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Restaurant Reviews for Manitoba, Canada

:: Manitoba's restaurant review source ::

# Date Reviewed Reviewer Province City Restaurant Score
1    Wed Jan 13 14:13:54 2016 Nicholas Cowan Kolisnyk's General Store 1.00
The previous review must have been written by the owner himself. The food is total slop, with no care taken in the preparation.Unless you like boogers in your food. They are very weird and remind you of being in a movie about crazy backwood hill billies.The restaurant had a table of town locals who stared at us the whole time. It made us feel even creepier. I would not recommend this place to anyone unless you want to be creeped out. Their prices were absurdly high.
2    Sun Dec 28 08:09:42 2014 Paigechad Killarney Wu's Restaurant 9.20
I LOVE going to the Chinese restaurant ! We support the family who runs it in our town and I think everyone always will because they use quality food and the place is always clean and has a very friendly, casual atmosphere.:) the best is honestly the buffet! I'm thinking about it right now ! The rice and noodles are awesome ! They always have chicken balls and battered shrimp, egg rolls and very yummy spring rolls. Then there's usually chop suey and some kind of pork and the nice thing is they usually make DIFFERENT things in there too just to mix it up from time to time! Which is nice in our small town and probably what keeps some people going! For me though---I would still go even if it was always the same stuff cuz the food is so very good !!! Try it out ! :) -----paige Moffat
3    Fri Feb 15 01:24:15 2013 Colby Selkirk Frank's Pizza 5.00
Maybe many of you are familiar with Jason Boyd, supervisor or owner at Frank's Pizza. Are you familiar with his behavior at a club minor hockey game a couple days ago?? Well, the internet knows about it now, as a clear-as-a-bell video was posted to Youtube, which in turn was picked up by Deadspin, today. Deadspin: the website that gets millions of page hits daily, specifically 2.8 million yesterday. So, pretty sure a lot of people got some insight into Jason Boyd. Basically, he yelled out at another kid and called him a midget. Ok, not pretty. But then the father of that kid approached him and asked him not to do that. Boyd threatens the Dad by saying that "I'll cave in your F*ing glasses" and continues, all the while holding an infant baby girl and standing next to his bewildered wife. Awful. Have a look, decide if you want to support this person.
4    Tue Sep 25 19:58:55 2007 Anonymous Steinbach Frantz Motor Inn 8.00
The ribs are the best I've ever had... the bones simply slide right out and the Bourbon Sauce is fantastic! Frosted beer mugs are a nice touch and make the Kokanee Gold that much tastier. Decor is dated but simple and clean and the staff are more than eager to ensure that you have an enjoyable dining experience. Overall... a great place to dine while in Steinbach.
5    Tue Sep 25 14:29:25 2007 Anonymous Deloraine Bee Jay's Family Restaurant 1.20
Dont go here cuz BJ's stands Barf Joints
6    Tue Sep 25 11:59:22 2007 Anonymous Lorette Solid Ground Arts & Coffee Room 10.00
Cozy place to go for coffee. Their coffees are great! The food is also tasty! The entertainment is awesome (when they have it - not every night). This is Lorette's little treasure!!
7    Mon Sep 24 16:38:06 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Minerva Family Restaurant 1.00
A very nice website !! Very well Done !!! notem6715
8    Mon Sep 24 16:38:04 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Sorrento 1.00
Hey man...sorry I missed the party. notem6715
9    Sun Sep 23 11:10:21 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Rae & Jerry's Steak House 4.00
On a recent trip to Winnipeg, we thought we would try a local place for prime rib. The food iteself was very good... however nothing else about our experience was positive. We found the ambience to be lacking. I understand the attempt to retain the originality of the place, but we felt it was too shabby for the price of the meals. The service really wasn't what you would expect for a high-priced meal. We felt that we were not welcome. Overall... I would not recommend R&J... you would be better off at the Keg where you would at least get good service.
10    Sun Sep 23 00:41:00 2007 Anonymous Winkler New World Chinese Restaurant 9.80
So good-the flavor of everything was awsome. The best lo mein I have ever tasted!!!
11    Fri Sep 21 19:47:46 2007 Anonymous Selkirk Alfredo's 7.40
Very fancy and quiet dining. Low light. Service can be a bit slow, takes a while to cook food. Very nice place. Food is excellent as well.
12    Fri Sep 21 19:46:27 2007 Anonymous Selkirk Frank's Pizza 2.20
Very greasy. Crust and topping stuck and baked together. Not appealing. Stingy on toppings.
13    Fri Sep 21 19:41:33 2007 Anonymous Selkirk Barney Gargles 1.00
oh its a terrible place and you should never go its gross and dirty and i once found a big clump of hair in my apple pie.
14    Fri Sep 21 19:35:09 2007 Anonymous Lockport Half Moon Drive Inn 6.20
Its a good ice cream shop and has great hot dogs and ice capps. But they could clean a little bit more and have nicer people who work there.
15    Fri Sep 21 08:23:00 2007 Anonymous Gimli Whitecaps Restaurant & Lounge 9.20
Our family visits Gimli at least once each year and we always make sure to have an evening out at Whitecaps. Great food and great value. Service has always been friendly and prompt.
16    Thu Sep 20 20:04:55 2007 Lupin Morden Kopper Kettle 9.00
OK. my parents just bought the KK from the existing owners - Aug. 07 - and found a review online. Some "anonymous" COWARD left a mean review. Totally uncalled for. If you are gonna leave unconstructive criticism then at least don't be a coward and not leave your name. SO uncalled for. It's people like you who had a bad life and need to take it out on others who work hard. Hope you die. CHRIS CABILDO. come find me...
17    Thu Sep 20 06:53:09 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Boston Pizza 2.00
I had a long shift at the Winnipeg Free Press, working double shifts so I called Domino's Pizza which was my first choice but since they put me on hold 4 times as they were busy, I called Boston Pizza. I called just past 10 pm and waited almost an hour for pizza delivery from the McPhillips branch. I called 3 times to follow up including a 4th time which the security guard did. I shouldn't have to pay 15.00 for the late pizza delivery which would only take 35 minutes for Domino's Pizza. I still kept the receipt. In no certain terms am I going to ever eat at any Boston Pizza or order from them.
18    Wed Sep 19 16:11:03 2007 Anonymous Niverville Clare's Family Restaurant 1.00
19    Tue Sep 18 17:12:11 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Moxie's Restaurant 8.00
My biggest compain is that the music is too loud. I met a friend and we had to talk so loud to hear one another. This was at your new location on Waverley. It is nice to have music, but it would be more relaxing if restaurants would play the music as soft background music. I would go to a concert if I didn't want to relax and talk. Otherwise great. Lenore La Croix
20    Thu Sep 13 22:20:12 2007 Anonymous Seven Sisters Falls Jennifer's Dining Room 9.40
simply a good value, consistent quality and cant be beat in this price range of under 10.00 for dinner.
21    Thu Sep 13 14:58:17 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Niakwa Pizza 9.80
A definate competitor for best sauce in the city. Real ingredients, great cheese, and that killer sauce make for one HELL OF A PIE. The guys that work there are so friendly, and totally accomodate your needs. I normally pick up my pie, but when I sat down to eat, I was blown away by the exceptional service. But let me tell you the best thing about going to Niakwa Pizza on Archibald, is the pizza!!!
22    Tue Sep 11 15:36:20 2007 Anonymous Neepawa Chicken Corral Restaurant 5.00
23    Tue Sep 11 12:40:42 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Nikos Restaurant 10.00
Best Gyro Platter and Hot Greek Salad in Town!!!
24    Sat Sep 8 16:48:02 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg White Tower 5.20
The quality of food has declined over the past couple of years. This was an excellent restraunt. Service is slow, food is now average.
25    Fri Sep 7 18:00:47 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Presto Pizza 9.80
great pizza
26    Fri Sep 7 12:57:22 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Dragon Palace 10.00
There are only two other chinese resturants in the city we recommended to family & friends. One in the North East, one in Central now one in the West. Dragon Palace has an excellent selection, great tasting food & good portions. You have to try them, I promise you won't be disappointed.
27    Fri Sep 7 12:18:10 2007 Anonymous Traverse Bay Idle Thyme Restaurant 1.00
Probably the best place to get a meal for miles around. The former Chokecherry Inn is now under new Management (Cheryl Davis), and is called the Idle Thyme Restaurant. Most excellent breakfast! Cheryl makes every one feel welcome and keeps a nice and clean restaurant with good food and service.
28    Fri Sep 7 12:13:28 2007 Anonymous Traverse Bay Chokecherry Inn 5.00
The Chokecherry Inn no longer exists with that name. It is now called the Idle Thyme Restaurant. Now a lot cleaner with better management
29    Tue Sep 4 21:40:46 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Beach Salty's Drive-Inn 9.20
amazing food if u don't like it well... you're weird!!
30    Tue Sep 4 02:23:37 2007 Anonymous Oakbank Subway 10.00
this is by far the best subway i have ever ate at and the employee's are so friendly i eat here all the time and it is always fun to chat with the workers really just a phenomenal time every time i go here thnaks a lot you really go above and beyond p.s keep up the great work and you make the best cookies and italian bmt's on italian herbs and cheese
31    Tue Sep 4 02:18:35 2007 Anonymous Oakbank G'news Family Restaurant 3.00
i think this place could use some improvements liike i have had some pretty horrible treatment from the staff but i think that g'news deserves a few more chances and i only see things getting better for the business and p.s i love your coffee
32    Tue Sep 4 02:10:34 2007 Anonymous Oakbank Back At The Ranch 9.60
the meat lovers pizza here is so amazing i order it from here all the time and i have never once been less than in heaven after eating it
33    Sat Sep 1 16:43:36 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Arby's Restaurant 2.20
Let me tell you about our experience at the Arby's on Regent... We got there, it wasn't at all busy yet we had to wait to be served. we ordered 2 sandwich combos...the sandwiches were ready and sitting there while we had to wait for the fries. We ordered curly fries and homestyle fries. The curly fries finally came but we had to wait even longer for the homestyle fries. We were told we could sit down and they would bring the fries to us...we went to the dining area and had a hard time finding a clean table. NONE of the tables were wiped clean. We ordered a gravy...that was only half full. I ordered a bacon cheddar deluxe which came with no bacon. If the staff moved any slower they would be going in reverse. The food was so-so..would have been much better if we could have eaten everything all at once together instead of at different times...Now I know why it wasn't busy there on a Saturday afternoon...The service was terrible and the restaurant was filthy...
34    Thu Aug 30 20:17:11 2007 Anonymous Morden Kopper Kettle 1.00
tastes like vomit
35    Thu Aug 30 15:05:24 2007 Anonymous Berens River Christine's Coffee Shop 10.00
Hospitality is great and Service is Outstanding. Awsome Cook!!!!
36    Thu Aug 30 13:20:35 2007 Anonymous Thompson Santa Maria Pizza & Spaghetti 1.60
We pick our noses and flick em on the food before delivering,lol. I'm a Craker!!
37    Tue Aug 28 20:13:22 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Cafe La Scala 9.40
The food was incredible!! We were a group of 20, (they have a lounge that can accommodate very comfortably parties like this) and we all enjoy the food very much. The service was good and friendly. The food might have taken a little while but then again we were 20 so i'm not sure how it would be on a regular day Nikky
38    Tue Aug 28 14:29:27 2007 Anonymous Ashern Soup & Such & Bakery 1.00
39    Tue Aug 28 11:59:18 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Foody Goody 9.60
I live in near Brandon Manitoba and at least once a month make a trip to Wpg and always eat either lunch or supper at Foody Goody. I enjoy food, the service is excellent. I bring my whole family and we never ever leave feeling hungry. Thank you for being part of our tradition
40    Tue Aug 28 01:27:52 2007 Anonymous Morris Wilson's Grill 1.60
As I sat in a booth by the back wall, I watched as the cook licked her fingers while assembling my sandwich! NEVER AGAIN !
41    Mon Aug 27 17:03:12 2007 Anonymous Somerset Somerset Food Bar & Lounge 3.60
i won't go there again. food is ho-hum. service friendly. but bathrooms need cleaning!!
42    Fri Aug 24 18:56:46 2007 Anonymous Winkler Del Rios 10.00
This is an excellent restaurant with a variety of menu choices. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone living in, or passing through Winkler. It is amazing!
43    Fri Aug 24 18:30:35 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Pasquale's Restaurant 8.60
The food was fantastic. The server was a little bit off, but was polite and happy to accomodate. I have never been a big fan of order pasta from restaurants (usually pasta is not cooked properly and portions are never worth the price), but the price and the portions were more than accomodating. Plus, if its nice out, they have one of the best rooftop patios in the city.
44    Fri Aug 24 18:28:12 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Fortune Cooking 8.20
A definite step up from Sumhay (the owner's previous restaurant). Food portions are fantastic and the shrimp dishes are well worth the price (I believe they are serving prawns instead of shrimp in most dishes). The service leaves a lot to be desired, but mostly because the place is packed every time we go in. Just leave yourself lots of time and be patient for your food and it will be well worth it! I recommend the lemon chicken (trust me, it's not like any other you've had before), almond breaded shrimp, and the Fortune Cooking noodles in black bean sauce. Fantastic! Plus start with the consumme soup, biggest bowl in town.
45    Thu Aug 23 13:05:18 2007 Anonymous Lockport Skinner's Restaurant 5.00
46    Thu Aug 23 11:51:53 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg East India Co Pub & Eatery 2.00
47    Wed Aug 22 23:49:56 2007 Anonymous The Pas Dutch Drive In 7.60
loved the fries and gravy. nice to see the old style drive in still around.just how i remember it as a child.
48    Wed Aug 22 23:44:38 2007 Anonymous Thompson Tom's Pizza & Restaurant 7.60
Great Pizza
49    Wed Aug 22 16:28:56 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Kristina's On Corydon 9.80
The atmosphere is good, the food is reliably good for the genre (over salted, but that goes with Greek usually) and the prices are great. You won't come away hungry, that is for sure. Service is friendly. we find it a good place for a bigger group because the menu is interesting but not exotic for the more cautious eaters.
50    Wed Aug 22 01:15:18 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Wendy's Restaurant 1.00
my family and i went to wendy's on fermor and beaverhill the other day. the one that is joined at the hip with tim horton's. i will never go back again the burgers there look like they'd been run over by a steam roller. What a joke!
51    Tue Aug 21 20:09:52 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Empress Of China Restaurant 9.60
Greatest Chinese Food in Winnipeg by far!! Been going there for years.
52    Tue Aug 21 17:06:21 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg The Line Up 7.00
Food was fast yet a little bland.
53    Mon Aug 20 12:54:44 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Vesuvio Pizza & Restaurant 4.60
We went for our anniversary dinner and I was so disappointed. I had to go into the kitchen to let them know that we had been waiting. We waited 1/2 an hour for bread and salad, an hour for our meal and mine still wasn't cooked properly. My husband had to eat his so it didn't get cold while I waited 10 minutes for them to try to fix mine. They punched our entertainment card-not to worry we won't go back!
54    Sat Aug 18 17:57:11 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Boston Pizza 10.00
Wonderful experience. My server Melissa was great.
