going back for sure
218    Thu Sep 20 07:55:30 2007 Anonymous Fredericton Seasons Chinese Family Restaurant 9.40
I last visited this restaurant in June. I myself as a Chinese, I must say the food tastes just the way we have here in Taiwan. I understand there is negative report in the news in July, and I definitely would like to see photos of the accusation. Seeing is believing, isnt it??
219    Thu Sep 20 06:53:09 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Boston Pizza 2.00
I had a long shift at the Winnipeg Free Press, working double shifts so I called Domino's Pizza which was my first choice but since they put me on hold 4 times as they were busy, I called Boston Pizza. I called just past 10 pm and waited almost an hour for pizza delivery from the McPhillips branch. I called 3 times to follow up including a 4th time which the security guard did. I shouldn't have to pay 15.00 for the late pizza delivery which would only take 35 minutes for Domino's Pizza. I still kept the receipt. In no certain terms am I going to ever eat at any Boston Pizza or order from them.
220    Thu Sep 20 05:17:46 2007 Anonymous St-Sauveur-Des-Monts Restaurants Macdonlds 1.00
221    Thu Sep 20 01:53:24 2007 Anonymous Hamilton Hoya Korean & Japanese Cuisine 1.40
sushi is not fresh..bad service..
222    Thu Sep 20 00:20:40 2007 Anonymous Calgary Dairy Queen Canada 10.00
223    Wed Sep 19 23:18:03 2007 Anonymous Barrington Passage Old School House Restaurant 8.80
Wow! We went to visit our ancestry, and found this place to be the best! The fish chowder was absolutely the very best, and I can not wait to make the recipe! They were so kind, that they gave us the recipe!! I'm surprise more people don't go!! It was just great!
224    Wed Sep 19 22:23:47 2007 Anonymous Bobcaygeon Just for the Halibut 10.00
Delicious food, friendly atmosphere to match.
225    Wed Sep 19 21:51:14 2007 Anonymous Toronto Mikado Japanese Steakhouse 5.00
226    Wed Sep 19 21:41:19 2007 Anonymous Cobourg The Human Bean 7.80
Morning coffee and a great lunch. Well worth the visit.
227    Wed Sep 19 21:32:22 2007 Anonymous Sainte-Adele Restaurant Chez Milot 5.00
228    Wed Sep 19 20:07:12 2007 Anonymous Caraquet Restaurant L'oriental 10.00
229    Wed Sep 19 18:45:00 2007 Anonymous Coaldale Mings Garden Chinese Restaurant 8.00
Excellent food at a fair price. Buffett served daily has good selection and fresh dishes. Take out gives you generous portions. Dining area could use a reno, but it is clean.
230    Wed Sep 19 18:15:24 2007 Anonymous Halifax Salty's 8.40
We managed to get a last minute reservation during the week of the Atlantic Film Fest. We went with relatives who had just arrived from Vancouver and visiting Halifax for the first time. The staff - friendly,courteous and there only when we needed them. The food - delicious and presented beautifully. Even though the resaturant was busy we didn't feel pressured to leave as we lingered to enjoy our drinks and the view.
231    Wed Sep 19 17:46:35 2007 Anonymous Manotick Pearl House Dining Lounge 8.80
232    Wed Sep 19 16:31:27 2007 Anonymous St-Jerome Casse-Croute Pik-Nik 6.00
233    Wed Sep 19 16:26:25 2007 Anonymous Aurora Purple Pig 4.20
234    Wed Sep 19 16:25:13 2007 Anonymous Aurora Graystones Restaurant 3.40
235    Wed Sep 19 16:11:03 2007 Anonymous Niverville Clare's Family Restaurant 1.00
236    Wed Sep 19 14:52:53 2007 Anonymous St-Lambert-De-Levis Restaurant Bar La Rochelliere 10.00
Le restaurant est super mais un des gérants davantage! James...
237    Wed Sep 19 13:57:18 2007 Anonymous Ladysmith Barb's Kitchen 6.80
The name has changed to K & S Diner, so must be new owners since summer. Food is overall very good for fast food type of meals. Staff is friendly enough and seems to look after their customers quite well. Very informal setting and comfortable. Back room could be tidier (needs a good carpet clean) but seems like they are working on updating things. Hamburger was great and a nice surprise was that the fries are fresh cut, which reminds us of the days when the original owner had it. Couldn't find better fries anywhere back then and it was a nice surprise to see them offering them again. My wife found it a little pricey but I thought for the amount of food we recieved, we got a great deal. Over-all we had a nice lunch and will go back again.
238    Wed Sep 19 13:35:23 2007 Anonymous Crysler Ernie's Restaurant 10.00
239    Wed Sep 19 13:29:13 2007 Anonymous Brampton Wong's Restaurant 2.60
I didn't have a good experience On A Monday in Sept.2007 the food was dried out and poor selection, I complained and all I got was stared at with no comment so I Phoned the manager the next day and was told that if I didn't like the food not to bother going to her restaurant.
240    Wed Sep 19 13:01:36 2007 Anonymous Toronto Papaya Hut 1.60
They are not honest with the food they are selling. I asked if the juice was freshly squeezed and he said yes - but in fact it was juice mixed with soya drink - even after I told him I wanted juice and did not want a creamy drink. He would not exchange my drink or refund my money. If this is the hassle for $3 I can imagine what low quality food they serve.
241    Wed Sep 19 12:44:50 2007 Anonymous Guelph Empress Of India 9.60
The best Indian restaurant by far in Guelph - if you are looking for the real deal. Many restaurants cater to the 'butter chicken' crowd... after travelling in India I can attest to the value of eating authentic Indian cuisine. The Empress delivers - complete with homemade chai and Gulab Jaman. We highly recommend this restaurant.
242    Wed Sep 19 12:21:09 2007 Anonymous Thornbury Mill Cafe 8.60
243    Wed Sep 19 07:17:10 2007 Anonymous Wheatley Car Barn Restaurant 9.40
The Car Barn catered an event at our plant in Tecumseh yesterday and the food was fantastic. The chicken was the best that we had ever tasted. Salads were great. Service was very good especially with the number of employees that had to be served. A very pleased customer.
244    Wed Sep 19 07:14:04 2007 Anonymous Toronto Duke Of York 1.00
this place is a disgrace for an english restaurant. it is more like a gathering place for prostitutes.especially one named amanda??????
245    Wed Sep 19 05:14:03 2007 Anonymous Toronto Ram's Roti Shop 9.40
if you want a family style be at home feeling this is the place... they have excellent food great service and most of all honest prices... i suggest the goat roti and a double on the side but if your really adventurous as i am go for the jerk chicken... ITS HOT....
246    Tue Sep 18 23:57:47 2007 Anonymous L'ile-Perrot Smoked Meat Pete 8.60
This is a really great smoked meat. Loved the texture and the tase... it just made it for me. Nobody can match it downtown and I have lost my taste for those venerable oldies on the Main.
247    Tue Sep 18 22:19:49 2007 Anonymous Maple Maple Bakery 10.00
Maple bakery has great cakes. I've ordered birthday cakes and confirmation cakes and the decorations are beautiful and delicious.
248    Tue Sep 18 20:58:23 2007 Anonymous Niagara Falls. Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse 1.00
This place sucks. The service was horrible. My wife and I enjoyed a couple (oops)tails at the bar before deciding to have dinner at the the restaurant. We were seated at an outside table and were ignored for 25 minutes. The waitresses seemed to glance over us as they took care of customers that were seated after us. As we left before ever getting waited on, we couldn't even find a person to complain to as we left in anger. What a disappointment.
249    Tue Sep 18 19:50:28 2007 Anonymous Hamilton South Sea Restaurant 10.00
I love this restaurant. Huge portions, and the most beautiful presentation of food. A chinese restaurant like no other in the city. They have a website at
250    Tue Sep 18 19:01:55 2007 Anonymous Stratford Devon's Desserts & Deli 9.80
251    Tue Sep 18 17:22:46 2007 Anonymous Sutton West South Shore Restaurant 9.00
Yumm.. Very good food. Try the egg foo yung. Delicious. Nice and quiet, and nice service. Dinner for four has LOTS of food, enough for 6-8, for a small family. Highly recommended.
252    Tue Sep 18 17:12:11 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Moxie's Restaurant 8.00
My biggest compain is that the music is too loud. I met a friend and we had to talk so loud to hear one another. This was at your new location on Waverley. It is nice to have music, but it would be more relaxing if restaurants would play the music as soft background music. I would go to a concert if I didn't want to relax and talk. Otherwise great. Lenore La Croix
253    Tue Sep 18 15:57:44 2007 Anonymous Cobden North Way Motel & Restaurant 1.00
254    Tue Sep 18 15:47:20 2007 Anonymous Niagara Falls Guru Fine Indian Restaurant 10.00
255    Tue Sep 18 15:43:03 2007 Anonymous St Albert Nitza's Pizza 5.00
jap penis
256    Tue Sep 18 15:23:01 2007 Anonymous Port Hastings Smitty's Family Restaurant 10.00
I worked there for a month my boyfriend sent me. Rodney chisholm. Tell him to contact me. Joy Silverfox at
257    Tue Sep 18 15:10:57 2007 Anonymous Sundridge Danny'S & Dian'S Justa Pasta 3.20
My wife & I ate there on Sept 17/07. I had the (scarce) chicken on a Caesar salad. $14 (even without the $5 tip) is a lot to pay for some lettuce.
