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What do you get for joining foodinc?
  • Name, address, city, province, phone#, Fax#, email address, owner/manager name
  • Classification - eg. Bistro, Vegetarian, Italian
  • General Description up to 200 words describing key features or promotions of establishment
  • Service Features Icons highlighting your amenities and features
  • Website Link (if you don't have one we can help with our Menu Package)
  • Automatic participation to our Feature Restaurant rotation spot on your city page at no charge
  • Listing is positioned above non-members.
  • Your Logo will show every time your restaurant name is viewed, enhancing your presence.
  • Membership decals will be provided for your doors confirming to your clients your membership
If you want to join Foodinc right now, you can. Using this online form we can process your payment via PayPal.
This package costs $475 per year.
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