55    Sat Aug 18 02:04:57 2007 Anonymous Headingley Salisbury House Of Canada 2.60
Waitress greeted my husband and I and others who came in after us with, "Seat yourselves...if you can find a clean table." She did not offer to clean a table (she appeared to be doing little, if anything). Left without ordering after not having been waited on for some time. Customers were left waiting to receive any form of service, to pay their bills, etc. The washrooms were disgusting. A total disgrace. Would never recommend this restaurant to anyone. Shame on you!!
56    Fri Aug 17 22:43:22 2007 chowderguy Winnipeg Beach Casa Bianca Cafe & Deli 6.00
Pasta with sundried tomatoes, scallops, peppers, fresh herbs and olive oil. Very good until they put on the freeze dried Kraft Parmesan cheese. All this for $18.00. Leave off the parmesan cheese at this price.
57    Fri Aug 17 21:04:28 2007 Anonymous Steinbach M J's Kafe 10.00
We were travelling around Manitoba in July, 2007 and stopped to eat at MJs. The food, service and quality were so good we returned for breakfast the next morning. My husband wants to travel to Steinbach again just to revisit MJs ! Wayne & Shelby Giesbrecht Castlegar, British Columbia
58    Thu Aug 16 19:34:43 2007 Anonymous Glenboro Spruce Woods Inn 10.00
the place is clean and the staff are friendly even the owners will come sit and talk with you. very nice atmosphere
59    Thu Aug 16 13:28:33 2007 Anonymous The Pas Mr Ribs 10.00
I love that place. I worked there for 7 years. Best food ever. No place matches it.. I love Marion's cooking.. we missed her when she was in BC
60    Thu Aug 16 09:28:05 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Il Pranzo Italian Eatery 10.00
61    Tue Aug 14 22:14:27 2007 Anonymous Minnedosa Dari Isle Drive-In 8.60
62    Sun Aug 12 21:26:30 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Pony Corral 2.80
Ijust sent an email and accidently sent before I finished. The other thing that occured was that I asked for Green oninons and sour cream for my potatoe but never saw it. The ribs where terrible and when the waitress asked how was everything we told her about the ribs and she proceeded to say that oh yes the cook is so busy with the wedding party he just cannot keep up. Let me tell you we are not impressed. Hope things improve because I am telling at least 100 people about this as customer service is very important to me. Thanks, Lise Hercina
63    Sat Aug 11 09:54:28 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Salisbury House Of Canada 3.00
Soup was cold, Sals steak was over cooked (like shoe leather). The cook (an older women) was very rude and unfriendly. When we mentioned the soup was cold she repled "I just put it in the pot what do you expect?" Why is it being made availabe if it is cold? I have been going to the Sals for fory years and it has really gone downhill. I'm am very unhappy with it now. Wayne Lambert
64    Fri Aug 10 12:59:29 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Sorrento's 4.60
I have been at the Sorrento's on McPhillips many times but for the last couple of months our eating experience left a bad taste in my mouth. Whoever greets you at the door is very unprofessional and every single time we ask for a booth it seems that it is a huge effort. My family was there last night and I quess this was the final straw as we will not be returning ever. We asked for a booth and the girl rolled her eyes, the service was very rushed and we were made to feel like we just couldn't relax. Your restaurant used to be a favorite of mine as I love your salads,however my friends have noticed the same kind of service. Please treat people with some respect as they are spending good money in your establishment and that is basically your bread & butter. I have heard these comments from other people.
65    Fri Aug 10 12:31:02 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Colosseo Ristorante Italiano 1.00
This was the worst italian meal i have ever had. The service was terrible and our table was wobbly. Our server would not bring us anything. We had to ask for everything, and even then we had to flag down another server to help us. For an "Authentic Italian" restaurant you would expect freshly graded parmesan cheese and fresh ground peper... no it came in a shaker! I have had better meals and service at Olive garden. At least there we did not have to ask for bread and salad! It was over priced for the food qulaity and service.
66    Thu Aug 9 18:22:32 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Thunderbird Restaurant 7.20
this restaurant recently closed down.
67    Thu Aug 9 14:53:45 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Tubby's Pizza Restaurant 2.80
Went to Tubby's because they had a sign out front that said "Lunch Buffet, 5.99". It was not a buffet, it was a lunch special. The special was soup, coleslaw, garlic bread and four pieces of pizza. This in itself is not bad. But, when my wife and I arrived, there were four pieces of cold pizza out on the service area, two Hawaiian and two peperoni and mushroom. We had stopped in for lunch and had limited time to eat. We waited for more pizza. After about 20 minutes more came out. It was more of the peperoni and mushroom. Good thing we liked this choice or we would have had to wait, or leave hungry. But, there was one other person who was participating in the "buffet." Because of this my wife and I only were able to have three pieces of pizza. This should be enough though. But, the pizzas that were brought out were 9 inch pizzas cut into eight or ten pieces. The pizza size was comparable to a small frozen pizza. Add to this that we were not even offered refills on our soda when the table next to us was makes our experience less satisfying. When we expressed our disatisfaction to the server, she became defensive and put the blame on us for not getting our four pieces of pizza and stated that because the restaurant was busy, this sometimes happens, remember there was one other person having the lunch special. We will not go back again and recomend that no one elso go either.
68    Wed Aug 8 14:49:36 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Luigi's Restaurant 8.00
A small diner type restaurant in an industrialized area. The food quality in terms in portion size, price and quality were excellent. The restaurant is however in vast need of some renovations in order to bring it into the 21st century.The blonde bimbo with the fake rack who was obviously trying to look ALLOT younger than she is was a pleasant distraction who made paying for lunch a true delight.
69    Wed Aug 8 00:47:29 2007 Anonymous Beausejour Lee's Village Restaurant 10.00
70    Tue Aug 7 19:48:21 2007 Anonymous St Pierre Jolys L Jolys Tea Room 5.00
This is no longer open.
71    Tue Aug 7 19:47:22 2007 Anonymous St Pierre Jolys Neighbours Restaurant 5.00
This restaurant is no longer open.
72    Mon Aug 6 03:37:59 2007 Anonymous Hartney Video Garage 5.00
building is no longer standing
73    Sun Aug 5 15:05:42 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Monticchio Pizza & Restaurant 10.00
This quaint Italian restaurant has a beautiful decor in each of its three dining areas. The service, food quality and ambience are 10 on 10!!! In regards to appetizers, I highly recommend the appetizer platter for one at a low $7.25 as you receive bruchetta, mussels and calamari! The calamari is by far the best in Winnipeg. For entrees, the spinach canneloni stuffed with ricotta and spinach topped with a homeade rosee sauce is spectactular. As well the fetticine carbonara and pasta sambuca are my top favs!!! Bon appetit! Enjoy Monticchio as the taste, value and atmosphere are 10 on 10!!!
74    Sat Aug 4 18:28:01 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Mitzi's Chicken Finger Rest 10.00
75    Sat Aug 4 18:23:46 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Topo Gigio 9.40
it rocks
76    Thu Aug 2 10:36:31 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Boston Pizza 2.60
Very dissappointed with the fact that they allow smoking on the patios. I believe it to be in direct violation to Manitoba smoking laws but the serving staff and management refused to do anything about it. We have since cancelled any future business and personal funcations that we have reserved onsite. Very bad PR for a mediocre restaurant at best.
77    Tue Jul 31 19:07:07 2007 Anonymous Portage La Prairie Bill's Sticky Fingers 9.20
78    Sat Jul 28 13:12:45 2007 Anonymous Cross Lake Chicken Chef 10.00
where is Donna Carol Spence ???
79    Mon Jul 23 14:40:34 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg A & W Restaurants 3.20
Maybe whoever reads this could pass this on to the people who are in charge of the A&W restaurant located in Kelowna, BC . Address: corner of 97 (Harvey) and Leathead. My complaint is the uncleanliness overall, and the hands and nails of the indiviual who was taking orders. They were filthy. Thank goodness she was not handling food end of it and only the bags. Because I was with my Grandchildren I did not walk out but we will not be customers there again. She had a supervisor label , and if this is leading by example it is no wonder the overall cleanliness was bad. My husband was telling me that their group no longer frequents THAT A&W Restaurant for all of the above reason. Seeing the drive through line up, their bottom line may look good but there are ISSUES. Maybe that was why the restaurant itself was not full. Yvonne Linnen 1-250-860-5955
80    Sun Jul 22 21:36:07 2007 Anonymous Portage La Prairie Amber's 1.00
81    Tue Jul 17 20:30:16 2007 Anonymous Marquette Marquette Cafe 10.00
great borcht!
82    Sun Jul 15 12:52:54 2007 Anonymous Oakbank Koon Kwan Garden 8.60
The Best Lemon Chicken Ever!!!!
83    Fri Jul 13 15:11:18 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Pizza Place Restaurants 1.00
Don't go to this restaurant. The owner is ungreatful, and ignorant. The food gets worse every year.
84    Thu Jul 12 17:06:02 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Chamberlyn's Restaurant & Lounge 9.00
I am writing to express my thanks for how your restaurant catered to my specific dietary needs on Wednesday June 27th 2007. I was attending a going away dinner for two of the girls in our lab. I have recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which means that I may not eat anything with wheat or gluten. As this is new to me I called ahead to see what my options for eating would be. I spoke with a lovely girl (unfortunately I can’t remember her name) and she asked me what types of food that I would be able to eat. After I informed her, she told me there would be no problem at all and she put my name along with my dietary needs on the reservation. When it came time to order both the servers already knew about my dietary needs as well as my name. Both servers made sure that I had what I needed. After my delicious meal arrived one of the servers brought me out an extra serving of broccoli and told me that the chef had wanted me to have it since I hadn’t been able to eat the zucchini as it was breaded. I was very impressed with your service and I will be informing the Manitoba Chapter of the Celiac Association. They have a list of “Celiac Friendly” restaurants and your restaurant is not on the list. The list is not an exhaustive list and restaurants are only added as celiac patients experience a great restaurant and notify the association. Once again thank you for helping me along on this new journey in my life!
85    Wed Jul 11 19:15:52 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg North Garden Restaurant 9.00
This is the busiest Chinese restaurant in Winnipeg, & many Chinese from the University of Manitoba go there. Good combination of Canadian and real Chinese food.
86    Wed Jul 11 09:53:46 2007 Anonymous Carberry Carberry Motor Inn & Restaurant 6.20
Duncan smells bad
87    Wed Jul 11 00:06:42 2007 Anonymous Victoria Beach Moonlight Inn Restaurant 7.80
If you can manage to dine when the new owner (as of a few years ago) is in you will get the best experience. He will bend over backwards for you. Those who have been to the Moonlight Inn before he took over know how much of an overhaul this restaurant has been through. It now has a great deal of character (somebody is obviously an Elvis fan!) and offers food and ice cream in the main building, and an arcade and a coin operated laundry in a log cabin off to the side of the restaurant. It isn't terribly fancy but the staff at the Inn take pride in this Victoria Beach hang out.
88    Wed Jul 11 00:04:06 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Beach Niakwa Family Restaurant 7.80
the pizza i(bleep) and miss, but it's fantastic on a hit day. The kids menu is good especially the chicken finger basket a real value and delicious
89    Mon Jul 9 14:53:40 2007 Anonymous Flin Flon Mr Ribs 9.00
very good, i dont know what they do back there but the food is devine!
90    Mon Jul 9 12:59:19 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Angelo's Chip Shop 8.60
Best place in North End for burgers and fries.
91    Mon Jul 9 12:48:08 2007 Anonymous Landmark Kountry Kettle 8.60
Great food for the money. Never leave hungry. Love the Bullseye Burger combo.
92    Fri Jul 6 15:37:12 2007 Anonymous Wawanesa Jay's Drive-Inn 5.00
93    Fri Jul 6 10:51:25 2007 Anonymous Steinbach Smitty's Family Restaurant 2.00
We were a group of 15. We had made reservations but that doesn't seem to help. We waited 1 1/2 hours before even two of us got our meal. Then 1/2 hour later one more person get. It was the worst experience we have ever seen anywhere. And then, Oh boy, we get coupons... No apology. After a long day of a struggling family get-together, you had to treat us like this. Don't think that any of us will ever come there again. And we will spread the news.
94    Thu Jul 5 15:00:06 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Johnny G's Restaurant 3.20
I was at Johnny G's on Main Street today for lunch; there were 10 of us. Only a few of us were happy with their meals. I, myself, had a Chicken Quesadillas and it was tasteless. The salsa was not great and the Greek salad was disappointing also. I have been to this location many times and have had the Chicken Quesadillas and it was delicious. I don't know what happened today but I'm quite disappointed!
95    Wed Jul 4 13:15:42 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Gondola Pizza Restaurants 9.40
eat at 1292 pembina highway location many times and appreciate the service we get, also this is the best pizza we have ever eaten in winnipeg and we think it's due to the old stone ovens that they use there. staff is great too. washrooms and hallways and restaurant is clean.
96    Fri Jun 29 09:21:54 2007 Anonymous Lockport Gaffer's Restaurant, Lounge & Banquet Facilities 4.40
After pre ordering at 2 pm in the afternoon for a 6:45 reservation. We were still waiting for our appetizers at 7:45. Did not feel the owner dealt with our delay and frustration properly. Would not go back as a group again
97    Thu Jun 28 02:31:58 2007 Anonymous Treherne L & J Drive Inn 9.80
What a great place! It is like a park. The waitresses and waiters are all very friendly and courteous. The food is super and the price is very reasonable. It is also a very clean place. I reecomend this resturant to anyone driving on #2 highway at Treherne.
98    Mon Jun 25 15:15:38 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Round Table Restaurant 9.20
I think if you go on a busy day, you won't get the best service because they're extremely extremely busy. they even had a sign up a month before v-day saying "book now, reservations are filling up" or something like that. that is NOT a typical day at this restaurant. out of all "nice and expensive" places to go, The Round Table is my absolute favourite because the food quality is just as good as the very pricey places, but is cheaper. salad even comes with the meals (many other places you have to pay almost $10 a person for a caesar salad). when i go to other nice places with my boyfriend I pay around $230-250, and for the same amount of food and quality, here I pay around $180 including a nice bottle of wine. The food is excellent - we go around once every 6 weeks or so. I'm sure if you give it a try, you will really enjoy it. My boyfriend and I are very fussy people (moreso me) when it comes to fine dining, and this one surpasses my expectations.
99    Mon Jun 25 12:15:56 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Johnny's Maples Pizza & Rsrnt 10.00
Besides having the best breakfast in town with home made dollar chips,the daily special with a mini pizza and greek salad and choice of soup all for $7.99 makes this a very good resturant we go there once a week at least.
100    Sat Jun 23 19:39:08 2007 Anonymous Souris Chocolate Shop Restaurant 2.20
101    Sat Jun 23 19:38:25 2007 Anonymous Virden Chicken Chef 1.00
102    Sat Jun 23 14:58:19 2007 Anonymous Elkhorn Don & Sharon's Restaurant 2.60
103    Sat Jun 23 14:57:41 2007 Anonymous Elkhorn Jamieson's Family Restaurant 1.00
not there
104    Fri Jun 22 23:59:07 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Hy's Steak Loft 6.60
the service was excellent, HOWEVER, the washrooms are on the lower lever, and are very spooky, I was very uncomfortable being a female using the washroom alone, in the basement, anything could have happened and no one would have heard a thing. I think who ever designed the place really needs to rethink where the washroom is located. what about the elderly, it takes a long time to get from the second floor to the basement.