258    Tue Sep 18 14:53:09 2007 Anonymous Lake Louise Laggan's Mountain Bakery 8.40
The BOB is a wonderful way to start off the morning hikes, along with a delicious caffé mocha (oh, yeah!!!)! We enjoyed the Western-style, though it could have used a little jalapeño to spice things up a bit. The pastries should be declared illegal - far too tasty for words. My new love is the Saskatoon Berry! Would that I could find such delicacy in Houston (well, maybe not, as I would probably turn into one!). Thanks. jvb
259    Tue Sep 18 14:11:44 2007 Anonymous Maple Ridge Pyrgos Taverna 3.40
260    Tue Sep 18 13:14:17 2007 Anonymous Burlington Montfort Restaurant 1.00
261    Tue Sep 18 12:59:29 2007 Anonymous Edmonton Barb & Ernie's Restaurant 10.00
amazing food and service
262    Tue Sep 18 12:52:38 2007 Anonymous St Catharines Choo-Choo-Charlies 1.20
To advertise that you have a hostess is false. You are completely understaffed. We hardly saw our hostess and had to find her when we needed something. She stepped out of a steel door with the cake the kids blew the candles and she dissapeared. We didn't get any pictures of the kids and the cake. She also set the pop jugs down in front of 12 6 and 7 year olds and walked away. How is that a hostess? In her defence, she was also working the front counter. This was all mismanaged,and noticabley trying to save a buck. The ads are definately not to be believed!! Lori Upham
263    Tue Sep 18 11:49:31 2007 Anonymous Dollard-Des-Ormeaux Cote St Luc Bar-B-Q 3.80
264    Tue Sep 18 11:24:28 2007 Anonymous Guelph Molly Bloom's Irish Pub 5.80
the food is good...the kitchen is so slow...on about a dozen occassions we have arrived at noon - when there may be 6 ppl in the place...and by 12:45pm we are still waiting for our food. It isn't even worth going anymore.
265    Tue Sep 18 01:01:22 2007 Anonymous Halifax Peter's Pizzeria 9.40
266    Tue Sep 18 00:01:29 2007 Anonymous Victoria Ebizo Japanese Restaurant 9.60
Fantastic! Ebizo Sushi will be first on our list next time we visit Victoria!
267    Mon Sep 17 22:16:10 2007 Anonymous Charlottetown Piazza Joe's 8.80
Piazza Joe's was great! We loved the "bread bar" having never seen one before. Service and atmosphere were also great.
268    Mon Sep 17 19:12:40 2007 Anonymous Qualicum Beach Fish Tales Cafe 10.00
Visiting from Toronto in early September, my relatives in Qualicum Beach recommended the Fish Tales Cafe as the best place to dine out. We all very much enjoyed the delicious food, delightful atmosphere and the friendly, professional service. You may need to expand your parking facilities! Thank you!! M. Page
269    Mon Sep 17 17:38:27 2007 Anonymous Port Alberni Canal Restaurant 5.00
270    Mon Sep 17 17:31:25 2007 Anonymous Calgary Wendy's 2.80
What has happened to Wendy's this past year? I used to enjoy Wendy's. I can't believe how much the service and cleanliness has gone downhill. And. . . to top it off, the restaurants aren't open half the time. I understand about the labour crunch but how come McDonald's and A&W can keep their restaurants open? Come on! Get with the program.
271    Mon Sep 17 17:10:08 2007 Anonymous Grande Prairie Kelsey's Restaurant 1.80
2 hour wait, waitress disappeared... food came cold and salad was melted from heat lamp. We walked out.
272    Mon Sep 17 16:39:46 2007 Anonymous Kelowna Boston Pizza 2.80
What a bad dinner on Sat. A group event with people ordering everying except pizza. A big mistake. Can't they make pasta right? Putting cheddar cheese on spaghetti. Thai noodle salad with spaghetti, over done steaks & salmon. Really really bad.
273    Mon Sep 17 15:55:23 2007 Anonymous Montreal Restaurant La Saigonnaise 8.80
274    Mon Sep 17 14:05:48 2007 Anonymous Ajax Montana's Cookhouse 1.00
275    Mon Sep 17 13:07:29 2007 Anonymous Stroud Yummy House Chinese Restaurant 7.80
276    Mon Sep 17 07:43:51 2007 Anonymous Campbellville Tracs Food Emporium 5.00
This business closed years ago. See new listing at same address. Please remove name from reviews.
277    Mon Sep 17 01:18:09 2007 Rocky1277 Port Moody Saint St Grill 10.00
This has to be my favorite restaurant ever. We dined here again tonight and Wow! Everything was perfect. The Waiter was most attentive. The food was incredible. (Amazing Ribeye steak and the Salmon was out of this world.) Nothing is left to chance. The waiter knew exactly what we needed moments before we even knew ourselves. I love the ambience. Complete nonsense yet intelligently put together. So much to look at, yet not distracting. Can't wait to go back.
278    Sun Sep 16 21:21:51 2007 Anonymous Abbotsford Lou's Grill 4.60
My party and I had a less than positive experience at your establishment. Throughout service we had to deal with servers that were less than happy to be doing their job and to return side plates back twice as they were "dirty". At the end of our visit we were approached by our server who said that we were a "difficult table" and that she had overheard a conversation that she took offence to and that we should leave. We tried to explain our situation and asked to speak to the manager (apparently she was the manager). We were not rowdy nor were we rude. Service lacked hospitality and confidenciality and we are all left with a negative attitude towards your establishment.
279    Sun Sep 16 19:23:52 2007 Anonymous Grand Valley Williams In Grand Valley 1.00
roach infested
280    Sun Sep 16 18:54:38 2007 Anonymous Vulcan Royal Cafe 5.00
281    Sun Sep 16 18:28:29 2007 Anonymous Howick Restaurant Chez Howick 9.80
Chez Gary's is a very satsifactory restaurant whith very good food quality.
282    Sun Sep 16 17:49:38 2007 Anonymous New Glasgow Acropole Pizza 10.00
best pizza and donairs i've ever had hands down. I've always been a huge pizza pan and have eaten pizza in many different pizza. Good job
283    Sun Sep 16 16:56:20 2007 Anonymous Kleinburg Chartreuse Restaurant 3.60
o place settings had missing cutlery, napkins, and water o no wine list was offered o we waited 15 minutes before anyone took our order o it was difficult to get the waiters' attention o two of our food orders were served incomplete o the pasta in one of our dish was overcooked o no parmesean was offered with the pasta dishes o we had to remind the waiter to bring a drink order o one of the waiters said a rather rude sounding "Hello!" to interrupt a conversation I was having with my daughter just to ask if I wanted pepper on my meal
284    Sun Sep 16 16:14:38 2007 Anonymous Saskatoon Saskatoon Asian Restaurant 10.00
I've eaten at this restaurant at least 4 times. This is an excellent place to eat. The food and service are great. There meatball dishes are to die for
285    Sun Sep 16 16:04:51 2007 Anonymous Airdrie Touch Of Ginger 5.00
286    Sun Sep 16 16:04:12 2007 Anonymous Airdrie Ironhorse Grill 5.00
287    Sun Sep 16 16:02:46 2007 Anonymous Airdrie Golden Dragon Restaurant 1.00
Closed 5 years ago
288    Sun Sep 16 16:01:41 2007 Anonymous Airdrie DT'z Diner 1.00
Closed Thank Goodness
289    Sun Sep 16 14:02:00 2007 Anonymous Antigonish Lobster Treat Family Restaurant 3.60
290    Sun Sep 16 12:38:59 2007 Anonymous Perth-Andover Tilly Take Out 10.00
Tilley take out has the best food I've ever eaten at the best prices
291    Sun Sep 16 11:04:35 2007 Anonymous Montreal Restaurant Le Piedmontais 10.00
Best Italian Restaurant in Montreal. Food always hot. Service always excellent. Top notch restaurant.
292    Sun Sep 16 10:59:18 2007 Anonymous St. John's Cellar Restaurant 7.20
293    Sun Sep 16 10:20:08 2007 Anonymous Warkworth Village Diner 1.20
I have never experienced such a horrible waitress. I went to the diner in July. I actually had quests visiting from out of town and I heard great reviews about Workworth, I live in Campbellford. It was busy at the restuarant when we arrived. We sat down and waited about 8 minutes before the waitress, an older women served us. We understood it was busy, but first off she could of said I will be with you as soon as I can. We asked how long it would be to be served as we knew there were many people ahead of us. She turned and said in a very loud voice, "You have to wait your turn like everyone else here." We ingnored the remark and proceeded to ask what the soup of the day is. She said, "There is no soup, its too hot out and nobody wants it." That was it, we decided to leave and told her we were. She took her tray and literally slamed it down on the counter. And by the way, prior to her coming over to our table we saw her take a bag of ice out of the freezer and dropped it on the dirty floor to break the ice up. That was not sanitary whatsoever. I highly recommend you do not send anyone to this restuarant. Thank you and have a good day.
294    Sun Sep 16 07:12:55 2007 Anonymous Newmarket Canaan Chinese Restaurant 3.00
POOR SERVICE by RUDE WAITERS. WE were there for dinner and once a large group showed up we were totally ignored by the waiter. He did not come over and offer us a drink, he did not take our soup and appetizer dishes out of the way, and never asked us if the food was o.k. We had to go to him to ask for the bill and he rudely told us how busy he was. When we said we were going to complain to the manager he pushed my sister and swore at her and raced to the front to speak to the owner. The owner did not reprimand this waiter and did not do anything to resolve this issue. VERY POOR SERVICE and food is nothing great to talk about.
295    Sun Sep 16 03:35:21 2007 Anonymous Osoyoos Diamond Steak & Seafood House 10.00
296    Sun Sep 16 02:07:17 2007 Anonymous Yarmouth Austrian Inn 10.00
None Better!
