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Foodinc  Philthy Mc Nasty's a Canadian Restaurant in Burlington, Ontario

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Foodinc Reviews
"All in all, this place is not bad. Decent variety on the menu (including low carb options), good atmosphere, and a good family oriented place. Definitely worth trying it. I eat at a lot of fine dining establishments (which this is not), but if you want a down and dirty, roadhouse kind of dinner, it's right up there. I do recommend it. P.S. - In the new location, you can clearly see the kitchen and cleanliness does not appear to be the issue that the disgruntled ex-employee claimed in an earlier review."
Fri Apr 28 10:25:17 2006

Philthy Mc Nasty's

2015 Mount Forest Dr
Burlington, Ontario
(905) 319-8555

Canadian Restaurant

open late
parking available
pool table(s)
  Hours of Operation:
Not Provided

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