105    Fri Jun 22 16:55:12 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Alycia's Restaurant 1.00
106    Fri Jun 22 15:16:23 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Garwood Grill 2.80
My co-workers & I called the Garwood Grill to get a menu faxed to us. I was advised that they didn't have a fax machine, but that we could look at the menu on line. We pre-ordered as we only have a 45 minute lunch. The cost of a Greek Chicken Salad on line was $10.95. When we were served our food, the chicken was very good, but the salad was very wilted (soggy). We could not eat our salad and asked that the chicken be packed up to take home. When we went to pay for our lunch, the price of the Greek Salad was $12.95. We were told that the on-line information was not updated. They refused to give us the on-line price. When we advised them that our salad was wilted & soggy. They told us that no one else complained about their salad, and next time we should not pre-order salad. I told her we pre-order with several restaurants and have never had this problem. In fact a few of our co-workers pre-ordered the week before from their restaurant and did not have a problem with their salad. She didn't care and did not adjust anything. The only thing she told us was that they were closed for holidays for the next few weeks*** Yea! Like I would go back there or ever recommend their restaurant *** NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
107    Thu Jun 21 10:48:50 2007 Anonymous Carman Syl's Drive Inn 6.80
We found the service to be very fast. We ordered 2 super syl's burgers. They come with cheese. We ordered 1 with cheese & 1 without. They both came without. We didn't complain, they were very tasty. We also had onion rings. We ate them & then ordered ice cream. I asked if I could have a sunday with hard ice cream. The girl said, "Um, I don't think so, no." I think her boss was standing at the next window & she made no effort to ask her. I had a soft ice cream sunday with peanut butter sauce. It was not a very good sauce. We also ordered iced tea. I don't know what brand they use but it wasn't tasty. All in all, we weren't pleased, & it'll be a long time until we go back.
108    Tue Jun 19 10:18:11 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Red Lobster Restaurant 1.00
Never again...yuck
109    Mon Jun 18 19:48:19 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Old Spaghetti Factory 8.60
110    Mon Jun 18 19:16:15 2007 Anonymous Plumas Plumas Cafe 2.80
service is lousy and slow. Waite forever for you meal. Coffee tates like swamp water and way too expensive. Prices have gone up and service and value is down. Not recommended
111    Mon Jun 18 18:15:11 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Choy's Chinese Food Catering 10.00
112    Sun Jun 17 21:59:42 2007 Anonymous Virden Century Pizza 10.00
This is a well rounded restaurant with a variety of menu selections from burgers and salads to pizza and fried chicken. they have a great all-you-can-eat buffet on the weekends featuring salads, breadsticks, pizza and fried chicken. An ice cream bar featuring 16 different flavours of hard ice cream and soft ice cream novelities is a great way to finish off a fantastic meal.
113    Sun Jun 17 21:02:06 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Palatal Bbq Restaurant 10.00
I have one problem with Palatal, I couldn't eat all my dinner ~ AWESOME!! Next time I am in the city, and everytime after that, I will be eating here!! I have told everyone I know to eat there!!!
114    Fri Jun 15 19:41:35 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Oceana Restaurant 8.60
The best chinese food I have ever had, the chicken ball have real white chicken meat, this is the only place we get chinese food. Keep up the great work.
115    Fri Jun 15 13:57:12 2007 Anonymous St Francois Xavier Medicine Rock Cafe 9.60
116    Fri Jun 15 01:31:09 2007 Crissy Brandon Velvet Dip 9.00
117    Fri Jun 15 01:28:43 2007 Crissy Brandon Little Chalet Restaurant 9.60
118    Fri Jun 15 01:23:53 2007 Crissy Virden Chicken Chef 7.40
119    Fri Jun 15 01:22:27 2007 Crissy Souris Chicken Chef 7.60
120    Fri Jun 15 01:21:29 2007 Crissy Souris Par-West Drive Inn Restaurant 10.00
121    Fri Jun 15 01:20:48 2007 Crissy Souris Chocolate Shop Restaurant 8.00
122    Fri Jun 15 01:17:03 2007 Crissy Oak Lake Gold 'N Embers Family Restaurant 9.00
123    Thu Jun 14 15:15:32 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Marigold Restaurant 1.00
124    Wed Jun 13 12:46:15 2007 Anonymous Cormorant C & B Take Out 5.60
it is not a resturant because it is a general store.
125    Sat Jun 9 17:35:27 2007 Anonymous Brandon Roll'n Pin Family Restaurant 8.80
126    Sat Jun 9 15:59:28 2007 Anonymous Holland Al's Service & Restaurant 10.00
127    Fri Jun 8 14:28:52 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Silver Heights Restaurant 10.00
Absolutely the best restaurant in Winnipeg!!
128    Fri Jun 8 13:29:53 2007 Anonymous Garson Harvest Moon Cafe 8.60
129    Fri Jun 8 00:00:34 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Gondola Pizza Restaurants 1.40
Poorest customer service at pick up stores. Staff is rude and unpleasant to communicate with. Orders are constantly incorrect. Toppings are missed but charged for, dough is often undercooked and when called on it make you feel like it is your fault that they screwed up. I was a customer for 30-years but enough is enough. I am referring to the McLeod location.
130    Thu Jun 7 22:10:13 2007 Anonymous Brandon Kokonas Restaurant & Lounge 5.00
This place does not exist anymore.
131    Sun Jun 3 10:54:02 2007 Anonymous Brandon Kim's Chinese Food 9.00
very clean, best food!! bang for buck!
132    Sat Jun 2 12:24:32 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg V J's Drive-In 10.00
If you looking for grease and value...this is the place. Tastiest burgers and huge fries...a classic burger place in the Peg...fantastic Splurge on calories...skip weigh in for days!
133    Tue May 29 17:36:35 2007 Anonymous Rapid City Queens Kitchen 7.20
Aurthur sucks at cooking
134    Mon May 28 23:31:27 2007 Anonymous St Germain Niakwa Pizza 10.00
135    Mon May 28 16:00:27 2007 Anonymous Neepawa Agassiz Drive-In 9.60
The staff was nice. The food was good. It was jsut an enjoyable time. You'll never regret going!
136    Sun May 27 19:41:58 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg George's Burgers & Submarines 10.00
137    Fri May 25 01:02:10 2007 Anonymous Carberry Cec's Pizza & Pasta 5.00
Non-existent restaurant; has been out of business for years. -RS
138    Fri May 25 00:56:54 2007 Anonymous Carberry Al's Coffee Shop 6.20
Al's Coffee Shop, now called Ray's Dinner, has decent food, but poor service. The prices are average. It's a rather clean restaurant aswell. If you are looking for a place in Carberry to eat lunch or super, Ray's is a fairly good choice. If you are looking for a relaxed place to have a cup of coffee, keep looking. -RS
139    Wed May 23 11:27:48 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Miriwa Restaurant 10.00
THIS PLACE ROCKS! no more to say but a good place for Chineses food with a friendly enviroment
140    Tue May 22 23:30:22 2007 Anonymous Gimli Country Boy Restaurant 1.60
I can't believe what just happened! I walked into the Country Boy in Gimli and right when we opened the door there is the owner/cook off this establishment saying "look at the cheese it's fine you arshole!" Keeping to my self and trying to put my kids ear muffs on, I noticed the cheese was from the bottom of the bucket and when he was waving it around it was harden to the sides. There was probably a smell but I was too far away to really get a smell. Then the cook left and refused to give a refund. That's when I took my family and left! I think there were followers as well! That is how you don't run a business! Might be a fun place for teenagers on drugs that want to get a laugh but not a place for the family!
141    Tue May 22 17:35:53 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Candy's Fried Chicken 5.20
Too bad this restaurant doesn't take pick up orders by phone. It's a pain to have to stand in line all the time.
142    Tue May 22 12:28:49 2007 Anonymous Beaconia Sherwood Forest Chip Stand 10.00
This restaurant is such a friendly family environment, the food is amazing, they are willing to help with anything they possible can. They are always smiling, and care about what the customer wants
143    Tue May 22 12:25:25 2007 Anonymous Letellier Barnay's Restaurant & Lounge 8.00
The pizza at Barnay's is super amazing. Best in the world. I have yet to find any like it!
144    Fri May 18 21:42:38 2007 Anonymous Cowan Double Jay Drive Inn 10.00
To this day I still say it has the best ice cream I've ever tasted in my life!
145    Fri May 18 20:07:18 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Park Tower Restaurant 10.00
Best meal for your buck and the biggest portions. You will leave full and satisfied.
146    Wed May 16 23:40:49 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Dim Sum Garden Restaurant 7.80
147    Wed May 16 23:30:37 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Presto Pizza 10.00
148    Wed May 16 19:00:31 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Blufish 4.00
I ordered some Maki rolls (smoked salmon) from Blufish and I have to say they were the smallest sushi rolls I've ever purchased. Compared to other Sushi restaurants, this is the least I liked. Overall, it didnt taste that great either. I will not go there again.
149    Wed May 16 17:30:16 2007 Anonymous Brandon Romana Pizza 10.00
Best pizza and service in Brandon!! Dave Botterill
150    Tue May 15 13:48:07 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Perkins Family Restaurant 2.00
151    Tue May 15 13:47:39 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Perkins Family Restaurant 10.00
152    Thu May 10 14:55:50 2007 Anonymous Belmont Belmont Cafe 5.00
Now known as 3rd Street Cafe
153    Wed May 9 15:17:23 2007 Anonymous Morden Thornview Grocery 5.00
it's not a restaurant as much as it is... a gas station. you can buy sub sandwiches there, does that make it a restaurant??
154    Tue May 8 16:18:24 2007 Anonymous St Laurent Mtt 5.00
155    Mon May 7 20:44:41 2007 Anonymous Carman Riverwalk Cafe 10.00
Amazing!!! And my mom Tina opened it!
156    Sun May 6 12:42:21 2007 Anonymous Grandview Modern Cafe 10.00
has been closed for many years
157    Sun May 6 12:41:48 2007 Anonymous Grandview Marnie & Brad's Treasure Shop 10.00
has been closed for many years
158    Mon Apr 30 15:26:00 2007 Anonymous Oak River Shenanigans Restaurant 10.00
I love this restaurant! I was so sad when they closed! Ya'll should strongly consider re-opening shenanigans because we miss it so much!!!!!!
159    Sun Apr 29 18:20:19 2007 Anonymous Sandy Hook Jane & Walter's Restaurant 9.60
Food is consistently excellent. Great selection and variety. Service is always the best. Staff are friendly and genuinely happy you are there. Lovely location and obvious pride in the business. Only suggestion would be to add afew more breakfast choices. Also it would be great to hold a Sunday brunch once in awhile. We love this place and the staff and it is always our first choice for dining out whether for a special occasion or just because. We can hardly wait to get back to the lake and experience this dining pleasure.
160    Sat Apr 28 17:19:21 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Partners Delicatessen 1.40
Total ripoff!! I ordered a Reuban sandwich and fries and gravy, drink. It came to over $10. Not cheap for the low quality fast food it is. First of all, the Reuban didn't even have Thousand Island dressing on it, nor did it have any swiss cheese. It was basically just a corned beef on rye with saur kraut. The corned beef was rubbery. The fries tasted like they were just thawed out from the freezer. Service was bad also.
161    Sat Apr 28 17:11:54 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Jumbo Supreme 3 For 1 Pizza 3.20
Pizza comes 2.5 hours after I placed the order even though they told me it would be within an hour, then instead of bringing it to my door, the moron delivery driver phones me to ask if i'll meet him by the entrance to my apartment building. Needless to say this jackass didn't recieve any tip.
162    Mon Apr 16 23:53:57 2007 Anonymous Killarney Swatty's Family Restaurant 7.40
good home cooking at an affordable price
163    Mon Apr 16 20:38:19 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Bridge Drive-In 10.00
It is amazing!!
164    Sat Apr 14 22:36:58 2007 Anonymous Swan River Mr Ribs Family Restaurant 7.80
165    Sat Apr 14 20:11:21 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Beach Johnee's Restaurant 4.40
really bland burgers, cleanliness fluctuates, owner operator nice people. premade patties are crap...fries amazing. drink prices for volume kind of a rip off.
166    Sat Apr 14 03:58:10 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Baked Expectations 4.20
service was terrible. wanted an odd coffee drink and the server made a huge deal about how inconvient it was... within ear shot. didn't get served for about five to ten minuets after arriving because the server was busy talking with her coworkers. made us feel really unwelcome. the cheese cake was the only saving grace of this experience.
167    Fri Apr 13 22:02:23 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Grapes Restaurants & Bars 5.00
I have dined here on many occasions with very satisfactory results, however, today I had chicken veg/rice soup and chicken ques/ceaser salad and I have spent the last six hours with stomach agony. My husband had different soup and different entree and has felt fine.
168    Fri Apr 13 16:21:39 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg A & W Restaurants 1.80
I didn't like the fact that when I phoned the one on Jefferson Ave. they couldn't even tell me when they open in the mornings.
169    Thu Apr 12 19:43:24 2007 Anonymous Flin Flon Subway 5.00
i dont like subway gave me to much dish i need help for washing dish i dont like people get mad at me will i do
170    Wed Apr 11 16:00:38 2007 Anonymous Belmont Belmont Motor Hotel 5.80
171    Tue Apr 10 16:35:17 2007 Anonymous Cross Lake Muskego's Restaurant 1.00
bad service. bad food.
172    Tue Apr 10 16:08:30 2007 Anonymous St Malo Chicken Chef 10.00
Great food, great location... Can not complain about anything!!! Malo all the way!!!
173    Tue Apr 10 15:08:00 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Acropolis Restaurant 10.00
174    Mon Apr 9 17:49:24 2007 Anonymous Headingley Headingley Hotel 8.80
While the restaurant offers first rate fare, I am simply sending this note to express a bad taste left over from the Vendor service of the Headingley Hotel: not once, not twice, but three times now this winter 2007. Today Apr 9th I attempted to purchase 12 dozen Molsen Dry and was asked for more than $18.00 Cdn. I know from shopping regularly at the MLCC that the price is $7.35 per six pack, so was almost overcharged bt $4.00 I refused this purchase and drove all the way to Winnipeg instead where, indeed, the price is $7.35 per six pack. I have also emailed my thrice-experienced displeasure to the MLCC. I will follow up with a phone call to their management. As a Headingley area resident, it is most disconcerting to see this lack of regard for appropriate pricing. Please folks, get your till set right, and get your staff informed properly. ----A former bartender, M. C. Roberge RM of Cartier.
175    Sun Apr 8 00:37:47 2007 Anonymous The Pas Fat Boy Restaurant 5.00
because i'm a teen doesn't mean i am worthless treat us like is ok .price ain't bad
176    Fri Apr 6 09:40:14 2007 Anonymous Graysville Petticoat Junction 1.00
smells like crap
177    Fri Apr 6 01:07:48 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Taste Of Sri Lanka 9.80
Super good food! And very reasonable prices. The owners are very kind and hospitable! good environment. I loved it!!!
