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# Date Reviewed Province City Restaurant Score
1    Tue Aug 29 23:05:39 2006 Ontario Waterloo Mongolian Grill 6.80
COol place. Neat idea. The food selection was quite good. Since it's a university hangout the place is a little rough around the edges - but good none the less. If you are looking for a lot of food for a very reasonable price - this is the place.
2    Tue Aug 29 23:01:54 2006 Ontario Toronto Genghis Kahn Mongolian Grill 8.00
Very nice place. Went there as a last minute decision. The staff were very helpful and the place is very clean. The food was great and we are happy we dropped in. We will be going back.
3    Tue Mar 7 00:25:55 2006 Ontario Brampton Boston Pizza 5.00
4    Sun Nov 6 11:10:44 2005 Ontario Guelph Casey's Bar and Grill 5.00
I don't like writing bad reviews but for a family restaurant like this we had some real concerns. Firstly the food was awful. There was four of us (2 adults and 2 children). We ordered the chicken fingers and fries for the kids and the fries were hard and inedible. Even the kids complained. My wife orders the fish and chips and the fish was all batter and the fries were awful as well. I ordered a stir fry and it was bland and tasteless. The table was filthy and needed a good cleaning. The service people were nice and accomodating but that's not enough.
5    Tue Sep 27 21:33:34 2005 Ontario Campbellville Mohawk Inn 5.60
It an OK place. A little on the rough side for my tastes but I'm willing to try some of the food they say is what they are known for.
6    Tue Jan 4 01:02:24 2005 Ontario Cambridge Blackshop Restaurant 9.00
I've been at Blackshop several times and have never been disappointed. If I were Chris I would go back after the busiest season of the year and give this landmark the opportunity which he unfortunatly, didn't get to appreciate. Restaurants like Blackshop are in fact rare.
7    Thu Jun 24 11:21:35 2004 Ontario Burlington Dicken's Restaurant 6.20
Ordered what was on their small menu and the food was awful. We ordered the nachos and it was nothing more, than nacho chips with some lettuce thrown at it. The beer is great and the patio is nice too. Just don't go there hungry.
8    Wed Mar 10 23:09:14 2004 Ontario Toronto Adega 7.20
The fish was bland and the portions were small. I tried someone elses steak and it was leathery. The service was supurb and the decor was wonderful. But for the prices they were charging, I expected more from the food.
9    Wed Jan 21 19:17:10 2004 Quebec Pointe-Claire Buffet Vichy 1.00
This restaurant has questional practices regarding cleanliness. Some chicken that we had was still pink and undercooked, and a cigarette butt was discovered in a co-diner's rice pudding. The manager offered a free meal to the person who had the offending rice pudding, but that was it. We will never return to Vichy's or Lasalle.
10    Sat Jan 17 00:33:16 2004 Ontario Hamilton Zum Linzer 5.00
Smoking, although political, isn't always a political statement. As a non-smoker I understand what the original poster was saying - smoking establishments can drive away business. I have personally left and never come back to restaurants because of the heavy smoke. Some had really nice food. For non-smokers second hand smoke can be completely distracting and can ruin a nice meal. In other cases too much smoke can actually burn the eyes and throat. It's not a matter of complaining for the sake of it - smoke is a tremendous irritant. (physically, not politically) I understand the smokers feel that non-smokers are pushing them away but its the smoke we don't want. The company is always welcome.
11    Tue Nov 4 00:32:59 2003 Ontario Brampton Great Wall of China 7.20
For a buffet restaurant this place had a very diverse selection of food. It had the regular 'Canadian Chinese' type food - which I don't like. But it did have dim-sum dishes, sushi and korean BBQ as well. This place is busy but for good reason - it's a welcome change. The only thing is their dessert table is weak.
12    Sun Aug 10 17:43:11 2003 Ontario Waterdown The Royal Coachman 7.40
The food was nice and its nice to have a smoke free pub to visit -- especially one with a good menu selection.
13    Mon Jun 23 12:04:29 2003 Ontario Toronto Merlot Restaurant 7.20
The food was nice but not what I thought it may be. I'll return to take a second look.
14    Fri Jun 20 14:28:05 2003 Ontario Mississauga The Host 9.80
I've only been to the lunchtime buffet but the food is fantastic. Their buttered chicken is absolutely second to none. The staff are helpful and the place is clean and well organized. This restaurant is an example for all others. Aptly named and worth going back for.
