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Foodinc  Ben Thanh Restaurant a Thai Restaurant in London, Ontario

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customer testimonials

". . . No better choice, no better food, no better value"

". . . Unforgettable flavours and aromas, this is no ordinary food"

"pho ben thanh offers the most exciting and delicious oriental c.

Foodinc Reviews
"The food is always amazing. I try and visit regularly and find that the quality of food is very consistent. (That means consistently great, of course). The York St location needs some updating, some renovation however the new Whiteoaks location looks good. The delivery charges seem a bit steep, $4-$5 so I find it's better to call ahead and pick it up. The food is ready within a very quick amount of time. "
Sat Sep 24 13:10:00 2005
"Gluten sensitivity (gs)(celiac disease) and other food allergies rule our world which means that we just don't eat at restaurants... We can't afford to, healthwise. (family of 4 - going on 5 :) ) We were told about this restaurant by another gs family and were not disappointed at all. The whole staff was so willing and happy to work with us that we feel like this restaurant and all the people who work there are a gift. We can finally go out to eat and feel safe. And to top it off the food (and everything else) was absolutely fabulous! Even my picky 5 year old was eating the spring rolls that are filled with vegetables!! Here is a review I posted at a celiac site (as we are all always looking for 'safe' restaurants - there are so few of them): We went, for the first time, to a restaurant in London, Ontario that has a line at the bottom of every page of it's menu that says something to the effect of, "Please notify the wait staff of all allergy information before you order anything. We will be happy to work with you." And they use potato flour instead of cornstarch! And it's all FABULOUS!! And they really were happy to work very hard with us. It was a Thai restaurant and they have TWO locations! I showed them my Thai gluten card and they couldn't read it, but they like the Chinese card and *everyone* in the kitchen went over it with a fine tooth comb when the waiter brought it to the back (English on one side and Chinese on the other). Boy! That card made a BIG difference as people could read and review it rather than trying to remember what I told them. What a wonderful experience... although I'm still worried that we got glutened (they only realized after Dh took a few mouthfuls of egg noodles that there were "may contain wheat" notes on the package)... but we'll go back and try again as they are so willing to work with us!! The dish I ordered seems completely safe though... so the children and I didn't have any of it. Dohjeh - means Thank you---which we said many times last night! __________________ KimS 01/02/2002 Small Amounts of Gluten Cause Relapse in Children (see: 12/20/2002 The symptomatic response to a gf diet with borderline enteropathy (see: Last edited by pakisa100 : Today at 02:35 AM. Last note: I'm wondering if the egg noodles are fried in the same pot/oil as the deep fried spring rolls... In that case, the spring rolls are not safe. However, they would be if fried in oil that has not had the egg noodles in it (or anything else that could contain gluten)the spring rolls, I believe, would be a real gift to those of us with gs (gluten sensitivity)."
Wed Sep 7 04:26:51 2005
"the food here is amazing! What a gem of a restaurant, and not too busy or loud. Just perfect... in fact I just made reservations there!"
Sun Feb 13 15:16:55 2005

Ben Thanh Restaurant

57 York Street
London, Ontario
(519) 438-4888

Thai Restaurant

buffet served
credit cards accepted
interac available
parking available
reservations accepted
wheelchair accessible
  Hours of Operation:
Not Provided
Cost:  Less than $25

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