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Recent Restaurant Reviews

These reviews have been submitted by our users within the last 14 days.

# Date Reviewed Reviewer Province City Restaurant Score
1    Mon Nov 12 23:41:16 2018 Wingman Saskatchewan Swift Current Houston Pizza 1.00
So tonight I asked Houston Pizza via their facebook account ( to the owner Jimmy ) about his lounge last night. I went in. The Lounge was full. So I went down the street to another establishment. Phoning the lounge three times to no response, and my friend showing up-thought we would try back. We get to the lounge. A waitress I don't know proceeded to tell us the lounge was closing at 9 ( it was shortly after 8 ) as it was a stat. I said well they should post it . So we go to leave and notice that two people are coming out of the lounge with liquor-a case of beer and what appears to be a 40. Very unusual. So tonight I sent the facebook message inquiring about the above. He proceeds to state " There IS. A sign posted on the door saying we close at 9 on Stat holidays!" I stated " on the occasions it happens a reminder would be in order " also " Though it doesn't explain not answering the phone for customers nor the booze coming out door " His comments as owner were telling me to f off