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Foodinc  Cravers a Fast-Food Restaurant in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Everyone is asking, “what is this cravers thing?”

imagine- all the city’s 24 hour fast food drive-thrus to all your favorite restaurants including fine dining establishments can now be delivered to your door step, all night long (hours of restaurant permitting). Cravers all night delivery, has put all of these places at your fingertips under one phone number…415-i-eat (4328). Everyone has been talking about this idea for years, and now that it is a reality people are saying. . . It's about time!

centered in winnipeg’s downtown, cravers runs a rapid dispatch service from its team of professional drivers who stay up all night to pick up food from any place you wish and deliver city wide until 5am. Winnipeg’s “late night warriors” love cravers and cravers feels it’s their duty to take care of all our late night friends. Last place open- cravers is the last resort when everyone else is closed. We have a gourmet pizza made with fresh ingredients as well as anything else we can bring you and we are serving it up till 5am. Attention: cravers is a drinking and driving alterative- no excuse to take that risky drunk ride for darts and munchies. Cost of delivery is a lot cheaper than the consequences of an impaired driving charge and everything that comes with it. How does this cravers thing work?

you have a craving for something from mcdonalds, burger king, pizza, sushi, chinese food, ice-cream, chocolate, etc, or any restaurant of your choice. You call cravers at 415-i-eat
tell us what you want,
we go pay for it and quickly deliver it to you. Our drivers have insulated heat bags so the food is always hot!

how much does it cost for the delivery?

cravers has a prorated delivery fee, based on the distance of how far we have to drive to pickup the items and drop it off at you location. • a short delivery is $10
• a bit of a drive $15 give or take
• and $20 tops for a longer drive anywhere inside the perimeter. Typical situation: you and your friends are at a party. You’re either starving or need some darts. Its freezing outside and everyone has had a few drinks. Each friend chips in a few bucks for the delivery cost and you order as much food as you like. *there is a 5 dollar charge for each additional stop. * cravers currently delivers city wide till 5am, and is soon to be 24 hours. Cravers is recognized as the authority in late night delivery by catering to its customers though offering them the ultimate in convenience. Cravers is essentially a delivery service for convenience store items but also delivers fast food favorites such as pizza, chicken wings, mcdonalds, burger king, and chinese food to its vip members. Get stuffed all night long!

with cravers all night delivery service!
finally! lightning fast delivery of products from your favorite stores, all night long!

with cravers – get whatever you want whenever you want it!

craver’s pizza and chicken wings are the best in the city! we use only the freshest quality ingredients…guaranteed!


are you partying with your friends, starving, and don’t want to risk a dui?

-make the smart choice and let us run to the store for you!

during wintertime, winnipeg is the coldest city on the entire planet. Even the polar bears leave. Why not instead stay in the warm and cozy comfort of your home and let us deliver what you are craving!

life as a mom can be tough, especially if you don’t have wheels. We are here to fill that need! - if you need diapers, milk, or any other “mom stuff”, let us come to the rescue. Pregnant? with cravers…pickles and ice cream are on the way!

attention security guards and late night shift workers!

if there is no coffee truck in site, let us bring your coffee or anything else you need. Our website is in progress

we are adding all the citys favourite restaurants. Soon you will be able to browse numerous restaurants,
click on you choice,
view the menu,
then just call us, and place your order. The cravers menue is endless!

hours: open 5pm-5am sun. -thurs. 5pm-9am fri. -sat. *soon to be 24hrs on weekends*

call us at: 415-i-eat (415-4328)
also visit our website at: cravers. Ca - we will get you what you’re craving!.


801 A -388 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 0C8
(204) 415 4328

Fast-Food Restaurant

catering available
fine dining
open late
take-out available
  Hours of Operation:
5 Pm Till 5 Am
7 Days A Week

Cost:  Between $25 and $50

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