297    Sun Sep 16 01:07:27 2007 Anonymous Langley New China Kitchen 1.00
Ordered but never got the food they took my visa number. I called back an hour latter to find out what is happening with my order it is relayed to the fax machine this is 9:30 Saturday Night. Call back again two time got the cleaners who said everyone go home. This is crazy
298    Sat Sep 15 23:36:26 2007 Anonymous Oshawa Go-Go Pizza & Submarine 8.80
great tasting pizza
299    Sat Sep 15 23:22:34 2007 Anonymous Naicam Station Restaurant 9.20
Thanks for the great food and great service. I am glad to see the Station reopen with owners that take the business seriously. I used to live in Naicam but still get to visit as relatives are still there.I had the fetticine alfredo and it was the best I have ever had and I eat out alot!! Thanks again.
300    Sat Sep 15 23:16:53 2007 Anonymous Westbank Cattle Country Steak & Seafood 6.20
Most of the servers are good. Entrees are great except the potato they are now serving. Great when they had the stuffed baked potato but the rest are not good. Salad bar doesn't have a great selection as they used to and now they charge extra for it. If you are going to charge then add more stuff!!!
301    Sat Sep 15 23:13:27 2007 Anonymous Westbank La Cucina 6.60
We have eaten here many times but the service is terrible. The last three times we ate there they never ask us if our meal is good or if you would like another drink or even if you would like dessert. You are seated, one drink order and food order taken then they hand you the bill. THAT IS NOT GOOD SERVICE! Also always cold in there!
302    Sat Sep 15 22:33:08 2007 Anonymous Hudson Bay New Central Cafe 8.20
Some of the best Chinese food i have devoured
303    Sat Sep 15 21:32:47 2007 Anonymous Summerside Loyalist Country Inn 7.60
304    Sat Sep 15 21:12:10 2007 Anonymous Fonthill The Lazy Loon Restaurant 1.00
the food tasted like a bums nutsack
305    Sat Sep 15 19:26:43 2007 Anonymous Orillia Pizzaville 8.40
Is good food!
306    Sat Sep 15 18:52:02 2007 Anonymous Dartmouth East West Restaurant 7.60
Great food, not the nicest looking restaurant and only one waiter/cashier so come early, as it becomes busy. The waiter is REALLY nice!
307    Sat Sep 15 18:02:47 2007 Anonymous Woodbridge Desserts Plus 8.40
you have the best food in town
308    Sat Sep 15 17:35:47 2007 Anonymous Calgary Peking Garden 10.00
They have some of the best dishes in the city. A must visit restaurant.
309    Sat Sep 15 16:32:12 2007 Anonymous Kakabeka Falls Pines Restaurant & Gift Shop 9.40
Their Saturday night buffet is the best buy for your dollar. The variety and quality of food will be very hard to beat at any price. The waitress is very friendly and courteous.I highly recommend the Pines Restaurant.
310    Sat Sep 15 14:04:04 2007 Anonymous Milton Matt's Rib House 4.60
I'm a firm believer that if you call yourself a "rib house" you really need to out do your competition. I can honestly say That not only myself but the 3 other diners with me had the worst quality ribs we've ever had. The menu was basic, the sauces are basic and the overall apperance of this establishment left a ton to be desired. I would strongly recommend to the owners to really look at what a rib house should be, invest in a smoker, create a house BBQ sauce from scratch instead of adding a couple ingredients to a cheap commercial brand. For my time and money I would just head over to Montana's, they don't claim to be a rib house, but the ribs are not bad.
311    Sat Sep 15 13:46:33 2007 Anonymous St Sauveur Le Rio 10.00
312    Sat Sep 15 13:35:31 2007 Anonymous Regina The Willow On Wascana 10.00
I was at the Willow twice lately, once for dinner and once for lunch. At dinner our party of four enjoyed great service and interesting food. At lunch we were treated to a passionate description of the prairie chowder, which turned out to be excellent. The pickerel cheeks sandwich, which was the lunch special, was very tasty and nicely presented. At dinner, the potato lasagne was super, as was the prairie paella. The tomato salad was also amazing -- four different colours and sizes of tomatoes combined into a beautifully arranged salad. On top of all this, the view of the lake is beautiful. Definitely a place to return to!
313    Sat Sep 15 12:52:08 2007 Anonymous Campbellville The New Ice House 9.40
This small facility in the heart of the hamlet of Campbellville is now called The New Ice House Restaurant and offers a $4.99 "all day breakfast". I tried that last week and will write this up. My favourite feature is the tree covered patio. The owners have a policy of providing free water bottle fill-ups for the many weekend cyclists who stop here for a rest break during their tours around the scenic backroads. It is also a favourite stopping place on the weekend for many executives and businessmen who own vintage motorcycles. We plan to visit in the near future to sample more of the dishes. The owner may be able to provide authentic Portugese dishes on request.
314    Sat Sep 15 12:31:29 2007 Anonymous Guelph Manhattans Music Club 9.20
Thoroughly enjoyed a Friday night with Club D'Jango entertaining, one of the best groups of it's type in Canada(Quintet of the Hot Club of France) with 30's' and 40's standards. Original gypsy violin performer Jon Marks (featured on their 2000 CD) sat in and did not miss a note. Split a Caesar salad and medium pizza between 2 of us and there was more than enough. When you consider the food, the service and decor, and then add the fantastic music, it is worth the extra couple of bucks for the pizza. The packed house thought so too. Food quality is excellent and you get what you pay for. Design your own 2 topping medium pizza for as little as $17 if you want to save a bit. We will be back to try other dishes.
315    Sat Sep 15 11:38:13 2007 Anonymous Burlington Lugano 2 For 1 Pizza 10.00
Best pizza I ever had. Great service. Good prices. My favourite pizza place.
316    Sat Sep 15 10:43:25 2007 Anonymous Quyon Stanton's Restaurant 1.00
317    Sat Sep 15 09:51:48 2007 Anonymous Lasalle Bocci Deli 4.20
did not like the service charges for chille peppetr
318    Sat Sep 15 08:17:59 2007 Anonymous North Bay Sub Zero Subs & Salads 10.00
Absolutely the best sub I've tasted. Very friendly, very clean. Low price for a great meal.
319    Sat Sep 15 04:20:18 2007 Anonymous Pointe-Claire Piazza Romana 8.60
I brought my son and his 4 friends there for his birthday. Nick was absolutely charming!!! He even advised me that it would be better for me to bring a cake instead of buying a cake from the restaurant - which was really nice - (good PR)!!! Food was great. Service was great. Nick was fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! Sexy too!!
320    Sat Sep 15 00:46:39 2007 911boi Cambridge Dragon City Chinese Restaurant 5.60
321    Fri Sep 14 21:47:25 2007 Anonymous Cap-Rouge Casa Panatoni 7.00
If you want discovery some food ,take the Jardiniere pizza.Also you can go to see near,the wonderful bridge of quebec at the plage Jacques- Cartier.
322    Fri Sep 14 18:55:51 2007 Anonymous Fort Erie Barrel Pizza Parlour 2.60
Stopped by on our way to the states and probably had the worst meal of our lives!
323    Fri Sep 14 17:17:14 2007 Anonymous High Prairie Uncle Nicky's Canadian Fried 10.00
Great people. Helpful. Not a broad food menue, but offerings are tasty and of good value. They've got something going about a special gravey of their own--gotta admit, it is GOOD!
324    Fri Sep 14 17:11:50 2007 Anonymous Coronation Frontier Hotel 10.00
325    Fri Sep 14 17:03:12 2007 Anonymous St. John's Peters Pizza 1.60
I went to a store to get 2 orders of chicken fingers with fries, dressing and gravy. It cost 18.59? I paid and waited 15 mins for the food, no prob. When the guy gave me the order, he never included any sauce with the order. I asked and he said "Nope, no sauce." I asked could I get some, and he went to get me some. When he came back he gave me one pack of that small sweet and sour, same size you would get at McDonald's, and I said, It is a 20 dollar order, could I get some sauce for the chicken. He went and came back with another one. Man??? I have a bit more than a single order, I would like a few sauces for the order. The manager came and asked what was the problem, I stated I just ordered 20 dollars worth of chicken and would like some sauce to go with it, little more than 2 would be nice... So she gave me a few in a bag and I left have rotted about the whole ordeal. But I figured it would be worth it when I ate. No luck! The fries were old, the gravy was runny and the chicken was ok, but not anything to boast about. I was out of time, for I was on my break and had to go back to work, so I had my relative call to complain about the food. When she called the manager answered and said to her that she remembered me and I was the one with the attitude...I could not beleive that she said that to her! I knew it was no sense to call and talk to her, for she had her mind already made up about things. There is no way that I could find to get a hold of Peter himself to complain, so I am in the process of doing that and figured I would submit this complaint, while in the process.
326    Fri Sep 14 17:02:13 2007 Anonymous Port Perry Zinn's Bistro 10.00
super great
327    Fri Sep 14 14:54:23 2007 Anonymous Carstairs Fireside Place 3.80
I went to this restuarant with my husband and two children we ordered within 10 min and it took over an hour for our food to be delivered, the returant overall was clean but the bathrooms looked like the could have been done better but once the food was recieved it was wonderful if you go you have to try the cedar plank salmon
328    Fri Sep 14 14:41:55 2007 Anonymous Upsala Upsala Garage & Restaurant 9.80
Clean washrooms, friendly service, great home baking, breakfast was great.
329    Fri Sep 14 14:36:28 2007 Anonymous Yarmouth Pizza Villa 10.00
Pizza villa pizza is the best I've ever had. I love the flavour of the sauce, the thickness of the crust is perfect, not too much, not too little. I've found that the ingredients are always fresh, the dough isn't greasy like other pizza joints, and its prepared for you in a very reasonable amount of time. It's great to know that when you ask for extra cheese at a Pizza place that you ACTUALLY get it at PizzaVilla! Please stick around, we don't know what we'd do without our almost weekly X-large pizza with bacon, ham and Xtra cheese
330    Fri Sep 14 14:34:37 2007 Anonymous Parrsboro Stowaway Inn & Restaurant 10.00
Great service & great food!
