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The Foodinc Restaurant Source provides online marketing to promote your restaurant within your community. When someone is searching the world wide web for a restaurant in your city they frequently find our website first. By creating a presense on Foodinc you will attract more visitors to your restaurant. The bigger your presence on Foodinc, the more visitors you will have to your restaurant.

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This Site is Useless! Why Advertising on Foodinc Makes Sense.

We get lots of feedback. Most of it good. Some of it not so good. Recently we got the following e-mail. We're sharing it with you because it's brutal - and because we couldn't make a more compelling case for advertising on Foodinc. Many of our restaurants do have good descriptions, get regular reviews and are updated frequently. Clearly, those restaurants have a distinct advantage. At Foodinc, we get over 10,000 visitors per day.

Visitors who are (clearly!) looking for restaurants like yours.

From: Courtney
Sent: Monday, February 20, 2006 20:14
Subject: This site is useless!

I am searching for a family restaurant to take my Grandma (who will be turning 100!) and 30 other people for a Sunday Buffet in Guelph Ontario. I need a place that has something for everyone, with age ranges from 13 to 100.

I find your site absolutely useless. I suggest a description paragraph of the restaurants once you click on the restaurant name. If no one has submitted a review about the restaurant there isn't much information to go on.

When I Google Buffet Restaurants, or family restaurants, all roads lead to this useless web site.


Visit services page to find out how to have all roads point to your restaurant: Service Features.


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