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This form shows the results for both current and past polls. More polls will be added over time. Want to submit a poll question? email us here. Polls
Do you use the yellow pages anymore?
44.70 %
30.84 %
24.46 %

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How often do you dine out?
What is your favourite type of food?
Which country do you think produces the best wine?
What is your favorite type of wine?
What is most important to you when you go out to eat?
What is the average price you pay for a bottle of wine in the liquor store?
Do you like the new look of Foodinc?
What did you do for Valentines?
When will you next visit a restaurant?
What are you doing for St Paddies Day?
What did you do for St Paddies Day?
What are you doing for mothers day?
Did you have to wait for your mothers day dinner, even though you had reservations?
Which type of restaurant or service do you choose more often.
Who is paying for fathers day dinner?
Which is your favourite fast-food hamburger?
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