178    Wed Apr 4 16:19:25 2007 Anonymous Treherne Bluebird Cafe 8.60
I dinned here many moons ago. Though I shall never forget it! I was 10 years old and I order chickstrips and fries, I rememeber it all to well.. My father had moved there earlyer that year with my half sister and her mom and her childern. I memorie of this cozey little resturant will stay with me forever. There service was great and there seemed so welcoming and kind. its a great expierence! one that everyone should have! We were there long after our meal were cleared. I remeber becuase Titanic was playing the TV and its was the first time I had ever seen the movie. and I fell in love it (and leo.).
179    Sun Apr 1 18:07:31 2007 Anonymous Portage La Prairie Oriental Pearl Restaurant 1.00
180    Thu Mar 29 18:18:10 2007 Anonymous Rosenort Rosenort Village Kitchen 8.00
Love the cheesecake
181    Tue Mar 27 21:04:46 2007 Anonymous Vita Vita Motor Inn 8.20
182    Mon Mar 26 22:19:35 2007 Anonymous Lac Du Bonnet Thrifty Dairy Bar 9.80
Great Food.
183    Mon Mar 26 16:40:42 2007 Anonymous Winkler Smitty's Restaurant 8.80
Great food. You can order from any part of the menu at any part of the day. I really like the 'Wake up your day' breakfast. Its the most bang for your buck. The service is AMAZING. other restaurants should use these servers as an example for there own.
184    Mon Mar 26 16:38:03 2007 Anonymous Morden Fortune Chop Suey 4.40
Good food, bad service. The server was always at are table, she wouldn't leave us alone, to make matters worse, we didn't speak any english. You could here yelling from the kitchen, another server was taking orders with a screaming baby on her back. This place is discusting to look at. It's sooo outdated. And they don't wash the plates, cups and cutlery properly. The cups hate lipstick and stuff stuck to them, the plates are still greasy, and the cutlery almost always has old food stuck in it. I'd recommend this place for the food only. Another thing, they only take cash, and they almost never have enough change to give you. They always ask to just keep the change, as a tip. They're not worthy of tipping.
185    Mon Mar 26 16:30:22 2007 Anonymous Morden Morden Motor Inn 1.00
This is the worst place i've ever eaten at. The servers were rude, the food was discussting, I actually saw the head chef drop my burger on the floor and put it back on my plate. Then they wanted to make me pay for it when I wouldn't take it. I will NEVER eat here again. The food tastes sooooo cheap. DON'T EAT HERE!!!
186    Mon Mar 26 16:27:00 2007 Anonymous Morden Warky's Meat-Z-A-Place 10.00
I absolutly love the food/ice cream at Warky's. My only beef with them is the fact that the price of there pizza is very high for the amount of toppings you get. For less then one large pizza, I can go to Marathon Pizza (only the best pizza EVER) and get 2 larges for the price of one at Warky's. But overall the food is definalty worth it!!
187    Fri Mar 23 04:16:39 2007 Anonymous Headingley Nick's Inn 9.60
I love this place! If you want a real burger this is the place to go. The greek salad is incredible aswell, and the fries are the best i've ever had. I miss the fried chicken they used to serve it was drizzled with a zesty sauce (may itailan dressing) anyway it was my favorite too bad it's gone(hint hint) The atmosphere is inviting the prices are alittle higher but you have to pay for quality right. I love and everyone i have taken there love it too.
188    Thu Mar 22 13:15:27 2007 Anonymous Thompson Baaco Pizza 10.00
Baaco Pizza is an awesome place for a group of friends to gather after work, it is a awesome place awesome staff, awesome food !
189    Wed Mar 21 10:19:22 2007 Anonymous Dauphin Thunder's Restaurant 1.40
Terrible service. The owners act like the Gestapo. Witnessed a few violent outbursts from them directed towards customers. Terrible food; poorly prepared with lack of attention to detail and lack of concern for quality. Its for sale anyway, go somewhere else.
190    Tue Mar 20 04:45:23 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Mrs Mike's 10.00
This place is an institution, landmark if you will_P
191    Mon Mar 19 11:29:52 2007 Anonymous Grand Rapids Grand Rapids Esso Restaurant 3.80
the rest rooms really need to be updated. I would change the menue around and add a few new meals
192    Sun Mar 18 21:34:44 2007 Anonymous Dauphin Chicken Jack's Family Restaurant 5.00
193    Sat Mar 17 12:16:16 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Liberty Grill 4.20
Liberty Grill used to be one of my favourites restaurants, but after my birthday lunch there I probably won't go back. I ordered the Chicken Parmisan on Foccacia. The chicken was completely raw and refrigerator cold! It hadn't gone anywhere near the oven! Thankfully I had cut into the sandwich and saw that it was raw before picking it up to have a bite. Of course I sent it back. By the time I got my "cooked" order, the rest of my party had finished eating. I ate my birthday lunch by myself while the others watched me eat.
194    Thu Mar 15 18:40:11 2007 Anonymous St Jean Baptiste Family Restaurant In St Jean 8.80
The best Poutine in Manitoba!
195    Thu Mar 15 16:55:27 2007 Anonymous Niverville C & G Village Inn 8.80
This little hole in the wall restaurant may not be always clean but the food is amazing and service is friendly. Very good t-bone steak ! yum!
196    Thu Mar 15 16:52:30 2007 Anonymous Niverville Chicken Chef Family Dining 4.60
The chicken is very greasy,fries are usually cold when ordering out, pizza is good but very expensive and skimpy on the toppings. Breakfast is decent but need to have omelets for longer hours on menu. In my opinion, the only good thing is breakfast and a meeting place for coffee.
197    Thu Mar 15 00:45:01 2007 Anonymous Glenella Laurette's Family Restaurant 9.40
198    Wed Mar 14 15:28:38 2007 Anonymous St Jean Baptiste Deeb's 5.00
this restaurant hasn't excited in over 10 years take it off your list
199    Mon Mar 12 13:02:14 2007 Renee3829 Winnipeg Moxie's Restaurant 3.60
Went there after a moose game to a dirty table, waited a half hour for a waitress to take our order (or bring us menus, thanks!). Ended up leaving, and going to Pasta La Vista instead. This location, sucks.
200    Mon Mar 12 12:46:30 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Pasta La Vista 6.60
With beautiful decor, and wonderful service, you would be surprised at the lack of variety of pasta dishes at pasta la vista. More asian flare then anything, while I was expecting more along the lines Italian formal dining. Much disappointment, I would not return for dinner again, not to mention the inflated pricing! (I don't believe the quality of anything my dining partner and I consumed to reflect the price whatsoever). However, their lounge, hidden in the corner and not advertise outside (sadly) is quite a beautiful spot to share a bottle of wine, in posh comfortable seating that makes you feel like quite the celebrity. After a night filled with MTS centre entertainment, I suggest winding down here (or keeping the fun going) instead of the overcrowded and understaffed likes of Moxies or Tavern United. Also, the fresh bruchetta and wild mushroom flatbread are certain appetizers that satisfy any snack craving.
201    Thu Mar 8 17:28:22 2007 Anonymous Killarney Erin Inn Motor Hotel 6.20
You are the BEST
202    Wed Mar 7 18:36:48 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Keg St James 8.60
203    Tue Mar 6 22:38:33 2007 Anonymous Pine Falls Teeney Bopper Conv Centre 9.20
204    Mon Mar 5 10:15:04 2007 Anonymous Stonewall Red Star & Frosty's Soft Ice 10.00
205    Thu Mar 1 20:21:46 2007 Anonymous Stonewall Sig's Grill 10.00
Visit here for the best burger EVER
206    Thu Mar 1 01:21:45 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Koya Japan 7.40
I really enjoyed my meal of Tereiaki chicken with muchrooms and rice. I just wish there was a calorie chart available.
207    Wed Feb 28 15:34:09 2007 Anonymous Swan River Pizza Place 8.00
The food is great but it is quite slow
208    Wed Feb 28 00:05:05 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Hi-Ball Restaurant 10.00
This is one of the best ethnic restaurants I have ever eaten at. We typically enjoy take out service but the restaurant itself is ver nice if you prefer to dine in.
209    Tue Feb 27 02:02:12 2007 Anonymous Cowan Kolisnyk's General Store 10.00
A great place with great customer service. Has great food, great people, great value. Highly recommended for anyone passing by. Did I mention that they have the among the lowest gas prices in the Swan Valley!!!
210    Mon Feb 26 02:15:38 2007 Anonymous Winkler D J's Family Restaurant 8.60
the staff was very friendly and the service was fast and the food was good.
211    Thu Feb 22 01:04:24 2007 Anonymous Brandon Green Olive 8.40
212    Tue Feb 20 13:27:48 2007 Anonymous Norway House York Boat Diner 5.80
(tsk-tsk)y waitresses but makes up with the food
213    Tue Feb 20 02:03:07 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Hooters Restaurant 2.40
trashy servers..male orientated far from stellar
214    Mon Feb 19 13:58:05 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Applebee's Neighborhood Grill 5.00
your oriental chicken wrap is the best it is my absolute favorite
215    Mon Feb 19 13:48:02 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Applebee's Neighborhood Grill 10.00
It's the best resturant i've ever been to.
216    Wed Feb 14 19:09:58 2007 Anonymous Sprague Border Shell Service Cafe 8.60
We have stopped at this location a number of times thru our travels back and forth. The food has always been generous, and excellent. Great Burgers. The staff very friendly, and the locals are always interesting and fun to listen to. Its definitely worth the stop.
217    Tue Feb 13 12:55:03 2007 Anonymous Stonewall Chicken Delight 10.00
This is the best restaurant ever. They are great.
218    Mon Feb 12 21:52:34 2007 Anonymous Teulon Frydays Restraunt 10.00
219    Mon Feb 12 15:16:53 2007 Anonymous Gypsumville N & W Restaurant 1.40
Never piss off the W in the namesake of this restaurant, this place stinks like grease, the floors are filthy, and the people that work in the restaurant have no etiquette. The employees here are very rude and if you want fast, friendly service, this is not the place to get it. by theway, this place is closed down already.
220    Mon Feb 12 13:50:42 2007 Anonymous Grand Rapids Pelican Landing 7.00
I love the Pel!!
221    Sun Feb 11 22:46:00 2007 Anonymous Steinbach Main Bread & Butter 10.00
222    Sat Feb 10 23:02:24 2007 Anonymous Dauphin Boston Pizza 2.00
My husband had a very good meal tonight but I am sorry to say I did not, and I will tell you why. I ordered the ribber, twenty minutes after placing my order the waitress came back to the table to say they were out of ribs and do I want to see the menu again. I said yes, ten minutes later she brought the menu. I then ordered the veal parmasian. twenty five minutes later it was brought to me with long beans that were obviously badly freezer burnt. They were even brown at the ends. The salad has slimy bits of bad lettuce in it. The veal was so overcooked it was difficult to even stab it with a fork. To make matters worse everything on the plate was cold, including the garlic bread, which was soggy. The waitress blamed it all on the fact that there was a shortage of cooks in the kitchen. My husband and I had travelled an hour to go out for supper to celebrate a new job and our evening was ruined. It will be a lomg time before I return to your establishment. Kathy Whitmore Box 239 Roblin, MB R0L 1P0
223    Fri Feb 9 09:39:02 2007 Anonymous Arnes Sally's 5.00
this restaurant does not exsist anymore.
224    Thu Feb 8 11:41:31 2007 Anonymous Reston Reston Creemee 5.00
Greg Fatheringham of Reston MB owes us $6050.0 and will not pay us. He owned a trucking company in Saskatoon and closed his doors Dec 31/06. He is not paying 30 carriers. Call Vawn Kramer at 306-369-2391.
225    Thu Feb 8 11:37:32 2007 Anonymous Reston Modern Cafe 5.00
I talked with Gregs son (Fatheringham)of Resston Manitoba this morning and he told me they have no money to pay us or will they make any attempt to pay us . They owe us $6050.00. They ran a trucking company out of Saskatoon and closed down Dec 31/06 and took it upon themselves to pay anyone. If you want any info please call Vawn Kramer at 306-369-2391. This is the truth.
226    Wed Feb 7 12:13:03 2007 Anonymous South Indian Lake Mcleod's Cafe & Motel 10.00
yeah man '
227    Fri Feb 2 12:38:47 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Casa Grande Pizzeria 9.00
This place has the greatest food and the it makes you feel like you are eating in Italy. The atmosphere in the restaurant is just awesome. Great for a family dinner or a romantic date night.
228    Fri Feb 2 05:11:30 2007 Anonymous Headingley Green Gates Restaurant 5.00
229    Fri Feb 2 05:09:55 2007 Anonymous Shoal Lake Choy's Restaurant And Lounge 1.40
230    Wed Jan 31 02:22:07 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Red Top Drive Inn Restaurant 10.00
Red top restaurant used to be a driveinn type with carhops the best rootbeer in winnipeg The complex included redtop carwash which closes in the late sixties. ckrc had a radio show emanating from there remember the witch doctor ron legg Gus scouras,John Scouras,George dupre,
231    Sun Jan 28 15:28:17 2007 Anonymous Churchill Churchill Motel & Restaurant 1.00
this is the worst restaurant in churchill would not recommend it
232    Sat Jan 27 19:59:27 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Swiss Chalet Chicken & Ribs 5.00
233    Wed Jan 24 17:12:02 2007 Anonymous Portage la Prairie Boston Pizza 9.60
234    Wed Jan 24 13:14:59 2007 Anonymous Minitonas Vestby's Forestview 5.00
this resturant has been closed down four about 4 years.the buildins is gone.
235    Tue Jan 23 15:05:47 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Ho Tay Vietnamese Restaurant 5.00
236    Fri Jan 19 09:26:18 2007 Anonymous Swan River Al's International Cafe 5.60
Great Food...
237    Thu Jan 18 11:27:26 2007 Anonymous Kola Kola Roadside Cafe 9.20
This place has awsome food. Could use a little more selection.
238    Tue Jan 16 20:14:00 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Five Spice Restaurant 10.00
This is probably my favorite restaurant of all time. They are friendly, food is amazing. Try either the hot honey glazed chicken or the garlic butter chicken. Their consomme is so good that I can't eat it anywhere else. And reasonable!! My husband and I can stuff our faces for 25$ and go home with a goody bag!
239    Tue Jan 16 19:00:19 2007 Anonymous Riverton Northern Lights Gas Bar Store 5.00
This restaurant is closed, out-of-business.
240    Sun Jan 14 01:23:09 2007 Anonymous Gimli Kaffe Hause 9.20
Beautiful restuarant, great cappuccino and lunch- A pleasure to find a nice place in a small town
241    Sun Jan 7 10:31:53 2007 Anonymous Norway House Chicken Chef 2.00
It is a disgrace when eveen compared to a semblance of Riverside(the best restaurant in the universe).
242    Sun Jan 7 10:29:15 2007 Anonymous Norway House Norway House Riverside Restaurant 10.00
The best resturaunt north of the 49th parallel!
243    Fri Jan 5 21:02:34 2007 Anonymous Woodridge Woodridge Inn 10.00
Loved it!!
244    Fri Jan 5 17:46:27 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Casa Azteca 8.20
Casa Azteca is one of our favorite restaurants in the city! Quality food, friendly service, decent prices. We have never been disappointed. We have become regulars!