331    Fri Sep 14 14:26:57 2007 Anonymous Komoka Little Beaver Restaurant 9.60
Little Beaver restaurant has been our families tradiditon from when I was a kid coming to the Western Fair and stopping off on the way out of town. It's a great family deal and the Soups you can Eat with a fork!! Sunday Buffet is great priced and the crowd means the food IS GOOD!! Expect to wait on the busy days but also be 100% Satisfied on good times, good food and good people at the Little Beaver.
332    Fri Sep 14 12:11:53 2007 Anonymous Dundas Collins Sports Bar 5.00
333    Fri Sep 14 10:30:43 2007 Anonymous Vaughan Centro Panini 10.00
they have amazing food, very fresh and tasty
334    Fri Sep 14 10:27:13 2007 Anonymous Whitby Cordon Sue Sweets 10.00
Very friendly staff and delicious food Absolutely well worth it
335    Fri Sep 14 09:43:37 2007 Anonymous Orleans Lexus Resto & Bar 3.20
My husband & I went to the Lexus Resto & Bar last night to celebrate his birthday. Everthing was going well our drinks, salad and buns were served quickly. We waited an hour for our food. We were just discussing whether we should leave and go to another resturant as we were both very hungry (8:30 p.m.) when our food arrived. It put a real damper on the evening. This was our first and last time we will be going to the Lexus Resto & Bar Restaurant. It should not take an hour to cook a steak!!!!!
336    Fri Sep 14 09:31:47 2007 Anonymous Alfred Restaurant Le Chardo 10.00
337    Fri Sep 14 02:26:03 2007 Anonymous Raymore Tickity-Boo 8.00
338    Fri Sep 14 00:52:48 2007 Anonymous Trenton Skyline Tavern 9.00
i love skyline! The waitresses are friendly and the food is amazing! I highly recommend eating there if your in the area!
339    Thu Sep 13 22:20:12 2007 Anonymous Seven Sisters Falls Jennifer's Dining Room 9.40
simply a good value, consistent quality and cant be beat in this price range of under 10.00 for dinner.
340    Thu Sep 13 20:33:40 2007 Anonymous Cambridge Vijay's 10.00
WELL,that restaurant its one the best places that I had visited,very warm,friendly, good service and fast,I comeback often with my friend jimmy,my name is Miguel,all the best.
341    Thu Sep 13 19:52:08 2007 Anonymous Wainfleet D J's Roadhouse Family 10.00
DJ's is my favorite restaurant. We have a trailer nearby and whenever we can we go there for dinner. Their food is the best!!!! Especially for me the scallopps. I mostly alway order them.MMMMMMMMMM They also have mouth watering steaks. My husband always gets the fish and chips. He ordered the big order at first but now he gets the mate as their is so much food on the first one. The staff is very efficent and friendly and bend over backwards to make your experience their a good one.
342    Thu Sep 13 19:14:47 2007 Anonymous Edmonton Albert's Family Restaurant 5.00
I am sending these comments to you because I don't know how to reach your head office. If you could forward this to them, I would appreciate it greatly, as I realise you are not responsible for the advertising. I don't understand how you can bill yourselves as a family restaurant and use the disgusting advertisement I keep hearing on the radio. Dads are too stupid to know their pants are on backwards.....and really stupid in comparison to the average teacher. It's obvious that you wouldn't go to Dad with anything important because he's too stupid. Don't you think it would make more sense to do advertising that encourages dads and families. Things are tough enough as it is. Albert's is not on our list of places to go. Sincerely, Mrs. Sharon McCune
343    Thu Sep 13 18:05:33 2007 Anonymous Markham Rex Saigon 9.00
This is a great place if you're just going out with a friend and craving some good Thai food ! The food is good and the service is great!
344    Thu Sep 13 17:50:48 2007 Anonymous La Prairie Restaurant Chez Julien 8.80
A VERY memorable night - food variety and quality was outstanding. Service was attentive but a touch slow as it was a busy night for the numebr of staff. Ate there last in 2005 but will return.
345    Thu Sep 13 17:48:19 2007 Anonymous La Prairie Villa Massimo Restaurant 1.80
I went to the restaurant once and never again - while the late evening meal was not bad and the food good, it was overpriced BUT as we were the last one to leave we caught our waiter puting the biscotti he had just removed from our table back in the jar at the counter.
346    Thu Sep 13 17:31:08 2007 Anonymous Toronto Sushi On Bloor 10.00
My friends and I went to Sushi On Bloor last week and I am sooo glad that I had an opportunity to review them. The taste of their food was exceptional. The menu extraordinary. Each roll tasted different which is unusual for Maki because of the rice. I love sushi and I consider myself an expert. Their seaweed salad is remarkable. The service is friendly, smiling and the line up wait is worth it. You MUST have their sushi pizza. They're all nice people so enjoy a wonderful evening of incredible taste delights.
347    Thu Sep 13 16:42:13 2007 Anonymous Ottawa The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro 1.20
I am VERY unhappy with the service and the quality of my meal at The Works. I ordered a Hamburger with fries, the beef burger showed up under-cooked with a pinkish-red hue in the middle of it. I was offered a half-hearted apology with lots of half-witted excuses and jackass humour. They took it for further cooking which I didn't even eat the rest of as I was disgusted beyond belief... I was not even offered a reduction on the bill or any other PR gestures as I would have recieved at ANY other restaurant ie. Mcdonald's. I will NOT be returning and I will let everyone know in my circle what a poor restaurant The Works is...
348    Thu Sep 13 15:16:51 2007 Anonymous Penticton Boston Pizza 7.20
Slow at some times, over staffed to the point of no one knowing what or where they should be doing most of the time, several super hosts on in the evenings hope you get one of these, food is well way over priced it is just a family pizza joint but 55 bucks for a mid priced meal no drinks or even pop/desert for 2
349    Thu Sep 13 14:58:17 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Niakwa Pizza 9.80
A definate competitor for best sauce in the city. Real ingredients, great cheese, and that killer sauce make for one HELL OF A PIE. The guys that work there are so friendly, and totally accomodate your needs. I normally pick up my pie, but when I sat down to eat, I was blown away by the exceptional service. But let me tell you the best thing about going to Niakwa Pizza on Archibald, is the pizza!!!
350    Thu Sep 13 14:25:09 2007 Anonymous Westlock Refills 10.00
Excellent friendly service. Coffee and tea lovers need to make this thier stop!
351    Thu Sep 13 14:23:00 2007 Anonymous Sooke Country Cupboard Cafe 2.80
the waitress was rude and obviously could not handle her job.
352    Thu Sep 13 13:34:57 2007 Anonymous Sault Ste Marie Riuniti Restaurant & Banquet 2.20
horrible overall everything (except food was OK and it wasnt dirty), terrible ownership and management, difficult to deal with, inconsistent, rude. i had really high expectations for this establishment and i had never been more disappointed with everything. beware!
353    Thu Sep 13 12:17:21 2007 Anonymous Howick Restaurant Aux Pierro 8.60
354    Thu Sep 13 12:16:21 2007 Anonymous Howick Chez Gary 5 Minutes 9.80
355    Thu Sep 13 11:22:34 2007 Anonymous Cambridge Oliver's Bar & Grill 8.60
Great friendly spot - good food, good company
356    Thu Sep 13 10:36:46 2007 Anonymous Pakenham Stonebridge Inn 5.00
Just a comment, called to ask if they would take 20 seniors for lunch....Blunt answer no, we are closed pn Mondays. O.k. then he asked if he could take us another day.
357    Thu Sep 13 10:10:17 2007 Anonymous Guelph Golden Griddle Restaurants 10.00
358    Wed Sep 12 23:09:53 2007 Anonymous Waverley Inn On The Lake 8.00
I like the food and service. I see it's only rated two star here.. I had breakfast at 8:30 am and I was asked to remove my ball cap??? I don't know why. I know I wasn't at the RITZ-CARLTON. I had to place my hat on my table. The waitress never offered to take or did I see any hat or coat hooks. And I only got a little bit of food on it
359    Wed Sep 12 19:40:40 2007 Anonymous Welland Rinderlin Dining Rooms 9.60
I last dined at this restaurant in 1985. I visited it several times between 1980 and 1985 and found the experience to be exceptional upon every visit. I consider it my all time favorite restaurant and was pleased to see that it still is in operation. I was always treated like an old friend although I could only get there once or twice a year (I was living in Colorado at the time). Ron Beethe (
360    Wed Sep 12 18:47:14 2007 Anonymous St-Leonard Restaurant Corvette 10.00
very good nice service
361    Wed Sep 12 18:10:57 2007 Anonymous Brantford Oriental Restaurant 10.00
The Oriental has the best chinese food outside China!
362    Wed Sep 12 16:52:22 2007 Anonymous Fort McMurray Boston Pizza 4.20
363    Wed Sep 12 15:52:32 2007 Anonymous Windsor Spago Trattoria & Pizzeria 9.00
I have dined at Spago's Trattoria a number of times. There is a review on this website that refers to the restaurant as a "dump". Nothing could be farther from the truth. The meals have always been excellent and the service attentive and professional. I don't hesitate to recommend this restaurant to others.
364    Wed Sep 12 15:19:20 2007 Anonymous Waterloo East Side Mario's 2.80
Service was extremely poor. Waited 35 mins before getting any drinks, an hour before getting mains, and that was from the lunch menu. No one seemed to be keeping track of bad servers. Talking to manager did not help.
