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Foodinc  Zum Linzer a German Restaurant in Hamilton, Ontario

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German/Austrian cuisine in a small cozy atmosphere. Also try our selection of German beers on tap.

Foodinc Reviews
"have never been disappointed at this restaurant and have been many times."
Thu Jul 19 14:12:03 2007
"I wish there were more German/Austrian/Swiss restaurant around to compare BUT this is a fine restaurant hidden away in the Hammer. The homemade spaetzle is perfect for all the nice meat dishes. There is a homemade quality to allt he dishes, some are not perfect and I do not favour the blue cheese sauce dishes. It is very much like eating in a good town restaurant in Austria, and the imported beer is fresh! It may not be perfect, but this place is great. Far better than the Musket in Etobicoke. Lunchtime is busy."
Fri Aug 13 00:00:09 2004
" I totally understand where the non-smoking view point comes from. Bottom line is it should be up to the owner to decide if smoking is allowed or not. Not city hall who collects business taxes and offers nothing in return. Non-smokers are certainly free to avoid smoking establishments. Sounds easy enough to me. I'm sure the owners of such establishments are aware of that. How unfortunate to read a review based on smoking by-laws. I really don't see where a political agenda is appropriate when reviewing a dining establishment. Since its been brought up though, I guess it can be addressed. Zum Linzer is a regular stop for me and I've never been disappointed. On a broader scale though, anyone who wants to politically stop smoking in restaurants may well consider cities like Brantford where a number of places had to close following the ban. You may win a political fight, but you may also end up with less places to 'not smoke'. "
Sat Jan 17 02:33:48 2004

Zum Linzer

537 Main St E
Hamilton, Ontario
(905) 528-0023

German Restaurant

  Hours of Operation:
Not Provided

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