245    Thu Jan 4 18:05:29 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Kai Ping Restaurant 10.00
Is the best chinese takeout restaurant in the city. Worth the wait for freshly made dishes without MSG. Service is great. In my opinion all the dishes I have tasted are excellent. Lemon Chicken, Crispy Beef in Spicy Honey Sauce, Kai Ping Special Loo Mein, and Pan fried dumpling. I can keep going on.
246    Tue Jan 2 16:15:35 2007 Anonymous Winnipeg Civita 5.00
247    Sun Dec 31 23:24:18 2006 Anonymous Hartney Hill Street Market 5.00
no longer exists
248    Sun Dec 31 23:23:50 2006 Anonymous Hartney Hartney Hotel Restaurant 5.00
not currently open
249    Tue Dec 26 18:06:16 2006 Anonymous Selkirk Smitty's Family Restaurant 4.80
we were given our coffee's and were told our waitress would be right with us, but a plate full of food landed on a client and everything and everyone were forgotten.
250    Wed Dec 20 12:17:47 2006 Anonymous Winkler Pizza Hut 4.40
To order I called the resturant 3 times not geting an answer. Finaly on the third try I just let it ring till I got someone 20 or so rings later. I had ordered take out for 6 pm, they had a hour to get my order ready and I still had to wait 15 mins for it! The mangers uniform was a greasy mess. They were very understaffed. I really like Pizza Hut but this experiance was disapointing.
251    Fri Dec 15 21:23:21 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Boston Pizza 1.00
I had placed an order with you people at 4:30 pm on Friday Dec 15-06..@ lg pizzas, wings and bread sticks...I also gave my visa # to the girl over the phone, at 6:30 we phoned the McPhillips branch to see why it was taking so long and they had NO record of this order..Aparently the girl that had taken the order at 4:30 only worked till 5...Whether or not she was in a hurray to get home and misplaced the order, is irelevent here...SHE HAD TAKEN MY VISA NUMBER AND IT IS MISPLACED!!!!This is so unprofessionaland unwarranted I can't beleive this....Maybe we could get her phone number so we could take care of this ourselves...(privacy act right?)...What about the visa # that was taken and can no where be found?...I really hope there is no charges on this card as this would cause a big problem for your branch..I also hope this problem you have with irresponsible staff gets fixed this could end up being very serious.... Brenda Wagner
252    Wed Dec 13 14:12:15 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg My Place Pie Place 10.00
253    Thu Dec 7 15:55:04 2006 Anonymous Richer Maple Inn 9.20
The Maple Inn has really turned around. Most of the food is home-made these days, which greatly improves the quality. The new owner, Renota Quinn, ensures her staff follows her directions. She makes sure that after evere shift the place is clean, and the till balances in the end. She, herself, is a wonderful cook. I really recomment, the Chicken Burgers, or Chicken fingers, which they bread themselves
254    Tue Dec 5 17:53:16 2006 Anonymous San Clara Bourbon's Place 9.00
Your Steak is the best thing ever, I never thought I would be able to cut a steak with a plastic fork, and I am just amazed
255    Mon Dec 4 18:49:50 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Boston Pizza 3.80
256    Thu Nov 30 01:48:25 2006 Anonymous Altona Altona B Hive 5.00
This restaurant has been closed for over 10 years.
257    Wed Nov 29 16:10:59 2006 Anonymous Altona Chicken Chef 2.80
258    Mon Nov 27 00:06:20 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Dal's Family Restaurant 8.80
Loved the soup!
259    Sun Nov 26 23:19:38 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Paladin Restaurant 9.40
This is a great place to eat and be served by very friendly and competent staff. We were there for a quick meal and were able to listen to the table next door being entertained with a wonderful birthday song based on the theme song of All in the Family. It's worth going to for a meal. Give it a try! Jim
260    Sun Nov 26 19:09:23 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Cathay House 5.20
We were at this restaurant on Saturday, Nov. 25/06 at 5:00 PM. We ordered ginger beef ribs (good), diced chicken with vegetables and almonds (got broccoli stems - very disappointing)and chicken chow mein ( got a tiny bit of noodles topped with sprouts that were topped with shredded roast chicken -- not close to a chinese dish presentation and very disappointing). The chow mein dish was the most disappointing and we will not be back to this establishment any time soon.
261    Sun Nov 26 09:36:41 2006 Anonymous Boissevain Veva's Cafe 5.00
I'am Antonio C. Veva Jr., I want to apply in your reputable restaurant as Computer Technician or other here is my email address Thank You and God bless!
262    Tue Nov 21 22:53:20 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Sumhay Restaurant 9.00
Best Chinese food ever.
263    Tue Nov 21 22:50:05 2006 Anonymous Petersfield Lily Pad Restaurant 8.80
Food is great and owners Mo and Daryl are friendly. Wing night on friday's are a great value and good.
264    Tue Nov 21 20:48:59 2006 Anonymous Brandon Kelsey's Restaurant 5.00
265    Mon Nov 20 21:48:29 2006 Anonymous Alonsa Fashoway's Cafe & Confectionry 10.00
266    Fri Nov 17 21:29:59 2006 Anonymous Pine Falls Sonny's Chicken House 10.00
267    Thu Nov 16 15:07:00 2006 Anonymous Cartwright Cartwright Motor Hotel 6.80
Very good cheeseburgers.
268    Tue Nov 14 22:32:57 2006 Anonymous Leaf Rapids Lu Lu's Restaurant 10.00
back when I lived in Leaf Rapids I used to always go from my school to the restaurant and eat there with my friends. I loved the place and hope that everybody else will go there and enjoy the food.
269    Tue Nov 14 20:01:42 2006 Anonymous Roblin Terry's Drive Inn 10.00
270    Tue Nov 14 15:31:29 2006 Anonymous Elm Creek Elm Creek Cafe 10.00
Loves It.
271    Mon Nov 13 17:14:16 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Yudyta's Ukrainian Food 10.00
Just awsome!!!!!!
272    Mon Nov 13 11:51:01 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Slices Pizza 8.20
If you are Looking for something different, there barbecue sauce and chicken pizza is outstanding. There not cheap with the bbq its really "saucey". The crust isn't too thick its just right!
273    Tue Nov 7 23:34:01 2006 Anonymous Sprague Sprague Hotel 9.40
great service and eats, will eat there more often if you guys start bringing in dancers. dont mind the local old girls club talkin, bring em in.
274    Fri Nov 3 01:38:04 2006 Anonymous Swan River Westwood Inn 2.60
Utensils and glasses were spotted and looked dirty. Waitress VERY unpleasant! Food quality not very good.
275    Thu Nov 2 14:41:48 2006 Anonymous Macgregor Wayne's Family Restaurant 5.00
276    Sat Oct 28 14:27:07 2006 Anonymous Wawanesa Kurt's Schnitzel House 5.00
Sehr geehrtes Team von Kurts House, ich war 1991 als deutscher Soldat fr 9 Monate in Shilo und grabe gerade alte Photos und Erinnerungen aus. Meine Kameraden von der Range Controll und ich haben des fteren bei euch gegessen. Von Shilo wars ja auch nicht weit. Habe gerade Eure alte Visitenkarte in der Hand: Udo & Andrea Spiess und Matthew Boening. Ist das immer noch so? Der letzte Ltr DtVStab, Herr Marquard, schrieb mir, das Ihr nicht mehr existiert? Ich hoffe, er irrt sich! 1994 war ich nochmal privat in Kanada in Urlaub. Seit dem nicht mehr. Aber fr 2008 ist das fest eingeplant. Und dann komm ich bei Euch vorbei. Versprochen!!! Vielleicht bekomme ich von Euch eine Antwort? Wrde mich freuen. Wnsche den "Home of the Schnitzelplatter" alles Gute. Vielleicht bis bald? Liebe Gre Carsten Hls
277    Fri Oct 27 12:52:26 2006 Anonymous Starbuck Country House Coffee & Crafts 5.00
This restaurant has been closed for several years now.
278    Mon Oct 23 19:37:52 2006 dessertlover Winnipeg Salisbury House Of Canada 4.80
I agree with the last comment about the wisdom of letting someone like Marshall go. His respectful and cheerful greeting will be missed by all "his customers". He made everyone welcome. He should have been given a promotion and put in charge of training new employees the meaning of Customer Relations.
279    Mon Oct 23 15:40:22 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Red Lobster Restaurant 9.00
Believe it or not, I don't eat fish. This place has the best STEAK in the city - done to perfection in a great atmosphere. If you're craving a great steak, try then out. I have eaten steak in a few of their locations and all are A-OK
280    Mon Oct 23 15:35:29 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Perkins Family Restaurant 9.00
Took my year old grandson for lunch and had a great time - they are set up and welcoming to kids. (a nice change from most other places)
281    Mon Oct 23 15:27:23 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Salisbury House Of Canada 5.40
This outlet had the best employee in Winnipeg (name was Marshall), always respectful and friendly to his customers. For some crazy reason they let him go and replaced him with very disrespectful people. This outlet serves a lot of seniors and they deserve to be treated with respect.
282    Mon Oct 23 14:05:24 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Beach Pizza Place 9.00
Great restaurant - all the menu items, fast service. very friendly
283    Mon Oct 23 01:24:27 2006 Anonymous Benito Gateway Valley Inn 10.00
Very nice little restaurant with excellent selection of food, great home cooked meals. Atmosphere is excellent, friendly owners and staff. If you are on Hwy 83 near Benito make sure to stop and have a bite to eat there. You will be very happy you did.
284    Wed Oct 18 22:10:51 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Thanh Vi Restaurant 10.00
285    Wed Oct 18 20:14:37 2006 Anonymous Southport Kae's Place 10.00
286    Sun Oct 15 18:30:29 2006 Anonymous Laurier Laurier Hotel 5.00
The Laurier Hotel was torn down a few years ago.
287    Sun Oct 15 04:49:09 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Salisbury House Of Canada 4.20
WE just visited the Salsbury House Restaurant on McPhillipd and Leila location. It was at 2:00 am and we were told that there has been a no cash policy put in effect, as of approximately 1 month ago.The employee working told us that this policy was put in place because of robberies that have happened.I found this policy absolutely ridiculous for many reasons, but the main one being , that if someone came into rob the restaurant and there was no money in the cash register, then now the employees working and the patrons dining there are all now in jeopardy of loosing what moneys they have or worse. I think if you have a policy and posted that there is only $50.00 in the cash register at any given time ,that you will be helping to protect both your employees and patrons.We have been patrons of Salsbury house over the last 40 yrs and have enjoyed our visits there , whether its been just out for supper or meeting friends there after a late evening out. Regretfully, unless this policy is changed we will not be a patron at a Salsbury House restaurant again. Ms.Cherry Morand
288    Sat Oct 14 04:18:57 2006 Anonymous Selkirk Salisbury House Of Canada 3.60
Saturday Morning, Oct. 14 2006 @ about 12:40 AM me and my boyfriend went to your resturant @ 759 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB. Unfortunutly it was disapointing as always. Our server was Ken " SuperViser".He simply took our order and never talked to us for the 40 minutes that we waited. We over heard the cook & workers talking about some kind of mistake with making the food. Apparently the cook had put our order on the wrong bun. NOT a big deal. If we had been informed this it would have helped so that the wait hadn't been so long just because of a bun. We find this out when he finally brings the food out. Through out the wait between the three co-workers of the night including cook, superviser & female server we over heard a lot of negitive talking, swearing and disrespect towards the employees.This is not a first. I find with the night shift this happens often. The lady working tonight had yelled at the cook (at a previous time at this location) about not putting onion rings on a plate. I thought maybe she was having a bad day. The fact is she is unpleasent each time I come in. Tonight was full of her complaining to the cook about not getting cheese on a nip, the cook telling her he did put the cheese on and he wanted to see the customers plate to see this. Totally unperfessional, not to mention unessary for other people sitting around tring to enjoy there evening to have to hear. I also noticed that the other locations that I have gone to often have many client comment cards on the tables, and this one has none! It's important exspecially for THIS peticular location to have them. I'm sure it's very possble to not even know about this location since it was almost impossible for me to find this simple review. I would like to be notified what is being done to change this. Until further notice of change I will not be visiting your resturant any further.
289    Fri Oct 13 13:14:06 2006 Anonymous Anola A J's Country Kitchen 1.00
Dear A J;s country Kitchen.I was driving through Anola and was veryt hungry so I thought I would stop at your restruant for a bit to eat. First when I entered the Restraunant I thought i woud be good but then I notice multiple stains on the floor. When I sat down at mky table the cutlery had stains in them and the water glass and a bug floating in it. Then the service was horrible and the people when all gross looking. When I got my food it didn't look to bad but then I took a bit and it was HORRIBLE. I wanted to leave ametitly but I thought it would be rude so I stayed. Thank god they gave my bill to me but then I notice it was really expence. So for everyone traveling through Anola don't stop at AJ's it was pitaful.
290    Thu Oct 12 18:04:46 2006 Anonymous Seven Sisters Falls Tourist Hotel 7.80
Friday nite is smorg nite. Not to be missed. Bring a big appetite these ladies can sure cook. Get there early starts at 6:00 as it can go quick. Otherwise try the steak, it is huge and served up with onions & mushrooms. Excellent enough for two.
291    Sat Sep 23 23:31:19 2006 Anonymous Melita Happy Chopstick Restaurant 5.00
292    Mon Sep 18 12:47:22 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Made In Japan Restaurant 3.80
Sauce was very bland, meat was cut too thin, rice was mushy. The price was fairly reasonable but the quality was poor therefore not making it a good value. Had the meal been more appealing the value may have been better.
293    Mon Sep 18 12:43:20 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Koya Japan 9.40
Teriyaki Sauce is great, price is excellent
294    Fri Sep 15 18:10:46 2006 Anonymous Richer Richer Inn Motor Hotel 8.00
I would have to say that the food here is surprisingly very good the service is quick and everyone is very friendly
295    Tue Sep 12 14:37:03 2006 Anonymous St Malo Beach Chateau Cafe 2.20
296    Mon Sep 11 18:06:22 2006 Anonymous Scanterbury North Winds Gas & Grill 5.20
It was alright for the beaches.
297    Sat Sep 2 20:15:07 2006 Anonymous Shilo Canex Shilo 6.40
Great times at Cannex!
298    Fri Sep 1 10:38:06 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Thirsty Duck Cafe 9.60
love the food
299    Thu Aug 31 13:43:00 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Bailey's Restaurant & Bar 10.00
We had our wedding dinner for 50 people, August 12, 2006. The prices were very reasonable, the service was amazing and the food was perfect. They had everything set up perfectly and all of our guests were thoroughly impressed. John, the manager, went above and beyond with every detail. I would recommend this place to anyone having a relatively small wedding.
300    Wed Aug 30 00:26:57 2006 Anonymous Selkirk Garden On Eaton 9.80
This tea house is set in an old turn of the century house. The food is wonderful. The staff are warm and friendly. The decor is old world and has a wonderful ambience. It was a terrific dining experience. Darla White Lilyfield, MB
301    Thu Aug 24 14:46:23 2006 Anonymous Arborg Frances' Restaurant 1.00
302    Thu Aug 24 03:09:34 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Oriental Pearl Chinese Food 9.00
They have the BEST ginger chicken and hot & sour soup anywhere! Delivery takes about an hour typically, but is always excellent.