365    Wed Sep 12 15:09:22 2007 Anonymous Radium Hot Springs Old Salzburg Restaurant 8.80
Excellent place to go for dinner when in Radium. A little pricey, but the superb food and fantastic service are well worth it.
366    Wed Sep 12 15:02:07 2007 Anonymous Radium Hot Springs Radium Husky House Restaurant 7.80
A good place to stop for breakfast, good food and generous sized portions.
367    Wed Sep 12 10:36:52 2007 Anonymous Blyth Blyth Inn 8.80
I am from Ommen Holland and we have one eaten time in the blyth inn and it was perfect. Greetings Jan Wittenberg
368    Wed Sep 12 10:28:26 2007 Anonymous Comox Leeward Neighbourhood Pub 1.00
the owner has no people skills
369    Tue Sep 11 23:20:37 2007 Anonymous Nanaimo Delicious Bites Catering 10.00
Dear Rachel I just wanted to thank-you so much for the delicious meal you prepared for us on Sunday evening. The food was excellent and received many compliments. I have given your name to several people. Thank you again, Jennifer
370    Tue Sep 11 22:15:05 2007 Anonymous St Catharines Wildfire Grill House & Lounge 7.40
My husband and myself went to the Wildfire Grill House and was so very much impressed with everthing except one water. This waiter sneezed into his hand and I looked to see if their was a place to wash his hands. I couldn't take my eyes away from him because he wasn't in a hurry and in a few minutes he picked up the plate, took it to the patron and still never washed his hands or cleansed them in any way. I wanted to go back to your restaurant the food was excellent, the waiter in question was not my waiter so we finished our meal and never went back. This happened over 5 years and we eat out with another couple every one or two weeks but not to your wonderful restaurant. Please inform your help how important cleanliness is so you don't lose more customers. Eileen Smith
371    Tue Sep 11 19:30:20 2007 Anonymous Bolton Caesars Event Centre 10.00
The service and food is great! Special thanks to John Folino for making all my events a great success.
372    Tue Sep 11 19:23:17 2007 Anonymous North Hatley Pilsen Pub Restaurant 3.80
We came at a time where it was not busy, and we waited 45 minutes for our entrees, 30 minutes for our meal and another 30 minutes for completely melted ice cream. We used to be regular clients but we find their reputation has really taken a turn for the worse with the new administration. And many of our colleagues are agreeing. At supper time, they had one server for the whole dining room. It is unacceptable and it is unfortuate because we really did enjoy it before.
373    Tue Sep 11 17:27:52 2007 Anonymous Calgary Why Not Italian 9.00
A fun place to go with a bunch of friends. When we went with five people we had a terrific meal along with outstanding servive.
374    Tue Sep 11 17:24:58 2007 Anonymous St-Denis-Sur-Richelieu Restaurant Les Chanterelles 5.00
375    Tue Sep 11 16:21:44 2007 Anonymous Canning Sand Dollar Cafe 10.00
Sorry to say that my favorite place to eat has gone due to a structual fire which occured on the early morning of Tues. Sept.11/07. Where else can I go to get the best fish and chips around?
376    Tue Sep 11 16:03:41 2007 Anonymous Vancouver Joyeaux Cafe & Restaurant 8.80
Excellent food, good value, clean, friendly staff and quick service with a broad menu selection between Vietnamese, Chinese and Western selections, including quality breakfast dishes anytime.
377    Tue Sep 11 15:43:29 2007 Anonymous Woodbridge Karyee Chinese Restaurant 8.20
Very Good Beef
378    Tue Sep 11 15:36:20 2007 Anonymous Neepawa Chicken Corral Restaurant 5.00
379    Tue Sep 11 15:13:08 2007 Anonymous Antigonish Greco Pizza Donair 9.00
380    Tue Sep 11 14:52:39 2007 Anonymous Miramichi Ben's Lunch Room 10.00
381    Tue Sep 11 12:40:42 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Nikos Restaurant 10.00
Best Gyro Platter and Hot Greek Salad in Town!!!
382    Tue Sep 11 11:57:21 2007 Anonymous Coldwater Tiffany Dining Lounge 8.80
They make the best onion rings ever.
383    Tue Sep 11 10:20:44 2007 Anonymous Mountain Mountain Station Pizza 9.00
WOW.........this place is a little pricey as far a price for 1 pizza... BUT the pie will weigh 2 or 3 pounds. 1 slice is usually enough. This is the Godzilla of all Pizzas.
384    Tue Sep 11 02:10:29 2007 pez Calgary Peters' Drive-In 9.00
Mmmmmmmmmmmilkshakes and burgers!
385    Tue Sep 11 02:08:23 2007 pez New Glasgow Acropole Pizza 9.60
Always a pleasure to come home and have Acropole!
386    Tue Sep 11 02:07:12 2007 pez New Glasgow Thistle 8.40
Great pub food... wings are fantastic and the spicy fries too!
387    Tue Sep 11 02:05:31 2007 pez New Glasgow Ceilidh Drive-In 10.00
The actual address is Blue Acres, Stellarton. Amazing home-y food made by an entertaining hostess, Donna Murphy. Try the fish and chips, the milkshakes, the onion rings, chicken burgers... clam strips... all so good!
388    Tue Sep 11 02:02:59 2007 pez Montreal Briskets Restaurant 7.60
Always go for an annual church event, appetisers are great and everything is fresh and delicious!
389    Tue Sep 11 01:39:56 2007 Anonymous New Glasgow Ceilidh Drive-In 10.00
Donna makes the best fish n' chips!
390    Mon Sep 10 23:50:24 2007 Anonymous Montreal Restaurant Pizzeria Sandhu 9.00
391    Mon Sep 10 22:20:40 2007 Anonymous Sooke Fuse Waterfront Grill 8.80
My wife and I visited this hidden gem last week for a dinner date. We were first impressed by the refreshing decor then by the wonderful waterside view. The menu was simple (in the good way) and had a hard time finding something we didnt want. I had duck confit and sooke trout, my wife, had the local heirloom tomatoes with boccacini and the chantelle bacon pasta. The food was excellent the service good, a great place!
392    Mon Sep 10 21:12:25 2007 Anonymous Sherwood Park Chef's Temptation 9.00
Food was very fresh and tasted very good.
393    Mon Sep 10 20:24:47 2007 Anonymous Barrington Passage Dan's Ice Cream Shoppe 10.00
I love dans i go there all the time and the best thing there is ICECREAM CAKE!!!
394    Mon Sep 10 17:35:02 2007 Anonymous Mavillette Cape View Restaurant 9.00
the cape view is always a great place to eat , They are planning a 50 year reunion in 3 years for anyone that has ever worked there in the last 50 years .contact holly at or cathy at for info. please put reunion in subjuct box please
395    Mon Sep 10 16:52:20 2007 Anonymous Richmond Hill Tresca Trattoria 9.20
I was married last year and my in-laws held the groom's dinner at Tresca. It was such a great evening and everyone in attendance loved every aspect of the dinner. They provided us with a sectioned off area and the food was incredible. The staff was available whenever we required something. It was a night of great enjoyment and I thank all the staff for provided such a memorable night.
396    Mon Sep 10 15:29:16 2007 Anonymous Hamilton Express 10.00
we love going to Express,best food with friendly staff
397    Mon Sep 10 13:30:24 2007 Anonymous Ingersoll The Olde Bakery Cafe 9.80
Great food and the staff is excellent. I highly recommend that people from out of town try this restaurant. Lunch menu are very healthy and price reasonable and Friday nights entertainment with Rob and Kellie excellent if you like folk music
398    Mon Sep 10 10:31:44 2007 Anonymous Amherstburg Waterfront Ice Cream 4.40
Ryan wilson is the worst ice cream server ever!
399    Mon Sep 10 09:27:32 2007 Anonymous Orangeville Bluebird Cafe 4.40
Service means a great deal to us when we go to a fine dining restaurant. We were hoping for a relaxing, elegant meal as we were celebrating a wedding anniversary. Instead, our waitress practically ran us down to get a sign put outside the door (with no apology). She proceeded to seat us in a curt, unfriendly manner. Every time we thanked her she didn't respond. Our food was good but we felt very ill at ease. Hopefully she was just having a bad night!
400    Mon Sep 10 05:50:41 2007 Anonymous Norton Mama George's Restaurant 5.00
Hi, look at this webpage: Best wishes from 5 musicians from Potsdam, germany to mama george's restaurant. mail:
401    Mon Sep 10 02:37:03 2007 Anonymous Rosetown Highway Host Family Restaurant 9.00
The food was fantastic! The service was really fun. There was a football game on and the waitress was really into it. The atmosphere was casual and fun. I saw a separate room for more formal events. I would definitely recommend stopping by for a meal
402    Sun Sep 9 21:28:34 2007 Anonymous Minden Wild Orchard Thai Cuisine 9.60
I love this Thai restaurant! I highly recommend this restaurant. I go to Minden every summer and eating out at the Wild Orchard Bistro is on my #1 to do list!!!!
403    Sun Sep 9 19:59:27 2007 Anonymous Amherstburg Ducks On The Roof Restaurant 1.80
I ordered prime rib and when it came out it had a prime rib steak with a double baked patato a bun of some kind and mixed vegtables with someone's bitten into chicken finger mixed in with my vegtables. When i brought it to the attention of the waitress she made some sort of comment took it and went into the kitchen with it one minute later brought it back out with the finger gone must of just scapped it off brought it back out. The waitress didn't mention it again gave us our bill after a long wait we had to ask for it.I won't be back there and don't recommend anyone to go there.
404    Sun Sep 9 19:07:13 2007 Anonymous London Huron House Restaurant 1.00
bad food poor service hair in food totally the worst place in london to eat
405    Sun Sep 9 18:23:40 2007 Anonymous Williamsford Williamsford Pie Company 9.80
The lemon buttermilk pie is the best
406    Sun Sep 9 17:52:57 2007 Anonymous Yellowknife Grandma Lee's 5.00
This restaurant is closed..
