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Foodinc  Warky's Meat-Z-A-Place a Restaurant in Morden, Manitoba

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Foodinc Reviews
"I absolutly love the food/ice cream at Warky's. My only beef with them is the fact that the price of there pizza is very high for the amount of toppings you get. For less then one large pizza, I can go to Marathon Pizza (only the best pizza EVER) and get 2 larges for the price of one at Warky's. But overall the food is definalty worth it!!"
Mon Mar 26 16:27:00 2007
"Warky's is a good stop for ice cream on a warm summer night. I often stop at this drive in for ice cream on the way home. Warky's offers several hard ice cream flavours, as well as soft ice cream and the regular sundaes, blizzards and more. Warky's is a seasonal restaurant, only open from about spring to fall because there's no indoor seating. However, Warky's has been extending its opening time because it's in direct competition with the other ice cream joint, Tasti's, on the other side of town. The food value at Warky's is good because the food portions are generally quite large. The service is also quite fast depending on the night. Overall, I would recommend making a pit stop at Warky's in Morden for some fast food. "
Thu Mar 17 23:12:19 2005

Warky's Meat-Z-A-Place

805 Thornhill St
Morden, Manitoba
(204) 822-6166


  Hours of Operation:
Not Provided

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