303    Wed Aug 23 01:51:09 2006 Anonymous Beausejour Chuckwagon Restaurant 9.20
304    Mon Aug 21 21:59:24 2006 Anonymous Arden Felina's Arden Ridge Restaurant 1.00
I live nearby, the place is a dump.
305    Sun Aug 20 02:46:00 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Saffron's Restaurant 4.40
Slow service. Main entree came before we were finished our appetizer, and did not receive our dinner salad that was included. Were not given the Entertainment Book discount in its entirety. Received free single dessert for not getting the salads, (there were two of us). When we went back to our vehicle to confirm the discount rate in the Entertainment book we phoned and supervisor told us he'll buy us a drink to rectify the fact. First and last time there.
306    Wed Aug 16 18:15:52 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Spring Roll Restaurant 10.00
Best food in the city. Great for lunch and dinner. Try the lemon chicken
307    Wed Aug 16 18:11:59 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Chave D'ouro 7.80
Great food, open stange hours and sometimes hard to get a table. Best to make reservations. Excellent take-out roast chicken and potates for a reasonable price!
308    Wed Aug 16 18:07:39 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Albert Street Burgers 8.00
Great burgers and fries, should definitely try!
309    Sat Aug 12 22:45:06 2006 Anonymous Beausejour Vickie's Snack Bar 6.60
Found burger to be a bit greasey. The famous fries recently have too much bark left on. But overall good regardless.
310    Thu Aug 10 15:50:25 2006 Anonymous Anola Anola Village Restaurant 8.20
311    Mon Aug 7 23:28:07 2006 Anonymous Grand Marais Lanky's 3.40
What a disapointment on there famous perogies on Saturday, August 5th, 2006. The middle was not even cooked.
312    Fri Aug 4 19:58:22 2006 Anonymous Stonewall Kiln Drive-In 7.00
Great food, awesome burgers, but service is quite slow.
313    Mon Jul 31 02:55:50 2006 Anonymous Brandon Tastee's Grill & Ice Cream 10.00
314    Sun Jul 30 14:03:25 2006 Anonymous Steinbach Niakwa Pizza 9.40
Where is the cheerfull young girl that used to work there? Recall name as beeing Rochelle ?? Also best chicken in town
315    Sun Jul 30 13:31:06 2006 Anonymous Dunrea Dunrea Cafe 97 5.00
316    Sun Jul 23 11:29:01 2006 Anonymous Niverville Dinner & A Movie 10.00
Best Pizza and great service.
317    Thu Jul 13 13:20:05 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Copa Cambana Pizza & Restaurant 6.40
fresh pizza
318    Tue Jul 11 12:37:02 2006 Anonymous Russell Club Cafe 8.00
Awesome Canadian/Chinese food and great service. Huge portions and always delicious!
319    Sat Jul 8 08:03:44 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Tap & Grill Mediterranean 8.40
no longer called the tap and grill. It is now called Basils but still has good food and servise.
320    Sat Jul 8 07:58:04 2006 Anonymous Dominion City Queen's Hotel Restaurant 8.40
good food, good value, and good service. And the waitress does not need bigger tits.
321    Sat Jul 1 21:23:47 2006 Anonymous Brandon Pizza Express 9.60
there assortment of subs are the best in town, and the shear size of them are astonishing. 118 cassablanca
322    Thu Jun 29 13:45:19 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Big Guys Ranch & Saloon 3.40
been countless times over the years for their Texas Enchiladia (spelling??). This time though, we were quite disappointed in the quality of the meal, obviously measures were taken to lower the cost of making the enchiladia. Have no desire to return now. Too bad.
323    Wed Jun 28 15:03:36 2006 Anonymous Gladstone Paris Cafe 5.80
324    Wed Jun 28 12:54:18 2006 Anonymous Neepawa Lee's Village Restaurant 9.60
Lee's has GREAT chinese food. Because of Lee's, all other chinese food restaurants are compared to the standard that Lee's has set, and so far, none of them have met it!
325    Mon Jun 19 18:59:11 2006 Anonymous Morden Marathon Pizza 9.60
326    Mon Jun 19 15:08:01 2006 Anonymous Brandon Boston Pizza 2.60
There was a manager at the restaurant, I believe his name tag had GM on the label. He appeared to be yelling at a customer, and not in a friendly conversation, he was using profanities which made me very uncomfortable. All in all, it ruined me and my families entire experience, and we will never,ever be back.
327    Sun Jun 18 12:17:38 2006 Anonymous Oakbank Royal Oak Grill 9.20
Very good atmosphere. Owners make it feel like home. R. Owens
328    Thu Jun 15 10:00:58 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Thanh Huong Restaurant 8.00
329    Wed Jun 14 00:37:19 2006 Anonymous Somerset Dac's Drive Inn 10.00
great fast food! two thumbs up! dacs is a great place to hang out, to have coffee and eat!both young and old enjoy the great food and service
330    Tue Jun 13 20:12:01 2006 playmate Winnipeg Wendy's Restaurant 5.00
this restaurant closed down so now i have to drive for at least 10 minutes just for their food
331    Tue Jun 13 20:09:57 2006 playmate Winnipeg Tony Roma's A Place For Ribs 9.20
if you like ribs this is the place to go!!! the best ribs i have ever had!!!
332    Tue Jun 13 20:05:24 2006 playmate Winnipeg Pony Corral 4.40
Last time we ate here there was four of us, but all of our meals had pieces of berlap sack in it from the fries, it was really horrible, but the manager was extremely kind about the whole thing, we ended up only paying for the drinks
333    Tue Jun 13 20:02:29 2006 playmate Winnipeg Pizza Hut 9.00
I love the buffet!!! they usually are under staffed for the lunch buffet so if its busy you will wait awhile for drinks but it is so worth it, the server is so polite and friendly and she has a great memory, we go there atleast once a month for lunch and always have our drinks ready before we sit down, they also have the best variety for pizza toppings if you are vegetarian
334    Tue Jun 13 19:59:16 2006 playmate Winnipeg Perkins Family Restaurant 9.00
this place is great. when we were there last though I felt really bad for our server because the table beside us just took off without paying,some people have no respect for others
335    Tue Jun 13 19:54:27 2006 playmate Winnipeg Pancake House 6.00
The food is the best ever!!! If the food wasn't so good I'd never go back. the last three times we went we got there at 11am and didn't leave until almost 1pm, we wait forever before even getting to order drinks, let alone our food, by the time we get our food we are so hungry that we wish we ordered more. And don't even think of getting a refill on your drink it will take even longer then your food
336    Tue Jun 13 19:49:53 2006 playmate Winnipeg Olympia Diner 3.40
the food tasted really good, but not only was the waitress rude, but she charged me for a meal sized salad when I ordered chicken alfredo which COMES with a salad, she also charged us for chicken finger appetizers and a large fry instead of the platter which is what we asked for, so not only did we get 2 fingers instead of 4, we got a way higher bill then it should have been the total came out to around $70 for two people when it should have only been $35 thats double!!! WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN
337    Tue Jun 13 19:44:22 2006 playmate Winnipeg Mc Donald's Restaurants 2.20
I have come to expect mc donalds to never exceed my low expectations of them, but this was bad, we went there after midnight, well we were not even acknowledged at the order window, we asked for the fries to be fresh, well after about 5 minutes of waiting at the pickup window, we finally got our food, only to have the fries be so hard i chipped a tooth biting down on 1, not only that but they were ice cold! so we went and asked for them to replace our fries with hot ones they did but when we got the rest of our food the burgers looked as though they had been stepped on and the meat was dry. The manager DIDN'T EVEN APOLOGIZE FOR THEIR MISTAKE!
338    Tue Jun 13 19:19:46 2006 playmate Headingley Headingley Husky House Restara 3.40
The last time i ate here i got the grilled chicken sandwich, well the chicken was only half cooked, and my partner was already done eating before the waitress acknowledged us, so not only did i have to wait for another 25minutes to eat but my partner had to sit and wait for me to finish, they didn't even offer to discount the price or anything, the booths are really dingy and smell like urine, i know its a truck stop but even truck drivers deserve good food and a clean atmosphere
339    Tue Jun 13 19:12:54 2006 playmate Headingley Nick's Inn 8.00
the food is good, and the staff are friendly; but this restaurant needs to get with the times, they don't accept payment other then cash, they do provide an ATM, but its one of those ones that charge $1.50 to use it plus whatever your bank charges, and that is if it is even working, alot of people dont carry cash these days
340    Tue Jun 13 19:02:29 2006 playmate Seven Sisters Falls Jennifer's Dining Room 2.80
the food was beyond disgusting! my partner odered steak, was not offered any type of sauce for it, i ordered steak and shrimp, the shrimp was under cooked, and the steak and potatoes tasted like they had been microwaved, you are not allowed to substitute anything from the entree, which is extremely inconvenient for someone with allergies. I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy
341    Tue Jun 13 18:59:32 2006 playmate Seven Sisters Falls Tourist Hotel 8.00
there was absolutely no one inside, we felt like we shouldn't be there, when someone finally came they were friendly and the food was all right
342    Tue Jun 13 18:54:35 2006 playmate Winnipeg Burger Place 10.00
this restaurant is amzing, they dont' have much for seating, but the quality of food and the value make up for it, the food tastes great and is filling for even cheaper then mcdonald's, if you get a burger, and want fries you have to share them so you dont waste them which saves money right there
343    Tue Jun 13 18:50:46 2006 playmate Winnipeg Burger King 6.40
the food is always good, but the staff make you feel like you are ruining their day by ordering, they are too busy having conversations and i personally don't care who's going out with who or who is sleeping with whom when i'm trying to order my food. tables are almost always dirty. they need some staff that care
344    Tue Jun 13 18:48:19 2006 playmate Winnipeg Burger Factory 9.20
I love how they make it right in front of you when you order, you have total control over what goes on it and what doesn't makes for alot less mistakes then other places. food is very good, the prices are a little high for a fast food restaurant though
345    Tue Jun 13 18:46:27 2006 playmate Winnipeg Brionis 8.40
the pasta is amazing, the staff friendly, but when you get a roll their they are hadr and burnt, pasta always tastes better with some sort of bread
346    Tue Jun 13 18:43:29 2006 playmate Winnipeg Applebee's Neighborhood Grill 9.40
food was awesome, service was fast and friendly, love the riblet-chicken finger platter
347    Tue Jun 13 18:40:29 2006 playmate Winnipeg A & W Restaurants 6.20
This restaurant has great food, but no customer relations at all the staff are rude and make too many mistakes
348    Sat Jun 10 14:15:25 2006 Anonymous Otterburne Sunflower Sweets Cafe 5.00
I used to go to a cafe on Grant, but it has been closed for some time now. Did another one open up that we do not know about?
349    Tue Jun 6 20:06:54 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Bobbie's Home Cooking Restaurant 1.00
350    Fri Jun 2 14:00:45 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Casa Bueno Isabel 10.00
351    Thu Jun 1 18:44:17 2006 Anonymous The Pas Pyrgos Pizza 10.00
Grrrrrreat Pizza Pie - we ordered in late at night after finally making it into The Pas after a long day driving and were very pleasantly surprised by one of the best Pies we'd ever had - they have been doing it for a while and it showed.
352    Wed May 31 16:04:51 2006 Anonymous Headingley Highway Host Restaurant 5.00
353    Tue May 30 18:40:19 2006 Anonymous Notre Dame De Lourdes Cafe Capricorn 2.00
It was a typical small town restaurant... and the servers were pumping gas at the same time as serving food without washing their hands in between...
354    Thu May 25 22:10:00 2006 Anonymous Dallas Colonel Willy's 10.00
It's the best restaurant ever!
355    Mon May 22 19:09:42 2006 Anonymous Thompson Poseidon Restaurant 8.00
Best Greek food that I have ever tasted!
356    Sun May 21 04:55:39 2006 Anonymous Douglas Cec's Bar And Grill 10.00
great job chris, Bob Menard
357    Sat May 20 20:52:01 2006 Anonymous Deloraine Nadine's Diner 5.00
358    Sat May 20 17:51:07 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Kfc-Kentucky Fried Chicken 2.40
i just bought a big crunch burger that's all, & it took no longer than i don' know 2-3 minues. it was cold, i couldnot believe it it wasnot even busy? Jamie Klaassen 70 Deloraine Dr. Winnigpeg, Mb. R2Y 1J5 (204-831-7929) (204-290-5012) thanking you in advance Jamie Klaassen
359    Sat May 20 05:03:06 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Papa George's Restaurants 4.60
360    Thu May 18 05:34:30 2006 Anonymous New Bothwell Crown Valley General Store 10.00
I came in the morning during the week and i really enjoyed my meal. My cook was a sweet little tiny women who made the best pancakes i have ever had. I just want to say she really made the difference.
361    Wed May 17 03:03:51 2006 Anonymous Powerview Clark's Corner 10.00
362    Tue May 16 01:03:35 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Elephant & Castle 9.00
363    Thu May 11 19:34:12 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Kfc 2.60
I just came through the drive through where I asked for all thighs in the 2-3 pc meals I ordered. Once I get to the window I am told there is an extra charge (which I have NEVER paid previously at this location in the past 7 visits) for the all thigh request. I get home and I have the regular crap mixture that is always served from this location. I deserve restitution. 783-4993.
364    Thu May 11 16:59:56 2006 Anonymous Brandon Bonanza 5.00
365    Tue May 2 20:46:18 2006 Anonymous Swan River Nelson Motor Hotel 2.20
366    Tue May 2 19:25:52 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Manchu Wok 7.40
I love the taste of the food, but needs o be changed more frequantley. Also portions need to be more. Your pretty much paying 2.50 per scoop of any item on 3 item plate. But women who work there are extremly friendly.
367    Sun Apr 30 12:13:05 2006 Anonymous Miami Chatterbox Cafe & Lounge 9.80
368    Thu Apr 27 13:15:19 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Ken's Restaurant 7.20
The food was great. Try the shrimp fried rice. It is the best dish we've tried. We always want more.
369    Mon Apr 24 22:11:01 2006 Anonymous St Adolphe Pic & Nic Restaurant 8.00
I used to love this restaurant when they had their first owner. the second owner had no service but the food was great. Too bad it's closed down now.
370    Fri Apr 21 19:59:30 2006 Anonymous Portage La Prairie Fuzzy Orange 8.40
371    Thu Apr 13 00:30:33 2006 Anonymous Eriksdale Hava-Keen Lunch 9.60
Hava-Keen has the best home made french fries I have ever had
372    Fri Mar 10 11:18:11 2006 Allief Winnipeg Moxie's Restaurant 7.40
I ordered the greek pita. I found it a bit pricy for lunch. I like to spend under 10.00. The meal was very good though.
373    Mon Mar 6 19:00:43 2006 Mariza Winnipeg Monviso Ristorante Italiano 9.40
The food was very good, but nothing special. However, it was very reasonably priced.
374    Mon Mar 6 18:58:56 2006 Mariza Winnipeg A Taste of India 9.60
The food is delicious and very reasonably priced, especially for the buffet.
375    Fri Feb 24 20:39:40 2006 playmate Winnipeg Arby's 9.20
great food friendly staff, but they really need a more vegetarian option
376    Mon Jan 16 16:03:32 2006 Anonymous Winnipeg Grapes Restaurants & Bars 7.00
They have the best spinach salad with that creamy dressing. I now live in Hamilton, Ontario and cannot find any restaurant or recipe that is as comparable. I miss it dearly!