407    Sun Sep 9 17:02:15 2007 Anonymous Hawkesville Marian's Country Cupboard 9.80
This was homecooked food at its BEST. The food I was told was made totally from scratch. The stuffing was really old-fashioned but scrumptious! The roast beef was SO tender & juicy; it was not even necessary to use a knife. The green beans with roasted almonds were just right -- not overcooked. We were especially impressed with the waitresses who provided exceptional service, which complimented the food. We will certainly return here.
408    Sun Sep 9 16:20:30 2007 Anonymous Cowichan Bay Rock Cod Cafe 8.80
We've been coming to the Rock Cod Cafe for a number of years now. Bar none, it is our favorite restaurant. The food is always good, the service always friendly and the value is unbeatable. Our favorite menu items are the fish & chips (both halibut & cod!) with the crab cakes coming in a close 2nd!
409    Sun Sep 9 13:11:09 2007 Anonymous Woodstock Smittys Family Restaurant 2.40
Let's just say I was eating my breakfast when all of a sudden I found a hair that was at least 5 inches long. Delicious.
410    Sun Sep 9 11:38:19 2007 Anonymous Oshawa Rose Garden Restaurant 10.00
Awesome food, it's great when William A. plays concerts there.
411    Sun Sep 9 10:12:50 2007 Anonymous Pointe-Au-Baril-Station Haven 9.00
It was nice to visit a clean restaurant on our vacation...the people were very nice and accomodating and most importantly the food was extremely good...just like at home...keep it up.
412    Sun Sep 9 09:23:58 2007 Anonymous Schomberg Dr Dillane's Pub 9.20
This cozy little pub not only is a friendly bar but a place you can feel at home in. The food is homemade and made very well and extremely reasonably priced. The patio is a must with their beatyful gardens and overall ambience. I would highly recommend it.
413    Sun Sep 9 02:47:59 2007 Anonymous Whitby Greek Tycoon Restaurant 10.00
Take out on wednesday was incredible. dinner tonight has been the best ive had in a while it seems. Best Greek Food around.
414    Sun Sep 9 00:55:11 2007 Twickle_Purple Parksville Bavaria Country House Restaurant 7.80
The restaurant is situated on the bottom floor of a 3 story structure that looks straight out of the Bavarian tourism guide. There is a charming out door area for dining when the weather is nice, which it often is in Parksville. Inside the decor was intimate and welcoming -- clean and bright with personal touches at the tables. The server was friendly without being imposing and the service was punctual. Prices are reasonable, the food was good, more "okay' than amazing, but a good value with a home cooked feel. The menu is extensive and caters to all tastes and age groups. They have a special seniors menu selection with smaller portions and lower costs -- a very thoughtful touch. All in all, this is a nice place to take the family.
415    Sun Sep 9 00:04:22 2007 Anonymous St Andrews West Quinn's Inn 8.20
The Prime Rib is very tasty. We are always happy with it. The cost for the main course is very resonable. (All ou can eat for about $10 each. The desserts are to die for and are about $5 each ( seemed a little expensive to us at the time when compered to the main course at $10, but as I said they are very very good!!!). The service has always been very good (we have been there approximately 4 or 5 times. All in all it would rate an 8 out of 10 for us. As it is over an hour drive for us it get's a lower score. Also, they sometimes serve instant potatoes instead of real so I deducted a point there. But in fairness to them they are pretty good and in fact some of the clients ask for seconds.
416    Sat Sep 8 22:56:16 2007 Anonymous Fenelon Falls Aunt Molly's Coffee & Gas Bar 10.00
417    Sat Sep 8 22:14:19 2007 Anonymous Casselman Mc Donald's 7.40
Travelling with your dog between Ottawa and Montreal... Drive-Thru coffee and muffin is just as satisfying. Plus, my dog in the back seat was given a Milk-bone Treat. Nice.
418    Sat Sep 8 22:10:54 2007 Anonymous Port Coquitlam San Remo Restaurant 9.80
Best pizza around. Very filling - well worth it!
419    Sat Sep 8 21:05:07 2007 Anonymous Calgary Pied Pickle Restaurant & Bar 5.00
420    Sat Sep 8 20:36:20 2007 Anonymous Southend Lakeside Cafe 5.20
The food was good but the service was very very poor, i have never been treated so babdly in a restaurant in my life. The woman running it was so rude i couldn't believe the things she did. She should not be working out front around the customers. Her attitude was enough to make me never go back, even though the food was decent.
421    Sat Sep 8 20:16:16 2007 Anonymous Yorkton Wendy's 10.00
Awesome service! Will be back over and over again!
422    Sat Sep 8 19:59:10 2007 Anonymous Colborne Big Apple 4.40
My wife and I purchased a couple of pies from the Big Apple, outside of Coburg Ontario along the 401. Colburne Ontario Big Apple, and claims to sold over 2.4 million pies since it opened back in the late 80's. However their pies are absolue garbage. We purchased 2 pies recently the first pie was carmel apple. Which we hopped it would be like candy apple....wrong...both pies came to $20.00...10.00 each. The money wise they were worth 2.00. I pulled the pie from the box after diner for desert and the crust looked like it was made by a 5 year old. It was crumbled and dry, the moment I cut into it the pie fell apart. I know that with the first slice of pie it is generally difficulty to get it out...but this turn into absolute garbage. I spooned the pie out and gave my son and my a slice. The smell of the pie smelt and tasted very bland. Texture was pasty....the crust was dry and had no flavour whatsoever, someone did sprinkle granulated sugar but, however it still made the crust bland and it also had no structure. The filling was also very bland and texture was dry as well. I didn't taste the butter/butterscotch that you taste when you expect to get a dessert. Also when I was eating my piece of the pie I found a stem of one of the apples in the pie. I was deeply disappointed in the quality and flavour of the pie and expected something much better from a roadside/tourist attraction. Sad to say it MacDonald's apple pie has more flavor and texture.
423    Sat Sep 8 19:38:23 2007 Anonymous Charlottetown Beanz Espresso Bar 10.00
First reviewer must have been smoking bad pot. This is the best coffee house on the Island - always.
424    Sat Sep 8 19:03:47 2007 Anonymous Chelsea Soup Herbe 5.00
425    Sat Sep 8 16:48:02 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg White Tower 5.20
The quality of food has declined over the past couple of years. This was an excellent restraunt. Service is slow, food is now average.
426    Sat Sep 8 16:09:33 2007 Anonymous High River River Roadhouse 1.00
427    Sat Sep 8 15:42:10 2007 Anonymous Mount Forest Le Coffee Nog 10.00
Very cozy & relaxing atmosphere. We enjoyed it very much
428    Sat Sep 8 10:38:44 2007 Anonymous Brampton Montana's Cookhouse 9.20
Every Friday night my husband, mother-in-law and I eat at Montana's Bovaird (Brampton, Ont). We always order the same thing (Roasted Chickent Dinner) as it is absolutely delicious and healthy. We have got to know our server, Chris McAloney very well and we always ask to sit in his area. He's very efficient, pleasant and personable and always aims to please. We look forward to seeing Chris on our Friday nights out at Montana's. Keep up the good work and great menu and prices! A satisfied customer, Joanne Ellerson
429    Sat Sep 8 10:23:05 2007 Anonymous Mount Pearl Chilly Willys 5.80
Best damn pizza EVA
430    Fri Sep 7 21:37:49 2007 Anonymous La Ronge Zesty's Restaurant 6.60
the service was very good, Pam serves very well anyway wayne leung was awesome this is the only reason why i go to zesty's P.S. Waynes hair is awesome
431    Fri Sep 7 21:30:24 2007 Anonymous Calgary Bill's Peking House Restaurant 10.00
Eating at Bill's is always fun. However, there is a young girl that works there sometimes, I think she might be the daughter of one of the owners, she needs an attitude adjustment. She is not there very often (almost never) but what a showoff and rude child. The food is very tasty with huge portions. Most times we use the take out feature which is nice too.
432    Fri Sep 7 20:27:20 2007 Anonymous St. John's Fabulous Foods 9.20
Fantastic Turkey Pies And Turkey Rolls The Baked Old Fashioned Baked Goods Are Not To be Found Anywhere Else In The City
433    Fri Sep 7 19:16:02 2007 Anonymous Terrace Bear Country Inn 7.80
friendly personable staff ... home cooked meal served away from home. suggest that they menu has a half order option on some items for half cost for the light eater. mp
434    Fri Sep 7 19:05:00 2007 Anonymous Moncton House Of Lam Restaurant 10.00
like the best tried the rest
435    Fri Sep 7 18:00:47 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Presto Pizza 9.80
great pizza
436    Fri Sep 7 16:50:10 2007 Anonymous Sherwood Park Bak Hauk Restaurant 8.60
The food here is AMAZING! It isn't greasy at all and it is very fast service. An awesome place for ginger beef and chicken curry rice!!
437    Fri Sep 7 13:16:06 2007 Anonymous Lacombe Boston Pizza 3.00
Ive been to the one in Lacomb about 10 times and they will make a mistake 8 out of ten times you will go like the food or drinks.
438    Fri Sep 7 12:57:22 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Dragon Palace 10.00
There are only two other chinese resturants in the city we recommended to family & friends. One in the North East, one in Central now one in the West. Dragon Palace has an excellent selection, great tasting food & good portions. You have to try them, I promise you won't be disappointed.
439    Fri Sep 7 12:48:07 2007 Anonymous Osgoode Red Dot Cafe 10.00
The Red Dot is a well established restaurant in the Osgoode Area. Their food is absolutely amazing, well seasoned and cooked to perfection.. Your taste buds will keep you craving for more.
