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Foodinc  Quinn's Inn a Family Restaurant in St Andrews West, Ontario

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Foodinc Reviews
"The Prime Rib is very tasty. We are always happy with it. The cost for the main course is very resonable. (All ou can eat for about $10 each. The desserts are to die for and are about $5 each ( seemed a little expensive to us at the time when compered to the main course at $10, but as I said they are very very good!!!). The service has always been very good (we have been there approximately 4 or 5 times. All in all it would rate an 8 out of 10 for us. As it is over an hour drive for us it get's a lower score. Also, they sometimes serve instant potatoes instead of real so I deducted a point there. But in fairness to them they are pretty good and in fact some of the clients ask for seconds. "
Sun Sep 9 00:04:22 2007

Quinn's Inn

138 & Kings Rd
St Andrews West, Ontario
(613) 936-1865

Family Restaurant

  Hours of Operation:
Not Provided

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