377    Fri Nov 4 19:26:28 2005 sibs_9 Thompson Grapes Grill & Bar 8.40
the service can be alittle better but other wise fantastic and a wonderful experience
378    Sat Jul 23 02:37:04 2005 Wine & dine Selkirk Barney Gargles 8.80
Fantastic deserts....homemade, and very rich, generous servings. Fine & casual family dining, but not a too casual.
379    Wed Jul 20 23:19:48 2005 Tip St Francois Xavier Medicine Rock Cafe 3.20
The building and setting are pleasant. The food was passable but not good value for the price. The disgracefull treatment we received from the restaurant owners (over a $2.00 disagreement in the value of a coupon) was absolutely outrageous! The rude and disrespectful behaviour of this couple left us very upset and the experience ruined our whole day. This, without a doubt, was my worst dining experience in 51 years!
380    Thu Jun 9 15:30:02 2005 JBell Brandon Smitty's Family Restaurant 5.40
Food and service was ok, but the prices were to high for the amounts given. There is very little presentation. Don't count on a coffee refill, after the food gets there you may never see your waitress again.
381    Thu Jun 9 15:26:18 2005 JBell Brandon Kim's Chinese Food 7.60
Best Chinese food in Brandon!
382    Thu Jun 9 15:25:12 2005 JBell Brandon Keg Steakhouse & Bar 8.20
Service and food was great! The waitress was so great, she made our night.
383    Thu Jun 9 15:23:00 2005 JBell Brandon Double Decker Tavern 6.20
Food is great but service is some times lacking.
384    Fri May 13 15:27:43 2005 Lidan Winnipeg Tropikis 7.60
Lunch May 13/05 - Tried the Chicken Roti w/salad (oil & herb dressing), also tried the peanut shake. Roti was very good (not spicy), peanut shake wasnt cold enough, service was friendly and very fast, dcor was quaint but not what we expected, music was traditional overall OK experience.
385    Thu May 12 15:02:49 2005 Lidan Winnipeg India Palace Restaurant 7.80
Very good! Tried the lunch buffet and the dishes weren't too spicy (just the way I like it). The samosa had a little kick but you got used to it after the first bite. A few of the traditional dishes were missing because there were only 7 dishes on the buffet - but it was still enough to fill you up for lunch. The buffet set up was a little difficult to work through as you had to scoop stuff from the back row pushed against the wall which meant the utensils were too hot to handle. Service was missing at times but still very friendly. Would definitely go back again.
386    Thu May 12 14:51:38 2005 Lidan Winnipeg Viva Restaurant 8.40
Very Good! Nice little restaurant, excellent food, service could have been better but they seemed short staffed that day (been there before and service was better). We tried the salad rolls and Deluxe Vermicelli - both awesome! Would definitely go back!
387    Thu May 12 14:48:14 2005 Lidan Winnipeg Homer's Restaurant 9.60
Excellent! Very nice Greek atmosphere and friendly staff; food was reasonably priced but no drink refills :(. We had the chicken pita and chicken salad wrap for lunch, both served with lemon potatoes and lemon rice soup - hmmmm. Would definitely go back!
388    Thu May 12 14:43:02 2005 Lidan Winnipeg Luigi's Restaurant 6.40
Very casual, cafeteria style restaurant. Front area needs upgrading as bench seat was falling off. We had the veal platter lunch special which was a very good, home-cooked, affordable meal. With all the side dishes you will definitely not go home hungry. The hot mama working the register is a little distracting but the view is probably enjoyed by the male patrons :O)
389    Thu May 12 14:29:25 2005 Lidan Winnipeg New Hong Kong Chinese Snack 8.00
Yummy! Very casual diner-type restaurant but very friendly staff/owners. Very affordable and good for dim sum beginners. We tried the beginner plate, spring rolls, and spicy noodle soup. Will definitely come back again!
390    Thu Mar 17 23:19:49 2005 country cookin' Altona South Forty Cafe 8.00
I've ate in Altona's South Forty Cafe on several occasions and always had a good experience. However, something happened recently that made me reconsider this restaurant. Someone I know came down with a severe case of food poisoning after eating at the South Forty Cafe. Before this experience, I had only good things to say about the place. And maybe this is an isolated incident... But overall the place has a pleasing atmosphere, with a separate restaurant and lounge area. My food has always been good and reasonable priced and the service is okay. So at this point I'm not sure if I should recommend this place or not. I guess if you're feeling daring, why not?
391    Thu Mar 17 23:12:19 2005 country cookin' Morden Warky's Meat-Z-A-Place 9.20
Warky's is a good stop for ice cream on a warm summer night. I often stop at this drive in for ice cream on the way home. Warky's offers several hard ice cream flavours, as well as soft ice cream and the regular sundaes, blizzards and more. Warky's is a seasonal restaurant, only open from about spring to fall because there's no indoor seating. However, Warky's has been extending its opening time because it's in direct competition with the other ice cream joint, Tasti's, on the other side of town. The food value at Warky's is good because the food portions are generally quite large. The service is also quite fast depending on the night. Overall, I would recommend making a pit stop at Warky's in Morden for some fast food.
392    Mon Mar 7 13:04:16 2005 country cookin' Oakville Stooks Restaurant 9.00
Stook's is the only restaurant in this small farming community. Perhaps it's because of this that the restaurant is always full during the lunch hour. Or perhaps it's because the food quality is very good. Local farmers enjoy spending time at Stook's drinking coffee and talking about the weather. Friends and I shared a large homemade pizza there recently. Stook's serves up the regular burgers, fries, chicken fingers, pizza, soup, sandwiches and more. The prices are comparable with many other area restaurants. For lunch, an individual can usually walk away with a bill under $10. And the service is very friendly. Overall, I didn't have much to complain about at this restaurant. It's just off the Trans-Canada, so if you're driving by, don't hesitate to stop for some chow.
393    Mon Feb 28 16:01:34 2005 country cookin' Manitou Pembina Crossing 8.40
A breath-taking view of the beautiful Pembina Valley is the main attraction of this restaurant. The facility is also relatively new and boasts a country look that is welcoming. The food was of average quality. The prices are definitely higher than most nearby restaurants but that's because this restaurant is going for a more high-end appeal. The prices are comparable to most restaurants in Winnipeg. The best bang for your buck at this place is to go for the buffet meals. A complaint I do have is that when you order off the menu they sometimes don't have what you want. This happened when I tried ordering a dessert that was listed on the menu. The main section of the restaurant holds a pool table and TV to keep you occupied as you wait for your food. Overall, I would recommend people try this restaurant, if not for the food, but for the atmosphere.
394    Sun Feb 20 13:54:40 2005 S_a_m_m_y Dallas Colonel Willy's 10.00
I think Colenel Willy's is the one of the best restraunts concidering it is on a reserve!
395    Sat Jan 29 06:20:50 2005 Lyall Elm Creek Ma's Drive-In 9.60
hey Lyall Pedersen here where ever i go i try to find a better milkshake than at ma's but i never have. and the ma's burgers are the best i wish you were open all year long b/c i was out for x-mas and you were closed. well just keep up the good work and PLEASE DONT CHANGE A THING WHEN IT COMES TO MA'S MILKSHAKES THEY ARE THE BEST
396    Wed Jan 19 21:59:42 2005 hoppy3 Winnipeg Empress Of China Restaurant 6.60
397    Wed Jan 19 21:58:22 2005 hoppy3 Winnipeg Cathay House 6.40
398    Sat Jan 8 00:29:20 2005 winnipegfoodcritic Winnipeg Monticchio Pizza & Restaurant 4.80
I had great expectations of this place from another review I found on a different website. I went there for dinner with my partner, and was thoroughly disappointed. Although the decor was excellent and the food presentation was good, the food was less than satisfactory and the service was bad. The bruschetta we ordered was burnt, my meat canneloni was tolerable, and my partner's fettucine alfredo tasted like a bowl of fettucine in milk. Our waitress ignored us most of the time in favour of the older patrons, brought us our bread basket AFTER our appetizers were almost done (without saying a word, I add), and never asked if we wanted dessert or tea and coffee before bringing us our bill. When we dared using a coupon for the bill, we got our $4.51 all in coins (with only 1 loony in the lot - everything else was quarters, nickels, and dimes). I won't be returning to this place. Due more to the service I received than anything else.
399    Mon Jan 3 02:29:16 2005 Mariza Winnipeg Colosseo Ristorante Italiano 10.00
Wonderful, wonderful food! I have visited every Italian restaurant on the Corydon strip, and this one is my favorite by far. The first time I went, I had the baked rigatoni with sausage, and it was very, very hot but incredibly good.
400    Mon Jan 3 02:26:04 2005 Mariza Winnipeg Nikos Restaurant 9.20
Very, very good. I had the Greek salad with grilled chicken, which came loaded with feta cheese (just the way I like it). Friendly, informal atmosphere.
401    Mon Jan 3 02:21:59 2005 Mariza Winnipeg Casa Azteca 2.40
Possibly the most bland Mexican food I've ever eaten. I ordered a steak taco, and my partner ordered one with beans. Both had practically no flavour, with runny refried beans. The rice was undercooked to the point of still being crunchy and hard. For the price we paid, it was very little food. Our waitress was very pleasant and friendly, but the chef was unfriendly towards us since we did not have a reservation(although there were only two other occupied tables in the restaurant at the time).
402    Fri Aug 27 16:05:15 2004 Anonymous Stonewall Kiln Drive-In 9.00
Good food, friendly and accurate service at a reasonable price. What more can you ask for?
403    Tue Aug 24 08:37:27 2004 rosecruise Winnipeg Red Lobster Restaurant 5.60
Still go to this restaurant as it is the only one that I can find with the type of food that I want. However, if given a choice - I would not go. For example on my birthday, I was served meat that had rotted and crab legs that were ice cold - not cool but ice COLD.
404    Tue Aug 24 08:37:23 2004 rosecruise Winnipeg Red Lobster Restaurant 5.60
Still go to this restaurant as it is the only one that I can find with the type of food that I want. However, if given a choice - I would not go. For example on my birthday, I was served meat that had rotted and crab legs that were ice cold - not cool but ice COLD.
405    Tue Aug 24 08:37:18 2004 rosecruise Winnipeg Red Lobster Restaurant 5.60
Still go to this restaurant as it is the only one that I can find with the type of food that I want. However, if given a choice - I would not go. For example on my birthday, I was served meat that had rotted and crab legs that were ice cold - not cool but ice COLD.
406    Thu Jul 29 12:24:35 2004 marushka Winnipeg Boston Pizza 5.00
The food is good, but you should really look at having thin crust as an option. Many people today try to watch their carb intake.
407    Mon Jul 19 18:07:25 2004 Rev Virden Elegant Moose 8.60
The food was very good, the atmosphere delightful and the service courteous and prompt.
408    Wed Jun 30 23:36:39 2004 Anonymous Winnipeg Jumbo Supreme 3 For 1 Pizza 2.20
They came an hour late, charged full price and gave me nothing but attitude. I ordered four hours early to be sure the food would get there for my son's fourth birthday party, then phoned three times to find out what was going on. First they said it was traffic, then the driver told me a story about a broken fridge. The only reason I took the food was because I couldn't send 10 kids home to their parents with nothing but birthday cake in their belly. Save yourself the grief - go somewhere else.
409    Wed Jun 30 23:35:38 2004 Anonymous Winnipeg Jumbo Supreme 3 For 1 Pizza 2.60
They came an hour late, charged full price and gave me nothing but attitude. I ordered four hours early to be sure the food would get there for my son's fourth birthday party, then phoned three times to find out what was going on. First they said it was traffic, then the driver told me a story about a broken fridge. The only reason I took the food was because I couldn't send 10 kids home to their parents with nothing but birthday cake in their belly. Save yourself the grief - go somewhere else.
410    Sat Jun 12 02:45:02 2004 celticdream St Francois Xavier Medicine Rock Cafe 2.00
Our dessert had mold growing in it and was rotten and was not noticed until a few bites were taken. The management did nothing to compensate for the rotten food. It was very disgusting!
411    Thu Jun 10 10:56:19 2004 kalaash Steinbach Edgar's Veal Cutlets 10.00
The most tasty veal cutlets ever. Excellent value & cleanliness
412    Wed Jun 9 15:15:25 2004 kalaash Steinbach Mc Donald's 3.00
413    Wed Jun 9 15:14:28 2004 kalaash Steinbach Chicken Chef 9.80
414    Fri Jun 4 19:33:10 2004 dilbagh Winnipeg India Palace Restaurant 2.20
Worst food I ever had. Please do not try their food.
415    Tue Jun 1 01:43:38 2004 Family Winnipeg Royal Fork Buffet Restaurant 8.00
This is a great place for a family. We have two children 5 & 7 who love going there because they feel like they are in control of their meal. The staff is always very pleasant and helpful. The Chicken is very good along with the salad selection and for our children the dessert/desert bar is their all time favourite. They can create whatever they want. Prices are just a few dollars over a fast food restaurant for a family of 4 like ours, so when you take into account you eat with real plates, forks, etc. it's very worth while to go there. We were given gift certificates for Christmas and the entire family was thrilled. Keep working hard and we will be back.
416    Thu Apr 8 12:38:00 2004 Canadianguy Holland Al's Service & Restaurant 8.60
Great home-cooked meals and fresh baked products. My wife won't let me drive past this restaurant without stopping!
417    Thu Apr 8 12:37:45 2004 Canadianguy Holland Al's Service & Restaurant 8.60
Great home-cooked meals and fresh baked products. My wife won't let me drive past this restaurant without stopping!
418    Tue Mar 30 01:30:40 2004 papillon Winnipeg Keg Garry St 2.00
There were many problems with this restaurant. Firstly, the waiter was pushy and strongly coerced us to increase our order size, and order bigger and different entrees. My entree included a soggy piece of roast beef with a one-inch piece of fat running through the middle of it. Also, the bar failed to make a cosmopolitan martini-substitutes of white cranberry and grapefruit juice were used. Ratios of vodka to triple sec were incorrect, and there was no fresh lime juice. The bar made several attempts at trying to make this drink, but failed miserably each time. Btw, here is the recipe: 4 parts GOOD vodka 2 parts triple sec 2 parts cranberry juice (not (oops)tail) 1 part FRESH lime juice garnish with a lime twist (not lemon, not cherry) If you can't make a cosmopolitan, than say you can't. If I wanted a fruitini, I would've asked for one. The waiter did very little for us. The hostess was snobby (cut us off as we were chatting with her while she was showing us to our seat). I am very disappoined.
419    Tue Mar 16 11:18:48 2004 Anonymous Seven Sisters Falls Seven Sisters Motel & Restaurant 9.40
excellent food friendly service very comfortable kid friendly, books available for kids to read while waiting for dinnier
420    Fri Mar 5 19:21:37 2004 coffeehound Winnipeg Round Table Restaurant 3.20
Valentine's day was busy and reservations were running late. With a reservation, I still waited 20 minutes for my table and then another 10 before anyone offered me a menu. The meal was OK, but certainly not worthy of a special occasion. The 10-oz steak on my plate completely covered the vegetables (served under the steak), leaving a lot of real estate on that plate. I'm still waiting for someone to offer me dessert, an after dinner drink, or a cup of coffee. This was my first trip to the Round Table. I don't anticipate that there will be a second trip.