440    Fri Sep 7 12:31:26 2007 Anonymous Foam Lake Burger Pit 10.00
Best place ever ecspecially after they got new management!!! family wise, they are all so friendly and makes it a great place to want to come!
441    Fri Sep 7 12:18:10 2007 Anonymous Traverse Bay Idle Thyme Restaurant 1.00
Probably the best place to get a meal for miles around. The former Chokecherry Inn is now under new Management (Cheryl Davis), and is called the Idle Thyme Restaurant. Most excellent breakfast! Cheryl makes every one feel welcome and keeps a nice and clean restaurant with good food and service.
442    Fri Sep 7 12:13:28 2007 Anonymous Traverse Bay Chokecherry Inn 5.00
The Chokecherry Inn no longer exists with that name. It is now called the Idle Thyme Restaurant. Now a lot cleaner with better management
443    Fri Sep 7 10:47:03 2007 Anonymous Calgary Pelican Pier Seafood Bar 9.40
444    Fri Sep 7 09:04:44 2007 Anonymous Papineauville Restaurant Le Louis-Joseph 4.20
445    Fri Sep 7 08:07:46 2007 Anonymous Mahone Bay Innlet Cafe 1.00
Overpriced tourist trap. Food isn't even mediocre - it's just plain bad. Don't waste your time patronizing this place.
446    Fri Sep 7 08:07:43 2007 Anonymous Espanola Pinewood Motor Inn 9.80
This is a true treasure in the beautiful north country of the Manitoulin region. The food is always good and the value can't be beat. The service is excellent and the staff are the terrific. Barry Luke
447    Fri Sep 7 08:05:46 2007 Anonymous Halifax Spartan Grill 9.00
The Spartan is a beloved Halifax institution. The food is terrific and the service friendly. Their Greek dishes are tasty and plentiful and the rice pudding is absolutely awesome. Breakfasts are also very good, very reasonable prices.
448    Fri Sep 7 05:06:52 2007 Anonymous Coaldale Coaldale Motor Inn 9.40
Hi My name is Jesse and I have a little biased review for everyone, Here goes, I have been working at the CMI for almost eight years now and in the passed year and a half since new owners have taken over most of our patrons, you know thats not even right 98% of our guest leave more than happy with their stay. Now our Guests generally say it's our food that keeps them coming back, and as a cook I must say it's nice to work in a kitchen where every meal is home cooked and prepared on site daily and too order. But it's not only the food that is great, ourservice and our staff are incredible, and here to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Plus as an added bonus with our on site Bar "good ol' Boys" we have live entertainment every week, be it kereoke on Thursdays Or Bands on the weekend, there is always something going on at the Coaldale Motor Inn, located between Lethbridge and Taber. Hope to see you there.
449    Fri Sep 7 03:16:11 2007 Anonymous Richmond Kam Do Restaurant & Bakery 10.00
450    Fri Sep 7 02:23:10 2007 Anonymous Peterborough Shish-Kabob Hut 1.20
it's not traditionally greek food, it's a small town fake!!!
451    Fri Sep 7 01:40:38 2007 Anonymous Calgary Michael's Restaurant & Pizza 1.40
your rating is 0
452    Thu Sep 6 21:31:11 2007 Anonymous Schefferville Manekin Restaurant 4.00
It would pay the owner to leave town once in a while to see what the rest of the world is like. For where it is located, I guess we were lucky to have a restaurant at all. The food was acceptable and filled the stomach but what I ordered for 3 days was always cold when it came. maybe they could invest in a microwave?
453    Thu Sep 6 19:33:20 2007 Anonymous Riverview Silvery Moon Golden Chopsticks 7.20
Food is terrific, service is great, The only comment that I have is that if you make a mistake on an order you do not wish to correct it. For a long time I did not come back for this reason. But everything else if great.
454    Thu Sep 6 18:43:37 2007 Anonymous Madoc Two Loons Catering 1.00
The bloody worst restaurant in the world. Creepy family.
455    Thu Sep 6 17:24:51 2007 Anonymous Burlington Mandarin Restaurant Burlington 10.00
absolutly the best place to eat if you're hungry
456    Thu Sep 6 16:23:26 2007 Anonymous Port Colborne San Marco's Ristorante 7.00
I find there food portions have gotten alot smaller but the price remained the same a little pricey for the amount you receive. not impressed
457    Thu Sep 6 16:03:15 2007 Anonymous Red Deer Red Stone 1.00
Upon entry, the hostess was very pleasant. The ambience was very upscale. Initially, I was quite excited to come here for a celebration. The food quality was a different story. Dislikes: found a product sticker on a cooked bell pepper in my entree. Although the waitress was apologetic and brought another side dish of vegetables for me, the "supervisor" was uninformed on the matter, rude to me, defensive, and showed no PR skills. He was more worried about me calling the health inspector than to deal with a disgruntled patron. He assured me that this sort of thing could easily occur. I was flabbergasted as I thought, “What is their level of cleanliness and quality of food preparation?” He offered me an opportunity to speak to the chef, but I assured him it was not my responsibility. He did not seem apologetic about the whole event. He was reluctant to offer any forms of compensation. As we left, I looked pass the foyer desk and I noticed a male employee giving a female employee on a back rub. I wasless than impressed to see this behavior in a fine dining restaurant. For a $100 meal for two, I would expect a higher level of food quality and services.
458    Thu Sep 6 15:28:39 2007 Anonymous Woodstock Mr.Sub 10.00
459    Thu Sep 6 15:19:13 2007 Anonymous Vancouver Gastown Thai Palace 1.00
I was served previously bitten spring roll and the waiter was waiting to see if I would eat it or return it... he then brought a new spring roll, no apologies, no excuses, almost like its the norm there. When I was leaving the place, he literally stopped me and told me that I did not tip him enough, when I tried to explain to him that it is 1) wrong, 2) un-sanitary to reuse food in such manner he told me that he does not want me to come back to his restaurant - I won't.
460    Thu Sep 6 14:21:50 2007 Anonymous Pierceland Pierceland Restaurant 7.20
the best beef and greens! fried rice is not as good as others I ve eaten. Overall for small town chinese food it was good. Beats what you get in most chinese places in the cities.
461    Thu Sep 6 13:57:24 2007 Anonymous Cobourg Subway Sandwiches & Salads 6.20
The new "Smoked Meat" sandwich is extremely salty!
462    Thu Sep 6 11:18:06 2007 Anonymous Peterborough Winston'S 3.20
The place was freezing and noisy! The server brought over a tray of veggies, she served use from the tray, we each got a table spoon or so, went home hungry and broke. return? not on your life.
463    Thu Sep 6 11:10:48 2007 Anonymous Haliburton Kozy Korner 9.80
Awesome all-day breakfast. Fast efficient service. Line up for service moves FAST. In and out in 40 mins. Super value. Great staff. Best for kms around. Will return when in area.
464    Thu Sep 6 10:02:04 2007 Anonymous Muncho Lake Northern Rockies Lodge Ltd. 9.80
Gourmet-level cuisine in the middle of nowhere, at a breathtaking lodge. Owned and run by a Swiss bush pilot and his family - as clean as only the Swiss can be in the wilderness. Swiss dishes are their specialties. Friendly, pleasant service. We took a float plane tour of the region (very reasonable rate), caught huge fish on a remote lake during the tour, visited the nearby hot springs (110 to 95 degrees - amazing) and slept in a log cabin by the lake. This is a must-see if you are ever on the Alaska Highway in BC.
465    Thu Sep 6 07:56:54 2007 Anonymous St. John's Swiss Chalet Chicken & Ribs 10.00
We regularly eat at the Swiss Chalet on Kenmount Road and we always have excellent service. One of the staff that works there is Sandra Pomroy and we know that today is her birthday. Sandra always greets us with a smile and provides top notch service. We would like to wish her a Happy Birthday today.
466    Wed Sep 5 21:51:31 2007 Anonymous Prince George Hart Burger Bar 2.40
467    Wed Sep 5 20:48:45 2007 Anonymous Kingsville Victorian Rose Restaurant & Tea Room 8.20
We were totally amazed at the quality and variety of the menu - This Chef is Niagara quality - should be rated above the best. Keep on improving upon your wine selection. I'm more than happy to refer friends to your establishment.
468    Wed Sep 5 20:30:30 2007 Anonymous St-Tite Restaurant Le Bourdais 10.00
that's the greatest restaurant ever
469    Wed Sep 5 19:31:22 2007 Anonymous Calgary Jon's Pizza 5.80
I love the cheese and all the toppings are fresh. And when you get it is actually hot. Yummy yummy!!
470    Wed Sep 5 16:56:34 2007 Anonymous Richmond Hill Choice Of The Orient 9.60
EXCELLENT FOOD!!! I eat here often because the food is always delicious! The Cantonese Chow Mein is wonderful as well as the chicken and black bean sauce, chicken curry, chicken balls and egg roll. Absolutely delicious!
471    Wed Sep 5 16:26:28 2007 Anonymous Quebec Restaurant Portofino Bistro 5.60
Its good
472    Wed Sep 5 15:56:53 2007 Anonymous Sainte-Anne-De-Bellevue Cape Cod 8.60
473    Wed Sep 5 14:29:00 2007 Anonymous Woodbridge Baton Rouge Restaurant 8.80
474    Wed Sep 5 14:24:32 2007 Anonymous Hamilton Boo’s Bistro & Wine Bar 10.00
Wow...Hamilton's newest greatest little will not be disappointed at this one. Very nice atmosphere, food is amazing and always reasonably priced... 10 for me Kathleen
475    Wed Sep 5 14:17:34 2007 Anonymous Baldwin J. J. Gourmet Cuisine 10.00
476    Wed Sep 5 13:46:58 2007 Anonymous Burlington Paradiso 9.80
The food is fantastic. One evening I dined there when I was doing a Candida Protocol, which meant I had diet restrictions. They have a naturopath on staff and all of their servers are very knowledgeable, and they were very easily able to accommodate my needs. I would highly recommend this location or their restaurant in Oakville.