15    Thu Jun 5 23:31:13 2003 Ontario Mississauga Jack Astors Bar & Grill 7.60
I was surprised that the food here was actually quite good. Their coconut chicken is really nice. The service is usually quick and the service staff always seem to be in a good mood. My only comment is that it can get quite loud at times - when its busy.
16    Tue May 20 22:34:55 2003 Ontario Brampton Giggling Tomatoes 6.20
The food is OK. It's a pretty greasy option if that's what you want. At least it's kept clean.
17    Wed May 14 12:41:04 2003 Ontario Brampton Kelsey's Restaurant 7.60
Nice place. The food is always good. The only downfall is the place is always busy which tends to make it noisy. I prefer to go on an off night and enjoy myself a little more.
18    Fri May 9 22:23:05 2003 Ontario Toronto Via Allegro Trattoria 8.20
The food was very nice. A little pricey but the quality was there so you get what you pay for. One thing did bother us -- the 'wine expert'. She was quite annoying. Having a wine expert is nice but they need to know when to make a suggestion and back off. With that, they have an enormous selection of wine (99 page book).
19    Fri Apr 4 19:17:45 2003 Ontario Brampton Fanzorelli's 8.60
They've broken the restaurant into two sections: one of which is smoking. Although they've done a good job of trying to segregate the place from smoking and non-smoking, the smoke is still very strong. Besides that the food is always top notch. Never been disappointed. Their specials are always fantastic.
20    Mon Mar 31 17:23:18 2003 Ontario Toronto Duke Of Westminster 6.60
This is a very large pub frequented by most of the suits in the near area. The upstairs area is one of the smokiest pubs I've ever seen. (probably because it's one of the few which allow smoking). Downstairs is large and noisy during lunch. The food is OK. The beer selection is great. :)
21    Mon Feb 24 22:40:25 2003 Ontario Brampton Swiss Chalet Chicken & Ribs 5.00
This swiss chalet is run by an individual who really doesn't know his clientelle or his business. How can a restaurant, which serves chicken in 90% of it's meals, run out of chicken? Not sure but this one does regularly. If you order after 9pm on a Friday night, you'll be told they are out of something -- ribs, mashed potatoes, chicken... Even when they have food, their take-out is a 45 minute wait -- minimum. There are usually a lot of angry people in their take-out room.
22    Wed Feb 19 21:47:29 2003 Ontario Brampton Mc Donald's Restaurants 3.60
The people in this McDonalds couldn't be any dumber. I hate to sound so crass but there is no other way to express the consistent ineptitude these McDroids display. I have yet to have them pack an order correctly. Turns out their ineptitude proceeds them and anyone I have spoken too know all too well that they don't know how to fill an order. On any given day, the complaint queue is usually longer than the order queue.
23    Mon Feb 10 18:44:33 2003 Ontario Brampton Martins Bbq 7.20
Although this restaurant has seats in it; I suggest only getting the food for take out. It's not a place for a family or quiet dinner. It's full of old portugese men yelling at each other. Their food is quite good and priced right. Thier chicken and roast potatoes are very good.
24    Mon Dec 9 07:08:54 2002 Ontario Mississauga Alice Fazooli's Italian Crab Shack 7.80
The food was good and the server was very nice; even though it was very busy.
25    Sun Dec 8 19:31:38 2002 Ontario Brampton Golden Lake Restaurant 6.00
The food is OK. Fairly typical Canadian/Chinese stuff really.
26    Sun Dec 1 18:46:35 2002 Ontario Mississauga Kim Fook Yuen Seafood Bbq 6.80
Food is great but the place is a pit. Makes one wonder really......
27    Sun Dec 1 18:40:19 2002 Ontario Toronto Pho 88 Vietnamese Famous 7.60
The food here is very good and their Pho is excellent. They have a large bowl of Pho for $8 and it's absolutley huge. We've nicknamed it the bathtub.
28    Sat Nov 30 13:22:13 2002 Ontario Cambridge Fifty's Deli & Family 8.20
Fast and delightful service. It's a busy place but you don't have to wait too long.
29    Thu Oct 10 17:52:04 2002 Ontario Brampton Churrasqueira Nova Esperanca 6.80
This is a take-out establishment. The food is very good though and the cost is quite reasonable for the amount/type of food you get.   new reviews
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