421    Wed Nov 26 14:33:51 2003 kimmi Anola Anola Village Restaurant 6.00
The owner is not that bad, actually i did work there once, she is ok. The food there needs to be less greasy. that's all i have to say
422    Mon Oct 20 11:23:54 2003 Waitress Sandy Lake Sandy Lake Drive-Inn 10.00
The best restaurant/drive inn ever!!
423    Fri Aug 22 09:51:40 2003 dtbaer Winnipeg Moxie's Restaurant 9.20
The food on Regent is a little better, but both Moxie's still rock
424    Fri Aug 22 09:50:27 2003 dtbaer Winnipeg Moxie's Restaurant 9.60
One of the best resteraunt experiences I had in a long time. Service was great and the food was even better. Food is higher priced, but when drafts were $2.99, who cares!
425    Fri Aug 22 09:47:14 2003 dtbaer Winnipeg Monviso Ristorante Italiano 6.80
The food wasn't spectacular, but the service was good and I wouldn't mind going there again
426    Fri Aug 22 09:43:09 2003 dtbaer Winnipeg V J's Drive-In 1.60
Employees are extremely rude, the food is greasy and has no taste, and the place looks dumpy. Just try to park in their parking lot without buying anything, and see what happens.
427    Fri Aug 22 09:39:40 2003 dtbaer Winnipeg Burger King 4.00
I can understand if I go to a place and get bad service once. Well, three times in a row now and it is making me doubt ever going back there again. These last three times the people there have been rude, and it is more of a pain going to this resteraunt.
428    Fri Jun 27 14:50:00 2003 Slamma Winnipeg D-Jay's & Ichabod's Food & Drk 2.40
The food was alright, but the management treats their employees appaulingly. They have no business standards, and I personally know someone who'd been jerked around by the company. Nice food, but no class otherwise.
429    Wed May 21 21:36:49 2003 Da Boots Grand Rapids Pelican Landing 6.60
The new owners are trying to adjust, be patient with them and I think the person ordering will be plesently surprised, the food is fresh tasting and is overall of good quality. The portions are of medium size, considering I am a large fellow, and it is not greasy and tastless. Which is good for a road side resturant, and my heart, they also offer light dishes ( salads, soups and snacks). One thing on the menu that I must recommend is the local owners baking, pies, cinnamin buns, ect. If you and your family are passing through the community and want a good meal at a decent price, check it out for your self, it will be worth it. I think it has the best menu in town for family food.
430    Thu Mar 27 15:08:10 2003 Anonymous Morden Kopper Kettle 10.00
This is the best restaurant EVER!! It ROCKS man! The food is great! The service is INCREDIBLE!! and the dishes and the bathrooms are always SPOTLESS!! I always tip the dishwasher! She is great!!
431    Tue Mar 25 21:45:18 2003 Anonymous Riverton Doreen's Family Restaurant 5.80
the food was great... but honestly the service sucks.... everyone is pretty uptight and doesn't know how to smile around their. You can barely get your order in over the phone and they are hanging up on you... and your not done your order, not even a good bye comes out of their mouths.
432    Sat Mar 22 12:15:59 2003 messycook Winnipeg Picasso's Seafood & Restaurant 2.20
appetizer: Calimari, very heavy tempura-like batter and overuse of salt. Other than a salty taste,it had none. Special sauce which accompanied the calimari tasted of bottled seafood sauce and horseradish. BBQ'd octopus: Athough this dish was cooked to the proper degree, the heavy use of salt used made this dish only passable. Entrees: Seafood platter: Combi of clams, mussles, shrimp, scallops and octopus. The scallops and octopus were mysteriously absent. The remaining seafood was so overcooked and dried out it was inedible. Scampi platter: Again the shellfish was overcooked to the point where the scampi were completely adhered to the shell and dried out. This was the worst meal I've ever had.
433    Fri Mar 14 10:19:49 2003 Sparky.Mc.Nasty Selkirk Frank's Pizza 10.00
Ok... Again I Say Get The Facts... She Didn't Leave Because Her Daughter Called... She Left Because Her Friends Daughter Called. Would It Have Been Sooo Hard To Say I Can't Go... I'm At Work. Her Friend Had Her Own Vehicle... Trust Me... More To The Story Than What You're Hearing!!!
434    Wed Mar 12 12:52:08 2003 Anonymous Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
I'm glad to see so much support for Marcella McAulay. If the ratio between her supporters and the supporters of Frank's Pizza are even close to those on this message board, it will soon be evident to the owners that they have made a grave mistake. For the people that are defending the actions, what would you do if your child called you to tell you there was a shooting two doors down. I would drop whatever I was doing and rush home to ensure the safety of my child. Job or no job. What she did may not have saved that man's life, but it surely made a difference. Even if the wounds were not life threatening, I bet it made an impact to have someone there to help comfort him. It's nice to see some compassion in the world. It's a shame that so many still lack it.
435    Wed Mar 12 12:37:00 2003 BrianK Selkirk Frank's Pizza 4.20
Talk about needing to get your facts straight. I've seen nothing said about her being at a coffee shop. She was the first person on the seen. There was noone else to help the fellow. A three year old could do what she did? Perhaps. The three year old doesn't know he's taking his life in his hands running in to a shooting scene. She had the guts to suck it up and do what needed doing in a situation where most adults would reasonably fear to tread. It's all well and good to sit there and criticize her for maybe running some personal stuff on company time. But show me a single person who has not done the same thing at one time or another. Show me a single one. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
436    Tue Mar 11 20:56:02 2003 Frank's Sux Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
Savvy, So you are telling us that if you had an employee that you did not like, you would wait till they were helping a gunshot victim to fire them? Even if you dont like the work they are doing you dont fire them right after that!!! There is quite frankly no excuse for making this samaritan stop the "last straw" and firing someone. Frank baby, kiss your restaurant bye-bye. Can't believe people like you actually run a business that involves people skills! Total idiot.
437    Tue Mar 11 17:48:34 2003 Savvy Selkirk Frank's Pizza 5.00
THINK FOR YOURSELVES. The article is clearly leaving out important details. She wasn't fired for helping the victim - she was fired for driving around with her friends on the clock. Odds are she had been screwing around a lot on the job, and they finally had proof. She even admitted in an interview that she knew better than to be driving around with her friend. Are you people so gullible that you'll take action on an article without having the facts? Do you REALLY think anyone is so cruel or stupid as to fire someone for helping a gunshot victim?
438    Tue Mar 11 14:04:46 2003 Anonymous Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
Avoid this place like the plague. Irregardless of their atrocious HR policies, the food is bad, the place is dirty, and the atmosphere is unpleasant. Even if they were the most "touchy feely" resturaunt in town, I wouldn't eat their food.
439    Tue Mar 11 14:04:02 2003 Anonymous Frank's Pizza 1.00
Avoid this place like the plague. Irregardless of their atrocious HR policies, the food is bad, the place is dirty, and the atmosphere is unpleasant. Even if they were the most "touchy feely" resturaunt in town, I wouldn't eat their food.
440    Tue Mar 11 14:03:53 2003 Anonymous Frank's Pizza 1.00
Avoid this place like the plague. Irregardless of their atrocious HR policies, the food is bad, the place is dirty, and the atmosphere is unpleasant. Even if they were the most "touchy feely" resturaunt in town, I wouldn't eat their food.
441    Tue Mar 11 14:03:47 2003 Anonymous Frank's Pizza 1.00
Avoid this place like the plague. Irregardless of their atrocious HR policies, the food is bad, the place is dirty, and the atmosphere is unpleasant. Even if they were the most "touchy feely" resturaunt in town, I wouldn't eat their food.
442    Tue Mar 11 14:03:41 2003 Anonymous Frank's Pizza 1.00
Avoid this place like the plague. Irregardless of their atrocious HR policies, the food is bad, the place is dirty, and the atmosphere is unpleasant. Even if they were the most "touchy feely" resturaunt in town, I wouldn't eat their food.
443    Tue Mar 11 13:23:12 2003 madatpizza Selkirk Frank's Pizza 4.20
Before you eat here, perhaps you should know how they treat employees who respond during their shifts to emergencies they run across:
444    Tue Mar 11 12:28:26 2003 Anonymous Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
I support a boycott of Frank's Pizza, based on his actions towards his former employee who helped the gunshot victom. I find it amusing that one of the other reviewers would suggest that the employer has the right to fire an employee, but that the media don't have an equal right to report about it, and that the public doesn't have the right to express their views about it.
445    Tue Mar 11 12:15:01 2003 Anonymous Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
I can't believe this actually happened. Someone gets shot and the guy actaully has the nerve to fire her for helping the guy. Hmmm...I wondered if this guy was dragged out of his house and shot if one of his employees would help him now! People, never eat at this place, they have assh*les managing it obviously! I can't imagine what the pizza must taste like! "We'll be over to deliver your pizza in 15 minutes or less, unless you've been shot sir, we're not an EMT you know!"
446    Tue Mar 11 11:59:19 2003 bonehead Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
This guy is a bone head and my slef and everyone I know will be going to the pizza hut from now on.
447    Tue Mar 11 08:10:41 2003 Traf Selkirk Frank's Pizza 5.00
I wonder what Jason would think if he was lying on the floor of the pizza shop bleeding to death from a gunshot wound and people wouldn't stay to help him because they had to get back from their lunch break in time.
448    Tue Mar 11 07:44:22 2003 Anonymous Selkirk Frank's Pizza 4.20
I'm in Washington, DC and I read the story about the manager at this place firing the woman who helped keep a gunshot victim alive while on a delivery. This guy Frank - what were you thinking? You just committed business suicide! Besides - you would have rather this woman leave the dying guy on the side of the road or wherever he was? What kind of soul do you have? You ought to be ashamed of yourself and I would never have expected to read anything like this from a place in Canada - a place where we all down here assume is full of nice and kind hearted people. This is what happens in places that are run by high school drop outs (I can only assume that the manager here - as in pizza places I've worked in, have zero management skills and are more insecure about being able to offer nothing constructive than acting human). Shame on you and the establishment. I'm not going to hope your business closes as it will at this point - whether I hope for it or not. I just hope that the people of your town show you more compassion that you showed for other humans. You disgust me.
449    Tue Mar 11 03:49:09 2003 danaganooc Selkirk Frank's Pizza 5.00
haven't had the food. just think that the people calling your establishment and polluting this forum haven't heard the full story, nor all of the details. i support your right to run a business as you see fit. a business is about more than just one employee. perhaps the media makes this woman in question out to be a saint, and i'll admit, she went out of her way, and out of her job description to help people, but her motivation for this is unknown to those of us who post things here. i just feel ashamed to be a member of the same community that terrorized your business. it's futile to blame for this. all that is to blame is the lack of journalistic balance and objectivity the journalists that reported this story. we can see now how the media's eye reflects things unfairly and throws people to the "moral court" that self righteous people appoint themselves to.
450    Tue Mar 11 02:48:50 2003 bd Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
I don't care if your delivery person can't get a pizza to a house with all the required slices, if they help keep a person alive you should give them a couple days before you can them. At least that way you don't stupidly invite bad publicity. Think about this at your next management class in the local high school auditorium.
451    Tue Mar 11 02:31:04 2003 Anonymous Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00{1AFCDDAB-E23F-4E96-A915-1F465A48E877} Since when do "supervisors" have the power to fire people? In either case I just wish the best for Marcella McAulay, for she deserves it. God bless you!! Constructive you say? Okay then, Fire Jason Boyd!!!!
452    Tue Mar 11 02:26:25 2003 Mario Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
Never eating here again. Jason Boyd, the manager, just fired a single mother for helping a gunshot victim. He should be fired, and until he is, I won't eat there.
453    Tue Mar 11 00:28:08 2003 Jason Boyd is a Dickless Asshole Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
Well, I'd say that this little punk azz punk biatch Jason Boyd is the biggest dicklicker ever in the history of Canada. Maybe a roadtrip from the great state of Texas is in order. This little shiatbird need to be punched in the throat. Viva la Marcella McAulay!! Viva la Fark!!
454    Mon Mar 10 23:40:48 2003 Anonymous Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
I will never eat at Frank's Pizza in Selkirk. According to an article in the Winnipeg Sun, a manager at this place fired a single mother for helping a gunshot victim on the job while on one ofher delivery runs. The delivery driver should be rewarded for being a good citizen and neighbor, not punished because she was "away from her job for no good reason". Unbelievable!
455    Mon Mar 10 23:20:47 2003 HardKorn Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
Don't patronize those without hearts. Frank's Pizza recently fired an employee who stopped on her return to deliver more pizzas to help someone who had just been shot. It was deemed an innapropriate usage of her time by the management. don't belive me? check
456    Mon Mar 10 22:38:52 2003 Anonymous Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
Why would anyone eat where the employees are expected to turn their backs on a dying human being simply because helping to save a life is "no good reason" to be away from the job? Spending money here will only send the message that such inhumanity is an acceptable community value. With values like that, there won't be a community for much longer. Go eat at a place where the management and staff actually care about their neighbors.
457    Mon Mar 10 22:25:21 2003 Anonymous Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
I'm glad to see someone has already given him a bad review. I would never go near this place after reading that newspaper article. I'm sure if it was someone in his family, he'd feel it was more important than delivering pizza. I hope the community of Selkirk: a) gets together and helps this woman out and b) stops going to this place (and any other place this guy opens) and helps put him out of business. What an arse!
458    Mon Mar 10 19:36:46 2003 sedonaz Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
Shame on you for firing somebody for helping out their fellow citizen.
459    Mon Mar 10 19:09:21 2003 Anonymous Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
Eat at this place? As someone already said "You've got to be kidding. Fires his staff because they try to help someone who's dying. Unbelievable." I was stunned someone would be this stupid. I know a few people in Selkirk and I made it a point to contact them. I strongly suspect the joint will go under. Good riddance.
460    Mon Mar 10 18:14:50 2003 eg Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
Sorry about the bad press Frank. But, you deserve every bit of it. Do yourself a favor, and shut your big yapper. People of your community ought to be marching on your place day and night until you padlock the door. Next time, you may think about the humane thing, instead of the business end of it. Lots of luck...NOT
461    Mon Mar 10 17:29:03 2003 stevedann-o Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
462    Mon Mar 10 17:28:59 2003 stevedann-o Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
463    Mon Mar 10 17:28:56 2003 stevedann-o Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
464    Mon Mar 10 17:28:52 2003 stevedann-o Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
465    Mon Mar 10 17:28:46 2003 stevedann-o Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
466    Mon Mar 10 17:28:40 2003 stevedann-o Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
467    Mon Mar 10 13:14:29 2003 koobz Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
I will not being eating here nor recommeding this place due to the article in the Winnipeg Sun about the Delivery Person who was fired for aiding a gunshot victim.
468    Mon Mar 10 11:59:59 2003 jd Selkirk Frank's Pizza 1.00
Eat at this a**hole's restaurant? You've got to be kidding. Fires his staff because they try to help someone who's dying. Unbelievable.
469    Thu Mar 6 16:10:00 2003 fatguy Lorette L Dee's Restaurant & Take Out 10.00
this restaurant was very good but there was a waitress named maureen that kicked me in the ass when I grabbed a drink I think she's gay   new reviews
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