477    Wed Sep 5 13:45:07 2007 Anonymous Charlottetown Burger King Restaurant 2.60
Two of my sons and I were in your restaurant on Aug 31/07 at 21:30. That is the time the order was paid. It took 20 minutes to receive our order after that. All we ordered were 1 whopper combo with poutine instead of fries, a triple stacker and a stacker combo. One would think that this would rate as a standard order. The girl waiting on us, Nic, filled two - three orders which she took after ours, and put our food on our tray as it was ready which meant that some of it was cold when we got it all. Poutine cold is not good. She was not friendly the three, one being a manager, working in the kitchen were more interested in telling jokes and standing around talking than actually completing the orders. This is not the first time this has happened. The last three times I have been to your restaurant it has been one thing after another. Usually we enjoy the food but the prevous two times we had a clerk who had absolitley NO PERSONALITY. I think her name was Jill but not sure. She snapped at customers, huffed and looked very annoyed when people were trying to decide what they wanted. There wasn't even lineups or a rush on. On this last visit the resturant was very quiet but was terribly dirty. It was just a rotten visit all around. Sure hope the managers are not supposed to be setting the example in the resturant as they were more worried about social time than customer service. Very disappointed, yet again Kerri Burrows
478    Wed Sep 5 13:42:42 2007 Anonymous Niagara Falls Love Boat 1.80
This is the worst dining experience of my life. I have never eaten at such a horrible restaurant, ever! The food took too long to come. The waitress was not attentive, took forever to take our order, water, and bill. The food was ridiculously overpriced for crap. I never ate such crap in my life. Our bill was $100 for food that tasted like it should be $10. To start off, the steak tasted and looked like really bad hamburger meat. There was no flavour. My rack of lamb was tough and overcooked. There was hair in my mom's sole and there was no flavour in that either. The baked potato that came with the food was just plain. No fixings. We had to ask for sour cream, and the waitress didnt leave it at the table. I will never go back again. If it was just crappy food, I could live with it. However I cant live with crappy food that costs A LOT OF MONEY. I am still upset over this dining experience
479    Wed Sep 5 13:37:52 2007 Anonymous Sutton Tartinizza 8.60
Good food and good ambiance especially on the terrace. Good quality vs price.
480    Wed Sep 5 13:34:20 2007 Anonymous Sutton Restaurant Il Duetto 10.00
A feeling of being pampered through all the senses. Excellent in every aspect: ambiance; decor: very personal caring and friendly service, quality and taste. The best Italian cooking I have ever tasted yet the entire experience of Il Duetto is priceless. I encourage you to discover this well hidden treasure: a sanctuary for all the senses hidden away on a country road.
481    Wed Sep 5 13:33:17 2007 Anonymous Alma Marj's Village Kitchen 9.20
Great little place!! Always a favorite stop on the way to the beach!!
482    Wed Sep 5 10:25:03 2007 Anonymous Charlottetown Harbour-Bridge Restaurant 10.00
It's a great place to eat and relax...the hamburgers are fantastic! Highly recommended.
483    Wed Sep 5 09:53:06 2007 Anonymous Mississauga Fox And Fiddle 5.40
484    Wed Sep 5 09:51:04 2007 Anonymous Toronto Adega 7.80
485    Wed Sep 5 09:42:04 2007 Anonymous Sackville Joey's Pizzeria 10.00
I have done a significant amount of travelling and would rate Joey's overall as one of my favorite restaurants! Great food with homemade flavors, a wonderful atmosphere and very friendly staff.
486    Wed Sep 5 09:31:49 2007 Anonymous Deer Lake Deer Lake Irving Big Stop 9.00
487    Wed Sep 5 02:21:17 2007 Anonymous Sidney Blue Peter Pub & Restaurant 9.00
the food is fantastic.This is now my favorite place Will
488    Wed Sep 5 00:37:10 2007 Anonymous Yellowknife Bruno's Deli & Pizza 4.80
I had one horrible pizza that I vomited out on to the streets of Yellowknife. I never wanted the chance to eat bruno's pizza again. Until now. I had another pizza It was just as bad. I puked until my throat closed up, an almost died. THanx for nearly killing me Bruno's.
489    Wed Sep 5 00:37:10 2007 Anonymous Churchbridge Peter's Family Restaurant 5.00
Peter's has been changed to tony's about roughly 6 years ago... great food...
490    Wed Sep 5 00:36:31 2007 Anonymous Churchbridge Draw Bridge Sports Lounge 5.00
i'm from churchbridge and there is no such place.....
491    Tue Sep 4 21:40:46 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Beach Salty's Drive-Inn 9.20
amazing food if u don't like it well... you're weird!!
492    Tue Sep 4 19:03:35 2007 Anonymous Calgary Bow Bulgogi House 9.80
A hidden Gem....absolutely wonderful Food
493    Tue Sep 4 17:35:39 2007 Anonymous Saint-Laurent Restaurant Daou 9.60
Glubi nam nacht dim frixzll lupen droop. Cazafa radiu wenstil obenzo crumm... Gardunvi nalmet! Groub Elmabnel...
494    Tue Sep 4 17:18:52 2007 Anonymous Halifax Rudy's Chowder House 5.00
Food nothing exceptional and not worth the price. Their huge variety of muffins all taste the same. Very nice staff, however.
495    Tue Sep 4 17:03:51 2007 Anonymous Whitehorse Klondike Rib & Salmon Barbecue 10.00
We had the halibut and fries and I have never tasted better. The restaurant offered old world ambiance with fabulous service. Can't wait to go back.
496    Tue Sep 4 15:15:49 2007 Anonymous New Waterford JT's Pub And Steak Room 10.00
excellent food,fast and friendly service,the best food in town!try the fri. afternoon ceilegh with celtic brew,a unforgettable pub experience.
497    Tue Sep 4 14:01:51 2007 Anonymous Niagara Falls Mama Mia's Original Italian 5.40
We visited on a busy Labor Day weekend and this was one of the few places that there was not a line outside! The waitress was very pleasant and our drinks order was great! The food on the other hand was not great. The Carbonara was a real disappointment - the cream sauce had separated leaving blobs of milk solids on the rather thick and starchy pasta and the bottom of the dish was swimming in oil from the separation. The garlic bread was the same bread offered free except it had been lightly spread with garlic butter and very lightly toasted- the bread was too light a consistency to capture the garlic flavor. The chicken Cacciatore fell short of my husband's expectations - the sauce was overly salty and quite runny.
498    Tue Sep 4 13:57:10 2007 Anonymous Niagara Falls Capri Restaurant & Tavern 7.00
On a busy Labor Day weekend, this was one of the few places that was not full. We had made reservations for the Saturday evening but found many empty tables when we arrived. The hostess was a little brusque and led us to a window table surrounded by empty tables. Our waitress was pleasant, but did not make us aware of the specials for that evening. The brushetta ordered was tasty and flavorsome but the antipasti consisted of several breadsticks rolled with proscuitto, two small balls of mozzarella and 5 olives on a bed of iceberg lettuce – very plain, very dry, very bland and no dressing was offered. The chicken cacciatore was good, as was the veal parmagiane and the accompanying pasta and sauce were also tasty but there was no finesse to the dishes – everything was very ordinary. The restaurant was dark – one couple asked to move table so that they could sit by a light to read the menu! The menu boasted several celebrity patrons (Sophia Loren, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman), it did not however mention if they made a return visit – we certainly would not rush back.
499    Tue Sep 4 13:51:54 2007 Anonymous Cache Creek Hungry Herbie's Drive In 10.00
Great place to eat. Awsome burgers right out of the 50's
500    Tue Sep 4 13:46:45 2007 Anonymous St-Elie-D'orford Restaurant Grec 10.00
les plat sont tres bon et abondant et c est du vraie greec richard
501    Tue Sep 4 13:10:10 2007 Anonymous Verona Mom Restaurant 6.20
-Battered Mushrooms Very Over Priced, and tiny Quantity. -GREAT FRIES. -Restaurant is a little out dated, needs new light fixtures badly! -Love the rstaurant layout, works very well.
502    Tue Sep 4 13:04:43 2007 Anonymous Halifax Venus Pizza 4.20
This is for the Venus Pizza on Barrington at Blowers - $4.50 for a lousy slice of pizza? This is nothing more than a quick and greedy cash grab from poor students. Stay away if you're on a budget. I certainly will - the pizza's subpar and dried out anyway.
503    Tue Sep 4 12:28:46 2007 Anonymous Halifax Curry Village Restaurant 10.00
Absolutely wonderful Indian cuisine here! The ambiance is relaxing and the food is spectacular. Very highly recommended.
504    Tue Sep 4 11:49:54 2007 Anonymous Niagara Falls Korean & Chinses Restaurant 1.00
have never been to such a terrible restaurant in my life. i went there after hearing good things, but food was not tasty and the place was dirty. It was hard to swallow. We found the price way too expensive for the kind of food we received. Having eaten in many Korean restaurants in Toronto, I find this restaurant to be the worst I've ever been. Stay away.
505    Tue Sep 4 11:35:59 2007 Anonymous Cambridge Fifty's Deli Restaurant 5.00
506    Tue Sep 4 10:21:35 2007 Anonymous Terrebonne Steakerie Le Sainte-Marie 10.00
507    Tue Sep 4 10:16:29 2007 Anonymous