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Foodinc  Rosie & Josie's Restaurant a Restaurant in Schreiber, Ontario

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Foodinc Reviews
"of all the resturant facilities i have ever consumed food items at. Rosie & Josies's Restaurant goes unparalell to other resturants such as east side marios. within this arcetecture is a pulchritudinous environment filled with the aroma of freshly cut flowers or febreeze. when i entered i was greeted with reputable service. When i went i ordered pasta with an unpronouncible name, im prety sure it was italian because it was an italian resturant. it was good. i also has ice tea. it was good too. Usually when i exit a resturant i tend to go to place like mcdonalds or burgar king because the meal was unsatisfying but this time i just went home because the meal was satisfying and it was good. My suggestions are to reopen it because the other day i drove all the way to this resturant only to find it gone. my heart was striken with greif because i woudl now never get the $10 of gas money i had wasted to make a long journey to a place taht doesnt exist anymore. Furthermore my grandpa who just left the hospital was looking forward to this celebration of health, he was languisned to see taht his celebration would be canceled bedcause of it closing down. This resturant was replaced by a devious and borderline evil resturant which name should not be said because of the amount of trauma it may cause people to feel by hearing said name. My cousins have returned to their contry without knowing the heavenyl taste of the unpronouncible pasta and the thirst quenching iced tea. Currently i am without a returant that i can go to. i hope all you people are happy closing down rthe only place i loved. my life will never be the same. Signed. Anonymus"
Fri Mar 9 12:23:40 2007

Rosie & Josie's Restaurant

99 Ontario Street
Schreiber, Ontario
P0T 2S0
(807) 824-2031


eat smart certified
  Hours of Operation:
Not Provided

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