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Foodinc  Chamberlyn's Restaurant & Lounge a Family Restaurant in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Foodinc Reviews
"I am writing to express my thanks for how your restaurant catered to my specific dietary needs on Wednesday June 27th 2007. I was attending a going away dinner for two of the girls in our lab. I have recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which means that I may not eat anything with wheat or gluten. As this is new to me I called ahead to see what my options for eating would be. I spoke with a lovely girl (unfortunately I can’t remember her name) and she asked me what types of food that I would be able to eat. After I informed her, she told me there would be no problem at all and she put my name along with my dietary needs on the reservation. When it came time to order both the servers already knew about my dietary needs as well as my name. Both servers made sure that I had what I needed. After my delicious meal arrived one of the servers brought me out an extra serving of broccoli and told me that the chef had wanted me to have it since I hadn’t been able to eat the zucchini as it was breaded. I was very impressed with your service and I will be informing the Manitoba Chapter of the Celiac Association. They have a list of “Celiac Friendly” restaurants and your restaurant is not on the list. The list is not an exhaustive list and restaurants are only added as celiac patients experience a great restaurant and notify the association. Once again thank you for helping me along on this new journey in my life! "
Thu Jul 12 17:06:02 2007

Chamberlyn's Restaurant & Lounge

360 Main St # 44
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(204) 943-8885

Family Restaurant

  Hours of Operation:
Not Provided

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